Hi guys! Welcome to Vegmas 13…kind of. In my original set of Vegmas posts I’d planned a post including sweet snacks. You know when you go to someone’s house around Christmas and there are bowls of sweets and nuts, that kind of thing? That post was going to a recipe post for vegan versions of things like that. Well, I accidentally…Continue Reading “Salted Caramel Candied Almonds Recipe | Vegan, GF”

nice cream

Hi guys, as you know, I’m quitting sugar this month. As a result, I’ve been trying to find sugar free dessert options. I don’t want to use artificial sweeteners, so I’m sticking to fruit sugars. You may recall, I hate banana. Which isn’t ideal on a vegan diet; they’re everywhere. BUT I know banana ice cream or…Continue Reading “Mango & Pistachio ‘Nice Cream’ Recipe | Vegan, GF”

Hi everyone and welcome to the final instalment of my Recipe A Day May series! Today’s recipe is a deliciously gooey batch of orange chocolate brownies. I knew I wanted to end this series on something sweet and…unhealthy and I could not be happier with the final result.   Before we get into the recipe I would just like to say,…Continue Reading “Orange Chocolate Brownies | Vegan | #RecipeADayMay”

Hey guys, after the amount of cake consumed this week, I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I’m wanting to keep things a little healthier today.  These are super simple no bake granola bars, reasonably healthy but still a nice sweet snack. They can be ready in less than 25 minutes too, with very little prep time.   I’m also making…Continue Reading “No Bake Granola Bars (oil free) | Vg, GF”

Chocolate Energy Balls

Hey everyone, as you already know, I’m trying to eat nothing but whole foods this month. As I result, I’ve been trying to come up with a few more snack ideas. As I’ve previously said, I can still eat Nakd bars, but I don’t want to get bored of them either. So, today I’m creating little energy balls. Nakd bar inspired (ish) but different…Continue Reading “Chocolate Coated Energy Balls | Vg, GF”

Hey everyone, today I’m going back to basics and recreating something while attempting to make it a little healthier. Today that thing is a Graze flapjack. I’m sure you all know of Graze, the subscription service that delivers delicious snacks to your door. Many of the Graze flapjacks are already vegan so there’s no issue…Continue Reading “Graze Inspired Cacao Flapjack Bites | Vg, GF (optional)”

Popcorn bars

Hey everyone, I realised I’ve done a lot of recipes for meals lately and thought I’d go back to basics with simple sweet treats. I’ve wanted to make some popcorn bars for ages now, but I convinced myself it would be difficult or take forever. I couldn’t have been more wrong. These ones take next…Continue Reading “Simple Chocolate Popcorn Bars | Vegan, GF”

Coconut cream cookies

This recipe is a million miles from the first idea I had. Last year for Christmas I made a lemon cream pie with an almond crust. This week, I tweeted asking what you lovely people wanted my final recipe post to be and bite sized treats won. My initial thoughts were to make mini versions…Continue Reading “Coconut Cream Sandwich Biscuits | Vg, GF (optional)”

So my life is very repetitive, another week, another batch of overripe bananas that need creating into something a little more interesting. As I entered my kitchen, I prepared to make my simple cookies then I thought I should make them a little more decadent this time. Yes this is basically the same recipe as…Continue Reading “Updated Festive Twist Cookies | Vg, GF”