Sugar Free Me: October Update

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sugar free september

Hi guys, we’re finally at the end of my sugar free experiment and I thought I’d break it all down and tell you exactly how it’s been and what my future dietary plans are. I decided to leave it until a week in so I could give you a little indication of how my body handled it when I reintroduced sugar and whether I’ve been eating much of it.  

So, did I cheat or slip up? 

I slipped up twice again, in very similar ways to August. One day I forgot to read a label on a sauce bottle, the other time, it was crackers. As for cheating, I ate three squares of Bourneville on September 26th. Then hated myself for ‘breaking’ when I only had a few days left. But I got back on track afterward, so that’s all the added sugars I had in September.  

How did I cope? 

You may remember me saying in my September update that I found it incredibly hard to get back on track after I had a day off for the wedding I went to in August. I also had a day off on August 31st to get any cravings out of my system. Settling back in September was much easier. I think by that point ‘no sugar’ felt like my normal diet and there was no real transition.  

I was very shocked by how little I wanted anything. Even when I ate that Bourneville, I don’t think I really wanted it. I wanted it because I knew I wasn’t supposed to be eating it, not because I had a tremendous craving for chocolate.  

Which brings me on to my next point.  

Sugar rush October?  

No. Not really. In my absence from sugar, Magnum decided to release vegan ones with almond chunks in the chocolate. Almonds. You know, one of my favourite things? I did get some in the last week of September and ate it the second it hit midnight on Monday because I was desperate to try them. Other than that, I think the only sugar I’ve eaten so far this month was in a little Graze snack I picked up the other day.  My sugar cravings have pretty much disappeared. 

sugar free


Remember in September I said that the changes element would be boring until I got that massive sugar high at the wedding? Well, this time it really is boring. Nothing happened when I stopped eating sugar and I didn’t really notice anything when I started again either. My weight didn’t change. Literally, nothing happened at all. I’m sure giving up sugar has to be healthier in some way, but I’ve noticed no physical changes at all.  

What next?  

As I said, I’m sure no sugar is good for me, even if I’m not seeing changes physically. And I’ve actually enjoyed some of the changes I’ve been making, so I’m going to keep them. My food delivery came yesterday and here are a few of the snacks I picked up. Nakd bars have always been a favourite, so they’re staying. I’ve loved getting Urban Fruit as a healthier alternative to sweets. 

sugar free snacks

I’m also keeping the no added sugar yoghurt. Unless I need vanilla or a plain one for recipe purposes, the no added sugar mango is working well for me. And I loved the date syrup alternative I used in my last granola recipe, so I’ll be using that in things like oats and baking still. It’s so easy to make and it’s nice to know your sweetener is from fruit sugar rather than artificial.  

sugar free

I don’t feel like I need sugar in my day-to-day life. One thing that was incredibly frustrating was having to read every single label again and again. It was getting boring feeling so restricted in that sense and the difficulty in packing up snacks etc was frustrating. So, although I’m leaving the main sources of sugar out, the small sugars in sauces, crackers etc will be coming back into my diet for the sake of ease.  


peanut butter pretzel granola

Obviously, now I’m no longer off sugar, recipes will be somewhat back to normal. Although since I’ve been playing around with a few alternatives, I do have some more no sugar/ low sugar recipes coming up including some seasonal bar bakes and cupcakes.  

Are you surprised by these results? Did you expect more changes? I know I did! Let me know if there are any sugar free/ low sugar autumnal recipes you’d like to see. 

Until next time,  


30 thoughts on “Sugar Free Me: October Update

  1. I wish I was as dedicated as you at cutting back sugar, it’s must have been so hard as it’s in absolutely everything! I’m definitely flgoingnto cut back a bit and see how my skin is affected. Great post x

    1. It’s in so much you wouldn’t expect!! The labels thing was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I didn’t see any changes in my skin, I hope you have better results than I did! x

  2. I think you did a great job with your experiment! Unfortunately, it can be hard to stick to the challenge strictly considering how we have to pay so much attention to labels and all @__@. My boyfriend doesn’t eat pork or beef at all and went through a couple of slip-up’s because we didn’t realize a certain salad typically contain bits of bacon D:

    OH man, that ice cream bar looks delicious! It’s great that you’ve done everything you can to stick to sugar-free foods. Power to you! Looking forward to some recipies coming up :).

    Nancy ♥

    1. Thanks Nancy! Right?! The labels thing got tiring so quickly. I think my plan moving forward is a pretty good balance. The ice cream was definitely worth it in the end! Thanks for reading x

  3. I think switching to no sugar produces results in the long run? When it comes to physical results. I think at this point it is the case of getting your body used to no sugar which will change your appetite and have you eat healthier

    1. I think I didn’t eat enough sugar before to make much of a difference, but I was quite surprised that nothing changed at all after 2 months with only two ‘off’ days. It was an interesting experiment either way x

  4. That’s’ so interesting to read that this time when round when you cut out sugar from your diet you didn’t have any reactions, as over the past few months I myself have gone back and forth doing this and the same thing happened where the first time round, I felt like I had the flu for days, then each time after my body would adjust a lot better and eventually having no changes at all.

