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Hey everyone, earlier this month I did a post containing some health an fitness goals for this month. It went down quite well and many of you asked for an update letting you know how I got on. Well, this is it. I’m typing this on the day its going up (27th) so all of the information is as up to date as physically possible.

Goal #1

Sleep more

Well, the Australian Open is over, insomnia doesn’t disappear overnight, so I haven’t slept 8 solid hours a night, but I think I have slept every night even it’s just been a few hours. I’m considering this goal complete.

Goals #2 and 3

Eat like my usual self

Goal complete. A resumed regular sleep pattern made eating like my usual self adjust naturally. I did also say no processed gluten. I failed miserably here. Bread is a weakness for me. As a result of the failure of the second part of this goal my stomach still isn’t the happiest, but I have more plans to adjust this in March.

Goal #4


Now I have both succeeded and failed here. I wanted to run again, and I wanted to run outside again. I’ve been running. I’ve managed 15 runs this month and have one planned for tomorrow, so that will be four a week. I’m reasonably happy with this as a ‘getting back into it’ plan.

I haven’t managed to run outside. Without wanting to sound like your grandma, my joints suffer massively in the cold. No matter how many layers I wear, my recovery is always harder in colder temperatures. When I wrote the original goals post I thought it would get slightly warmer in February, I’m currently looking out of my window to a few inches of snow. I’ll be carrying this one forward to next month but I’m fairly happy that I managed to get moving anyway. I also ran my fasted mile since my ankle injury so yay for that.

As for the ab app I was using, I didn’t do the 30 days in 30 days, but I am still using it. I took a few days off for my period, no one needs to put their abs through more pain on their period, fact. So, at that point I decided to do the ab workout as and when I feel like it as a secondary workout rather than a daily thing.

How have you managed with your goals this month? I’m happy with my progress so far.


Until tomorrow,


22 thoughts on “Get Healthy With Me | February Goals Recap

    1. Thank you! It would have been amazing if I could have done this post and been like, yep did it all, what’s next?! But I’m quite happy with how I’ve done so far x

  1. These are great goals, and realistic too so super achievable! I guess my goal is to get back into exercising…it didn’t really hit off following new year. Although I have been (or the majority) meeting my stepping goal each day.

    1. That’s still amazing! Anything is better than nothing! And I’m all about ditching the fit life in January in favour of some Christmas chocolate. Tomorrow is a new day x

    1. Honestly I found doing the blog post so motivating! It made me accountable too! I knew I would be doing a follow up and didn’t want to have to say I’d done nothing x

  2. when it comes to sleep, i think i am good! 8h per night and an hour reading before bed. Exercising is my downfall tough! one year without eating the gum! you’re doing so well, i should maybe start writing goals! xx corinne

  3. It sounds like you have achieved quiet a lot. I am proud of you and happy for you 🙂 Starting running again when it is so super cold as it as right now is always hard, so I think you did well to run at all – even if it’s “just” indoors ♥

    1. Thank you so much! Starting in winter is definitely a struggle. Truthfully, I actually prefer to run on a treadmill. But with the end goal being a marathon, I kinda have to get myself back out there on a pavement! x

  4. What a good idea to actually look back on how well you did on your goals! My sleep also got so much better this month and I upped my exercise! I need to sort my eating habits tho they are terrible

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