Hi everyone and welcome to the final instalment of my Recipe A Day May series! Today’s recipe is a deliciously gooey batch of orange chocolate brownies. I knew I wanted to end this series on something sweet and…unhealthy and I could not be happier with the final result.   Before we get into the recipe I would just like to say,…Continue Reading “Orange Chocolate Brownies | Vegan | #RecipeADayMay”

sweet potato and chickpea curry

Hey everyone and welcome to my final savoury post of Recipe A Day May! Throughout this month, attempting to complete this series to the best of my ability, I’ve been very ‘structured’ (structured: roughly translates to highly strung and annoying) regarding my food choices. My shopping list has never been so meticulously planned. Today’s dinner choice was more spontaneous….Continue Reading “Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

Broccoli, Squash and Quinoa

Hey guys and welcome back to Recipe A Day May. As you may have realised from yesterday’s post, this challenge has finally started to take its toll in the last few days. It’s time for a confession, today’s post is a complete failure in terms of the concept behind this series. If you cast your mind back all the way…Continue Reading “Broccoli, Squash and Quinoa | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

stuffed peppers

Hey guys, and welcome back to Recipe A Day May! We’re nearly done with this series and honestly, I’m exhausted so my last few meals might be lacking a little in creativity. Today, I screwed up. I made stuffed peppers. Sounds good, right? Only, I decided to use green pesto and red rice. Red rice was my mistake….Continue Reading “Simple Stuffed Peppers | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

Veggie Quinoa

Hey everyone and welcome back to Recipe A Day May! Today’s recipe is one I’ve been wanting to make since week one. It’s a quick veggie quinoa. This is a second attempt. The first time, everything went wrong. I couldn’t find courgettes anywhere, the aubergine went bad after about 12 hours and after a complete U turn…Continue Reading “Quick Veggie Quinoa | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

Green Smoothie

Hey guys, today’s #RecipeADayMay is a green smoothie. I know green smoothies can cause a bit of controversy over how healthy they are.  Some people think they’re not that good for you if they’re full of fruit rather than vegetables because of the sugar. Polite reminder that fruit is not bad for you. And then there’s…Continue Reading “Fruity Green Smoothie | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

choc chip cookies

Hey guys, welcome back to #RecipeADayMay. Today I was craving something on the sweeter side and decided to bake some cookies. But, me being me, I tried to make these as healthy as possible. Obviously, choc chip cookies are never going to be the healthiest thing ever but I think I did a pretty good…Continue Reading “Healthy Choc Chip Cookies | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

Bean Soup

Hey guys and welcome back to #RecipeADayMay. As far as the trying something new every day in May, I think this might be cheating. I’m certain I’ll have made something like this before, but I haven’t followed a recipe making it, so it could be new in terms of specific amounts of ingredients. I’m clutching at…Continue Reading “Italian Bean Soup | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

quinoa pancakes

Hey guys and welcome back to #RecipeADayMay. Today’s recipe is another pancake recipe. Now, I know this is the third one this month, but as far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many pancake options. We’re making quinoa pancakes today and to be honest, my taste buds were a little confused. I felt like a…Continue Reading “Healthy Quinoa Pancakes | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”