    Alys /

  5. I think you should be really proud of what you achieved! It doesn’t sound easy quitting sugar for a month. I can definitely relate to not craving something after not having it for so long. I’ve done that with a couple of foods actually. This was so interesting to follow along with!

  6. Oh, this is so interesting, I definitely don’t think I could go sugar free, I have such a sweet tooth! I add extra sugar to things it’s awful & my dentist probably hates me hahah! The vegan magnums though!!!!

    Go you! You did amazingly! x

  7. This is a really interesting post. I’m shocked that it had no affect on your weight at all! I hear you on the reading labels thing. I cut out wheat for a while due to bloating etc, so wanted to see if maybe I had an intolerance. So I was constantly reading labels and it did get tiresome. That mango yoghurt is so good

  8. I am surprised you didn’t see more changes. I’m Diabetic and try to avoid sugar where I can. I certainly notice when I ‘cheat’ and have something with a lot of sugar in it. It is pretty hard avoiding things with sugar in though, especially if you are already a fussy eater like I am lol. 🙂

  9. It’s really interesting that you didn’t really “see” any results. I hear so much about how you need to cut out sugar and that it’s going to be so amazing, but it’s really interesting to see that for some it’s something that really doesn’t affect them. Really drives home the idea that there isn’t necessarily a one size fits all diet.

    Kaelin |

  10. Well done you for achieving this! I think I’d definitely struggle cutting out sugar. Perhaps you’d see more changes over a longer period of time. I don’t usually go out of my way to add sugar to things I eat but I also don’t look much at the labels of the food I do eat!

    Lovely blog!

    Chloe x

  11. You’ve done so well! I don’t think I could ever cut out sugar but I am sure my skin would love me for it, I did expect to see more changes from cutting it out though!

  12. I once tried to give up sugar but it was short lived because I started to feel dizzy a few days afterwards but! I do try to limit the amount of sugar I have, making sure I don’t overload on it! If anything, I only have sugar if it’s from an orange juice/cranberry juice! I can relate to taking something out of my eating habits and then suddenly no longer wanting it. When I was younger I used to eating chips here and there but after taking it out completely I never actually crave like Doritos or anything like that!

    YAY for Magnum releasing vegan ones with almond chunks – it looks a lot like Haagendazs bars! Have you ever tried making cashew milk by the way? Since you mentioned Almonds, I just thought of cashew milk hahaha. I’ve been following this recipe for it and it’s actually pretty good (the ones in stores are a bit watery I think!):

    And yes to getting sweetener from fruit! I love munching on soft dates, natural sugar and they’re really tasty, I’ve even put them in shakes before!

    WAIT IS THAT THE PRETZEL GRANOLA IN THE PHOTO – I NEED TO READ THAT! Once you mentioned how much of a success it was on Twitter I just kept thinking how great it would be for oatmeal!


  13. I’m really impressed that you managed this, I feel like I’m a sugar addict so I’d have caved very quickly! Saying that, I’m also surprised you didn’t really notice any changes! As you say, I’m sure it’s healthier in some ways we just can’t see, but that’s not what I expected to happen. It’s good you’ve discovered some new food options though! And I’m looking forward to the recipes!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  14. This is really interesting to read, I was looking forward see your update after reading the last one. I’m surprised you didn’t notice any physical changes but like you say, it’s probably healthier in some way even if it wasn’t obvious. You did amazingly well with your challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing the reduced sugar bar bakes and cupcake recipes! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  15. Did you find that finding alternatives to sugar cost more? I am surprised that you didn’t notice any physical changes, as you always hear about cutting out sugar is better for your waist line. I am sure it has been beneficial in ways you cant see though!
    I need to work on cutting out sugar!

    Loved seeing how it went for you.

    Aimsy xoxo

  16. Sophie, I think you’re amazing, there’s no way I could eliminate sugar from our diets, Flora would leave home, haha. Seriously, it’s interesting that your cravings have all but disappeared. I expect you’ll see some skin benefits too (if you haven’t already). Maybe some of your low sugar recipes might be a way of easing into reducing our sugar intake – I’ll await them with interest! x

    Lisa |

  17. i have been waiting for this post! I saw it in my reader when I woke up in the middle of the night and i’m just getting around to reading it. I think it’s amazing that you didn’t really notice many changes, I think that probably means you weren’t addicted or dependent on it before you embarked on this journey. im awful when it comes to artificial sugars, i know im fully addicted to them. your journey has really inspired me to try and change some habits. xx

    mich /

  18. I haven’t tried the Blueberry Muffin Nakd bars yet but I really love most of their other ones so I’ll have to pick some of those up! You’ve done brilliantly with your no sugar and definitely shouldn’t feel bad for “breaking”. I’d never be able to do this – I wouldn’t even know where to start!

  19. This is really interesting! I completely cut out sugar from my diet last summer and after a while I never craved it either! Although there may not be any physical changes, there’s no doubt that eating less sugar is amazing for our health. I look forward to seeing some of your recipes!! X

    Evie x |

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