Hi guys and welcome to the final post of Vegmas!! This is the one I’ve been most excited to share. If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I wanted to share my full roast as a whole but it was too long. Instead, today I decided to share the main event and an oven timeline…Continue Reading “My Vegan Christmas Roast Part 2 | Vegmas Day 12”

Hi guys, this is the first if my final Vegmas posts. My vegan Christmas roast part 1. This post is only covering the sides. Originally this post was going to be the full roast, mains and sides in all their glory. But when I started to put this together I realised that would be way too long and the recipes wouldn’t be…Continue Reading “My Vegan Christmas Roast Part 1 | Vegmas Day 11”

vegan christmas sides

Hi guys, welcome back to Vegmas! Today’s post is something similar to the one on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I gave mini reviews and recommendations for vegan Christmas mains you could have to replace your turkey. Today, I’m sharing some vegan Christmas sides. Of course, a lot of sides are either vegetables or potatoes so this one is going to be fairly short. But, if…Continue Reading “Vegan Christmas Sides Round Up | Vegmas Day 4”

vegan christmas mains

Hi guys, as promised yesterday, today’s post is going to be a roundup of vegan Christmas mains that I’ve tried over the years. A run down of what I think is good and why, plus a few suggestions on what I’d change if I were to make it again. Most of these recipes are things I tried for my…Continue Reading “Vegan Christmas Mains Round Up | Vegmas Day 2”

Hi guys, happy world vegan day! Today I wanted to post something to mark the occasion, but as you’ll know from my last post, I was really struggling for inspiration.  I love my plant-based diet and all of the recipes I share, so I wanted this post to be 100% positive. Obviously, food is my thing so I…Continue Reading “Vegan Protein Myths + Lentil Ragu Recipe | Vegan, GF”

barley risotto

Hi guys, today’s recipe is all about hearty comfort food.  This barley risotto is a great alternative to pasta with a slight twist. It involves minimal prep and doesn’t take a lot of monitoring either, so it’s great for busy days. This one would also be great for meal prep options too.   It’s nice and healthy but doesn’t involve too many fresh ingredients, so…Continue Reading “Spicy Italian Barley Risotto | Vegan”