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Hello everyone, I can’t believe February is over. At the start of this month I felt quite overwhelmed at the task I’d set myself. If you read my initial introduction to daily blogging, you’ll know I decided about 3 days before February began that I was going to do this, so I wasn’t at all prepared. That considered, I’m quite shocked at how I’ve found it.

Initial Concerns

Before I decided to daily blog this month I was concerned that February would be the first month my blog didn’t grow. I’ve only been doing this for 5 months, every month so far, I’ve been lucky enough to see a substantial jump in both users and views. Having less days to play with, I thought this could be the month that stops. When I decided to daily blog I was unsure what impact that would have; my concerns were less about views and more towards engagement on individual posts.


I’m writing this at about 1am on the 28th February. I’ve surpassed January’s views and reached my goal for users. I’m currently around 50 views from my view goal so I’m going to be confident enough to say I’m going to achieve all my blog related goals for this month. I was right to be concerned about individual posts. They haven’t dropped massively but my average number of views per post has dropped about 15% on last month. While I would have liked to see growth here too, I usually post three times a week. When you usually have two or three days to promote a post and that suddenly drops to 24 hours, I guess a slight drop is to be expected.

Neglected Areas

This is quite funny, in an attempt to dedicate a month to my blog, I have in fact neglected it in many ways. Had I planned to daily blog in advance, this could have all been avoided but that’s just not how this story was meant to unfold.

Social Media

Although I’ve achieved my blog targets (hopefully you’re one of the 50), I’ve fallen slightly short of my social media goals. Because I’ve put zero effort into it this month. Coming up with daily content and promoting it has left my pretty burnt out to the point where I’ve wanted to ignore almost every buzz on my phone. Had I pre-planned and scheduled my posts I imagine this would have been different. I’d be excited to share my content rather than exhausted the second I’d finished and clicked publish.


And I’ve neglected you. Yes, you, the person reading this. I usually like to respond to all engagement and comments etc. Back to that whole being exhausted the second I click publish thing…I’ve hardly responded to any comments this month. And I hate that. I spent a little time tonight (last night for you) going through some comments on my last two posts, and I really enjoy it. I like the conversational element. It’s something I’m very much looking forward to getting back to in March when I have more time.



I mentioned in my intro to daily blogging that I had most of my posts planned. I hadn’t actually planned recap and review posts like this one and yesterday’s, so I actually had a plan for all 28 posts. Some of them got bumped when better ideas came along, which is totally fine. Having enough content ideas was bizarrely not my problem. I did however struggle with planning my monthly calendar. I do skin, food and the odd random blogging related post. Those areas are quite different, and I didn’t want to have clusters of 5/6 food posts followed by a week of skincare. I had to pay close attention to my ‘idea’ page to make sure there was a good balance of content. Turns out that’s harder than it sounds.

The first ten days or so were a struggle, a real struggle. It was quite daunting looking at this page with 30 or so suggested posts on it, not having any other than my first 2 or 3 completed and knowing I had to do it all in a fairly short space of time. I woke up twice in the first week in a complete panic that I didn’t have a post for that day, completely forgetting that I’d taken the photos a few days in advance.


The last fortnight was much smoother. I’d found my rhythm a bit more. I was more in control of my post planning and had figured out my time management. I’d managed to pre-take a few of my photos and had written a few posts for days when the British winter weather ruined all my plans and the sky waved its metaphorical middle finger at me while I ran around my house with a white sheet in one hand, a bowl of food in the other and a camera swinging around my neck. That ridiculous image in your head right now is an oh too real situation.  And I tried to schedule an ‘easy’ post every few days to give myself a little break.

This post was a product of one of those ‘running with the sheet’ days.


This month has flown. I don’t know whether that’s simply because it’s a short month, or whether it’s because I’ve been too busy and surgically attached to my screen to look around and notice it’s happening, but it has gone far quicker than I expected. And it’s like you travel at a different pace. As I usually post three times a week, like lots of others, I’m used to seeing the same faces have new posts up around the same time as I do. It’s been weird seeing the same posts multiple times this month. As I’ve been working on something new constantly, I’ve been forgetting everyone else is still at their usual pace and I’ve been living in my own little bubble. Literally, a bubble. A screen shaped bubble.

It’s interesting. Some people take a break from blogging to figure out what they want to post and where they want to go. Well, I found the opposite. By throwing myself in the deep end I think I have a better idea of what I want my blog to look like and what I enjoy creating the most. I now have a lot of blogmin to catch up with, expect a few changes in the near future.


I know it probably sounds like I’m moaning, but I’ve really enjoyed it. I always thought I’d never daily blog as content standards usually drop when people try to do it. No offence to anyone who has, some people do a great job, but I didn’t think I had it in me. While there are some posts I’d have liked to have done slightly differently and had more time to work on photos etc., I’m happy overall with what I’ve put up. I don’t see myself doing Blotober or Blogmas anytime soon, but there’s a good chance I’ll repeat next February if you’re still here to read it. And I’ll plan ahead next time, so I won’t moan so much.

