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Hi, I’m Sophie, a 23 year old skincare loving, plant based eater from North East England.

Originally Glow Steady set out as a beauty blog, specialising in skincare. Good quality skincare is very important to me and high performance actives are a must. However there are some things that skincare alone can’t fix, that’s where my plant based diet comes in. Quitting dairy performed miracles for me. My skin and general health improved beyond belief. That’s how my lifestyle blog was born. I realised only talking about beauty was only half of my story. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not one for skipping on the detail.

I now talk about all things beauty, food, recipes and health posts too. Recently, I started a series called ‘This Month’ which is a passion project of mine talking about all things female health. This is a subject very close to my heart and a series I will be investing a lot of time on. If any female health related brands wish to be featured please email me or contact me on social media!

Work With Me

Any brands/ PRs wishing to work with me please contact me at contact@glowsteady.co.uk. If you wish to send me samples of something to try please contact me on that email address too to request my postal address.

Unfortunately I am not accepting any guest posts at this time, the fact all content on my blog is created by myself if something I’m very proud of. If you’re looking for someone to write something for you, I am open to collaborate. Media kit is available on request.

Thank you for reading!

Twitter: www.twitter.com/glowsteadyy

Instagram: www.instagram.com/glowsteadyy

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