Hi guys, this is a bonus post this week! My Colourpop order arrived today (2nd) and I couldn’t wait to share my first impressions. I ordered everything from the Colourpop No Filter Complexion collection, other than the powders because I have dry skin and pretty much only ever use Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. Obviously, I’ve only tried these products once so…Continue Reading “Colourpop No Filter Complexion Haul & First Impressions”

Hi guys, happy world vegan day! Today I wanted to post something to mark the occasion, but as you’ll know from my last post, I was really struggling for inspiration.  I love my plant-based diet and all of the recipes I share, so I wanted this post to be 100% positive. Obviously, food is my thing so I…Continue Reading “Vegan Protein Myths + Lentil Ragu Recipe | Vegan, GF”

Guys, it’s been a week. Today was supposed to be a recipe day and I’m really not feeling it. I didn’t want to miss a regular upload day, so I’m going to whine about where my head currently is instead. Last Wednesday, I got a cold sore and this post is going to be a mini rant on the conflicting advice…Continue Reading “Can You Moisturise Without Touching Your Face?”

apple and blackberry oats

Hi guys, you’re getting a bonus recipe this week. This one was supposed to be featured in my 5 Autumnal Breakfast Ideas post that went up at the weekend. But I’d been planning that post for a while, made this recipe back in September then completely forgot about it. I was deleting some old photos from a memory card earlier…Continue Reading “Apple and Blackberry Oats | Vegan, GF”

cinnamon apple pancakes

Hi guys, today’s post is one of the recipes featured in my 5 Autumnal Breakfast Ideas post. You know what that means? More cinnamon, that’s what. The inspiration for today’s recipe came from the many health bloggers who cracked the perfect healthy pancake recipe. You know the one, bananas, oats and dairy free milk? Well, I’ve said…Continue Reading “Cinnamon Apple Pancakes | Vegan, GF”