Hi guys! Welcome to Vegmas 13…kind of. In my original set of Vegmas posts I’d planned a post including sweet snacks. You know when you go to someone’s house around Christmas and there are bowls of sweets and nuts, that kind of thing? That post was going to a recipe post for vegan versions of things like that. Well, I accidentally…Continue Reading “Salted Caramel Candied Almonds Recipe | Vegan, GF”

Hi guys, welcome back to 12 Days of Vegmas! I can’t quite believe that November is nearly over. In today’s post, we’re going to be talking about desserts. More importantly, 3 vegan chocolate desserts. I did a post the other day about traditional Christmas desserts you won’t be seeing on my table, this post is all about the things you will…Continue Reading “3 Vegan Christmas Chocolate Desserts | Vegmas Day 8”

Hi guys, if you’re here from my Christmas Chocolate Desserts post, thanks for clicking on a link! If you’ve randomly stumbled across this post, it’s a part of a festive recipe series which you can check out here! When I started my list of what to include in my festive desserts post, I knew I wanted something traditional….Continue Reading “Vegan Chocolate Orange Yule Log Recipe”

cherry pecan brownies

Hi guys, for my festive desserts I thought I’d include something cherry. When you search something like ‘Christmas Dessert Ideas’, after you get through the obvious Christmas pudding recipes, you get a lot of black forest. Trifle isn’t my favourite thing on earth, but that planted the seed to make cherry something. After a little…Continue Reading “Vegan Cherry Pecan Brownies Recipe”

Hi guys, welcome to my favourite Vegmas dessert recipe! This recipe is by far the easiest one of the three and it’s delicious. There’s an option to customise it to your own tastes as well so it’s really flexible in terms of allergies etc. This vegan chocolate crunch bar recipe has made my weekend complete. And by complete, I…Continue Reading “Vegan Chocolate Crunch Recipe”

vegan christmas desserts

Hi guys, today’s post is another round up of recipes created by other people to help you plan your Christmas. Today, we’re talking about vegan Christmas desserts. Only this one is going to be a little bit different. Today, I’m not doing a round up of recipes I’ve tried and would recommend. The recipes in this post…Continue Reading “Vegan Christmas Desserts Round Up | Vegmas Day 5”

Hi guys, today’s recipe is a really quick and easy one. It’s inspired by two previous ones and the grocery challenge I’ve been completing this week. About a year ago now (I can’t quite believe that) I posted a recipe called ‘The Most Simple Cookies You’ll Ever Make’. They’re a very simple banana and oat cookie, but as I’ve said a…Continue Reading “Applesauce Oatmeal Raisin Cookies | Vegan, GF”

apple crumble slices

Hi guys, as I’m sure many of you will know, I’ve been cutting out sugar recently. And while I’m eating it again now, cutting it out has made me wonder how many things can be made with no sugar or reduced sugar and still taste just as good. Today’s recipe isn’t added sugar free completely, but it…Continue Reading “Apple Crumble Slices | Vegan, GF, Refined Sugar Free”

sugar free ice lollies

Hi guys, as I’m sure you’ve heard me say 3000 times this month, I’m quitting sugar in August. It’s going well so far, but I wanted to experiment with sugar free dessert options, just so I had something I could have if everyone else was having a little something. I’m working on a sugar free apple loaf, keep your…Continue Reading “Sugar Free Blueberry FroYo Ice Lollies | Vegan, GF”