Skincare Empties Summer 2018

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Skincare Empties

Hi guys, I know you’ve all seen a million empties posts before, but this is my first one! I’ve been wanting to do a skincare empties for a while now, but I had a few issues. The first one being that I have so much stuff, it takes me forever to actually finish something. Then, I kept forgetting I was supposed to be keeping my rubbish and actually throwing it in the bin. Wild concept, actually binning empty packaging, I know. All in all, it’s taken me months to build up this very tiny pile of products. But, this is what I have, keep reading to find out what I thought of them and if I’ll be repurchasing.  

Nivea Double Effects Eye Makeup Remover  

As you can see, I’ve nearly used two of these in the time it’s taken me to put this post together. I haven’t got a new one yet, but I will pick one up this week. I’ve been using this on and off for years now and I think it’s one of the best makeup removers at this price point. My favourite one ever is by Clinique but I think dropping nearly £20 on eye makeup remover is a bit excessive and the Nivea option is a very close second.  

skincare empties

skincare empties

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads 

Everyone on the internet was obsessed with these a few years ago. I used to use them a lot more than I do now. They used to be something I reached for a few times a week, but I have other products I like a lot more now. These ones are good if you have easily irritated skin as they’re fairly gentle, and they’re obviously great for travel as they’re pre-soaked pads. I already have the smaller version of this which I’ll keep on hand for travelling. Most likely, when they’re done, I will repurchase the smaller tub but can’t see myself investing in the larger one again.  

Indeed Labs Hydraluron 

What can I say, Hydraluron and I go way back. This was my first ever hydrating serum. Pre Sarah Chapman. Now, I really like this stuff. And it’s a great product if you don’t want to splash the cash on the Sarah Chapman. As this used to be one of my favourite products, I do already have another one of these in my backup drawer. Side note: please tell me I’m not the only one who obsesses over products enough to warrant a backup drawer. Please. I will continue to use the other one I already have, and most likely will repurchase when that one runs out low. The negative of this is the packaging, squeezey tube seems great… Until it explodes the second you take it on a plane. Learnt that the hard way, don’t travel with this stuff.  

skincare empties

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo 

Possibly one of the most hyped up products on the internet ever. For good reason, it’s incredible. This is another product that I have to have a full one of at all times. I knew that I already had a backup in my drawer when this finished, I went to get it out and added another one to my shopping list. Only to discover I actually had two full ones in my drawer.  

I say this as someone with dry skin that isn’t at all acne prone, this product is not marketed for someone with my skin. But I think everyone needs one (or three) of these. The exfoliating properties are so gentle. It helps keep my skin clear if my pores ever feel a bit clogged. As well as dealing with a spot if one ever shows up. Never burns my sensitive skin, and most importantly, it never makes my skin drier either. No wonder I had three of them.  

Skincare Empties

Now that I’ve fully confessed how much of hoarder I am, I’d love to know if you have any products you always keep extras of. Please, it will make me feel much better about the situation.  


Until tomorrow,  



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17 thoughts on “Skincare Empties Summer 2018

  1. This has been such a good post to read as I genuinely haven’t heard of one of these products before! But also a bit of a downside is I know want to purchase them all, especially those radiance pads… I can’t say I’m a skincare hoarder but I am a makeup hoarder. Although I don’t even tend to wear that much of it anymore I still like to keep a good stock as I never really check when things are running out and knowing my luck my holy grail product will be empty on the morning of a wedding or some huge occasion. I currently have 3 back up concealers… Also another real good eye makeup remover is the waterproof camomile one from the body shop! Literally so gentle and gets even the toughest makeup off, someone once told me they used it to successfully clean foundation out of their carpet once haha.
    Alice Xx

  2. I love reading empties posts you can always find great products from peoples recommendations, the Nivea double effects eye makeup remover if my favourite eye makeup remover! Even if I wear a lot of eye makeup it gets it off so easily! Lovely post x

  3. Ouuuu Nivea is totes winning in my books when it comes to makeup removing things at an affordable price & also a plus is that it doesn’t break me out. I’d love to try that hydrating serum,I think it’d do me some justice. Also yikes at the pouch exploding can’t wait to see another empties post

    xx Lena | hrttps://

  4. I’m terrible at remembering to keep my “empties”, they just end up in the recycling… To be fair, I don’t really finish many products which is weird.

    I always order 2 or more of the Propolis Gel from SBC because I cannot go a day without it. Always gotta keep a little stash of what you love!

    Louisa |

  5. Wow, I haven’t heard of a lot of these products before but they all sound really effective. I definitely have a backup of a product if I really like using it. I think it’s completely reasonable to have a second one at your disposal. You can have one as a travel one and the other as a home one. Great post!

  6. It always feels good to have empties! Clinique’s makeup remover feels so nice but I totally feel you about spending that much on eye makeup remover. Glad you found a cheaper alternative! I need to check out the radiance pads!

    Oh man, I suffer from dry skin and La Roche looks like a good pick! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  7. I wouldn’t mind trying that Nivea remover because I’ve been looking for an alternative makeup remover! Definitely will look into this!

  8. I also use the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, but have never tried any of the others. I’m interested in the Facial Radiance Pads as they look great for when I’m travelling and can’t bring lots of different skincare products with me.

  9. Oooh I love these posts and its reminded me that I have a load of rubbish hidden away somewhere to write one of my own haha! I have to try that La Roche Posay product, I keep seeing amazing things about the brand and still haven’t gotten around to trying it!
    Sophie – x

  10. I love seeing other peoples “empties” posts because I never have any of my own! Literally one empty product in like, 6 months haha! I love Nivea stuff though and pretty sure I’ve used that in the past.

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