A Full Routine of My Most Expensive Skincare

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Hey everyone, I’ve thought about doing a post on my most expensive skincare in the past, but the thought of actually adding it all up was a bit much. But, as I said in my introduction to daily blogging post, when I have posts sat around or planned for a while I tend to go off the idea. That’s exactly what happened with the post that was supposed to go up today. And after seeing Mollie do this with her makeup last week it inspired me to give it a go.

This is by no means a skincare routine, I wouldn’t necessarily use these products together. I simply picked up the most expensive product I own for every step. There’s a few things to note here, I went for the actual price of products, so this doesn’t factor in cost per gram or ml. This also only included full sized products. For items I owned from more expensive brands but only owned the travel size or a deluxe sample, I didn’t include them. I wanted this to be about the money I’ve physically spent, not the money I would have spent if I chose to buy the full product. I’m also not including products like masks or mists as they don’t have a set place in a daily routine.

Here we go. A lot of these products have featured in a review or save, spend, splurge along the line; if they have, I’ll link the accompanying post below too.

From the beginning


Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm – £52

I did a first impressions of this and included it in a save, spend, splurge. I like it, it’s good, realistically it’s probably not worth the price tag. It costs twice as much per ml as the Emma Hardie and it certainly isn’t twice as good in my opinion. If you’re on a budget and looking to only splurge one or two places in your routine, skip this one.


PTR 10% Glycolic – £46.50

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I only use chemical rather than physical exfoliators. I also did a post last year saying this was the best exfoliator ever. It does cause sensitivity issues as 10% glycolic is strong, it took me a while to get used to. You probably want to test this first if you lean on the sensitive side, but I do think this is worth the money.

Save, spend, splurge exfoliating serums edition.


Sarah Chapman Boosters – £59 (each)

All Sarah Chapman Boosters are the same price, so I have two for this one. And I’m technically cheating because the last product was a serum too. You don’t need me to tell you yet again how much I adore both products. Both have featured in SSS. I cheated and classed the Recovery Booster as an oil and the other featured in SSS Hydrating Serums. I’ve repurchased the Hydrating Booster many times now; the Recovery Booster is still quite new to me but I’m restocking as soon as the bottle feels less than half full (yes, that’s when I repurchase, I know that’s ridiculous).


Clinique Smart Treatment Oil – £36.50

I was quite shocked by this one, most of my oils are around the same price (not counting the many others I have in smaller bottles). As they vary a pound or two depending where you buy them, I just picked the one I’m using the most right now.  I don’t consider Clinique to be a particularly expensive skincare brand (when we’re comparing to the likes of Sunday Riley or Sarah Chapman), so I definitely think this product is worth the money.


Clinique Moisture Surge – £36 (link for new formula)

Slight disclosure: I own a lot of minis in moisturiser form. I like to pick up the half size/ travel size where possible these days as I already have so much stuff. So, this is technically my most expensive moisturiser per bottle, but it isn’t exactly my most expensive moisturiser. I really hope that made sense. This is my most repurchased item ever, I think that explains how much I love it. To see my full review of the Moisture Surge line, click here.

Eye Cream

La Roche Posay Retinol Eye Cream – £25.50

Truthfully, I very rarely use this so for me it probably wasn’t worth it. As my under-eye area is so sensitive it would take me forever to build up my retinol tolerance, by which time the cream would have long since expired. It really is not safe to use old/ expired retinols. If this came in a mini maybe I would get my money’s worth but not for the larger one. Side note: I couldn’t believe that this was more expensive than my Kiehl’s one.

And finally,


Clinique Anti-Wrinkle SPF30 – £18

If you read my recent post about SPF, you’ll know that it’s something I’m very passionate about. The anti-wrinkle part is likely BS, but this is a solid formula with good ingredients. It doesn’t dry my skin in winter and it isn’t greasy nor does it leave a white cast. I’m not sure what else I could want from an SPF, will definitely buy another next year and it’s not that expensive anyway. My summer SPF from La Roche Posay is only £2 less for the same size bottle (if you have oily or acne prone skin, buy this one).

Total amount: £273.50. As much as that is, it’s honestly less than I was expecting. I feel as though that says more about my beauty consumption than the cost of a product though. How would your collection weigh up against this one? Would anyone be interested in seeing a version of this with my cheapest products too?

Until tomorrow,


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14 thoughts on “A Full Routine of My Most Expensive Skincare

  1. I hope this doesn’t make me sound snobby, but I love reading reviews about high end products! I am one of those people that when it comes to my skin, I would rather splurge if it’s worth it, whereas things like lipsticks and eyeshadows I’m happy to skimp on. Because skin is skin, and therefore very important!
    Having said that, I completely agree that sometimes high end is not always the best- it is always a case of trial and error. I was most intrigued by your La Roche Posay review! I have always had a good experience with their products!
    Bisous, Faz

  2. This was really interesting to read Sophie! I liked it how you included whether you thought it was value for money or not. Personally, I would be cautious about spending a lot of money on products so honest reviews like this are so helpful. Thank you for sharing! (Also, well done with the daily blogging, you are doing so well) xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. Thank you so much! I thought I should. I wouldn’t want someone to go out and buy something if I thought it was rubbish! And I can’t believe it’s been (almost) a full month! x

  3. Wow, that’s an impressive total! But actually, when you think about it, we can easily spend that amount of money on an outfit that we maybe wear a few times. We wear our skin every day so it makes perfect sense to invest in products that are going to really work and benefit us. That said, yes, I’d love to see a post with your cheaper products too! x

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

  4. That often happens to me if I leave posts in drafts! This year I’ve been really strict with myself and thankfully only have drafts that I fully intend to write! Anyways, not tried any of those products so was nice to read a bit about them x

  5. This post has inspired to take better care of my skin; maybe instead of just a bit of water, the occasional moisturiser would be a wise idea!

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