Hey guys, after the amount of cake consumed this week, I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I’m wanting to keep things a little healthier today.  These are super simple no bake granola bars, reasonably healthy but still a nice sweet snack. They can be ready in less than 25 minutes too, with very little prep time.   I’m also making…Continue Reading “No Bake Granola Bars (oil free) | Vg, GF”

Caramel Slices

Hey everyone, this recipe is a little different. These caramel slices can be made a couple of ways, one looks better for the sake of presenting it. The other takes less time. I was trying to prep, set and take these photos in the same afternoon, so I’m just putting it out there, this is the ‘other’…Continue Reading “No-Bake Caramel Slices (healthy…ish) | Vg, GF”

Hey everyone, to some of you this recipe may sound familiar, and you’d be right. The biscuity part of these cookies is actually the same recipe as the crust for my coconut cream pie.  I had a little leftover and everyone who ate the pie adored the crust, so I thought I’d attempt to make something else with it and…Continue Reading “Almond Chocolate Crumble Cookies | Vg, GF”

Coconut cream pie

Hey everyone, I don’t know whether it’s the fact the sun has finally started to come out every now and again, or whether it’s because temperatures actually reach higher than 5oc now, but recently my recipe inspiration has been leaning a little more towards fresher flavours. Today we’re talking about raspberires, raspberry coconut cream pie to be more precise.   This recipe…Continue Reading “Raspberry Swirl Coconut Cream Pie | Vg, GF”

Hey everyone, it’s time for another monthly collaboration with isobellejane. This month we’re each recreating a recipe the other has posted. After she posted this amazing picture on Instagram I knew exactly what I was making. These chocolate orange biscuits have the healthiest ingredients of any biscuit you’ve ever seen…and they’re chocolate. Full disclosure: I…Continue Reading “Orange Chocolate Biscuits w/ Isobelle Jane”

Hey everyone, today I’m going back to basics and recreating something while attempting to make it a little healthier. Today that thing is a Graze flapjack. I’m sure you all know of Graze, the subscription service that delivers delicious snacks to your door. Many of the Graze flapjacks are already vegan so there’s no issue…Continue Reading “Graze Inspired Cacao Flapjack Bites | Vg, GF (optional)”

Popcorn bars

Hey everyone, I realised I’ve done a lot of recipes for meals lately and thought I’d go back to basics with simple sweet treats. I’ve wanted to make some popcorn bars for ages now, but I convinced myself it would be difficult or take forever. I couldn’t have been more wrong. These ones take next…Continue Reading “Simple Chocolate Popcorn Bars | Vegan, GF”

Hi everyone, today we’re baking cookies. This is my first recipe of Febmas (still not sure about that) and the first edition of my new monthly collab with the lovely Emily. She has tonnes of great recipe posts as well as fashion and lifestyle posts. This month for our collab we went with a Valentine’s…Continue Reading “Valentine’s Cookies | Recipe Swap with Isobelle Jane”

Hi everyone, today’s recipe is a bit different; this is probably the most unhealthy thing you’ll see me make. It’s a classic, lemon drizzle slices. I’ve been thinking about vegan recipes in general and there’s often a stigma. While this is changing, many people still believe just because something is vegan it will either taste…Continue Reading “Classic Lemon Drizzle Slices | Vegan”