Have you enjoyed my February content? ‘Febmas’ is finally over, BUT yesterday I had a realisation that Thursday is March 1st. My regular post days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. So, for one final time, until tomorrow,

Sophie x

(I’m off to nap for a week now, goodbye)

33 thoughts on “My Experience Daily Blogging | February Overview

  1. I have really enjoyed reading all your posts this month. Honestly you should be so proud of yourself for doing this and maintaining your quality standards.

    And in between all of this you helped me select sheet masks to buy while I was on vacation. Thank you so much for that.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! I always need time between my posting days to promote it so I can see why that would affect the views! Congrats on completing feb-mas though you did such a good job! ♥️

  3. Wow, that is such an achievement congrats! I did blogmas last year and that was such a challenge, you managed so well! I definitely felt more inspired to blog afterwards and had more of a vision for my blog so it’s great you felt the same! Lovely post, going to catch up on all your posts from February now x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  4. I’ve been daily blogging since November (!!!) and have DEFINITELY noticed many similar things! It is SO hard to daily blog and keep up with social media, I’m right with you! I really admire how good you are at planning in advance – I’ve sometimes posted at 11:59PM to get it in for the day! Still lots of room to improve but I agree, it’s an awesome exercise and your pretty much guaranteed to surprise yourself!

  5. As I haven’t blogged at all in months I salute you for daily blogging! As you said it must have been so challenging at times, but despite that you enjoyed it! That’s the main thing! Congratulations!

  6. Goodness, congratulations for getting through it – I struggle planning and achieving my three posts a week sometimes. It looks like you found what kind of blogging really works for you by doing this though. Great post – very impressive!

  7. Congrats on completing Febmas Sophie! You have done amazingly well to produce fresh & interesting content everyday! I struggle sometimes with 3 posts a week. I have really enjoyed reading your daily posts and I learned a lot about skin care too, so thank you for sharing your knowledge! Enjoy your week long nap (he he) you deserve it! xx

    Bexa |

  8. Wow. I really enjoyed reading this simply because I often think about attempting blogging every single day for a month, though I think I definitely need to do a lot of prep before I go into this. Thank you for passing on your knowledge from what you learnt from this experience! x

  9. congratulations! to be completely honest I do not think I would be able to. that takes A LOT of dedication and I know I wouldn’t be able to do it, so I commend you in doing it! You stayed committed and followed through, good job!

  10. Ahh wow, massive congratulations on completeing the whole month you must be so proud of yourself! I don’t blog as much as you but I struggle to get 1 post up a week atm! I loved the reflection on the last month though, it’s a good insight into how you are as a person!

    Liz xx

  11. Firstly, huge congratulations on blogging every single day in February. I haven’t caught all your posts but those that I have I’ve loved. Especially your skincare ones (although I adore your recipe ones too). I think coming up with fresh and interesting content every day, never mind writing, photos, and promoting each post is hard enough. Really, I think you’ve smashed Febmas, and your nap is very well deserved:) xx

    Lisa |

  12. Congratulations on blogging every day, that’s a crazy accomplishment, I really struggle producing 3 posts a week with real life getting in the way so well done! I’ve loved reading all your posts, especially your recipes, I’ve saved a few of them so I can give them a go when I have the time 🙂

    Enjoy your nap lovely and I look forward to reading your new posts when they come!

    Jessica xo |

  13. lol please don’t sleep too long Soph! I’ll miss you Honestly I know only you would know your standards and goals views wise and such but you did a fabulous job at Febmas. Daily blogging is such a task & I’ve always wondered how people get it done during special months like Feb, Oct or Dec. you’ve done a great job in finding a balance so well done! Keep up the great work babe ♥️

    xx Lena |

  14. Congrats on challenging yourself and succeeding. I found it interesting what you said about going in deep and having to come up ideas rather than taking a break. I can see how that can work.
    I really want to do blogmas this year and you inspired and made me think that I might be able to do that! ☺

  15. I’m currently kind of doing the same thing – #40DaysOfBlogging with no preparation. And I completely get you as far as the exhaustion-goes. Congratulations on pulling this off!

  16. I’m always amazed when people manage to do a month of daily blogging but I’m even more impressed that you did it in February. It’s been amazing to watch, well done I hope you can relax a bit in March!

  17. I think anyone who takes on a blogging everyday challenge is just amazing! So much organisation and dedicated clearly goes into it, I am not sure I could do it!

  18. Last year I managed to complete the three hundred and sixty five day challenge; I would definitely not blog daily again! But hats off to you-you’ve done really well.

  19. Well done on completing a whole month – I’ve daily blogged a few times and it’s hard work, especially thinking up the ideas and keeping it varied. I always enjoy your posts anyway 🙂 Would you do it again? I’ve found the social media side of things the most difficult when you’re blogging more xxx

  20. Really interesting to read how daily blogging worked out for you! I wouldn’t be able to do it at all, though. Glad you enjoyed it, though 🙂

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