Colourpop No Filter Complexion Haul & First Impressions

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Hi guys, this is a bonus post this week! My Colourpop order arrived today (2nd) and I couldn’t wait to share my first impressions. I ordered everything from the Colourpop No Filter Complexion collection, other than the powders because I have dry skin and pretty much only ever use Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. Obviously, I’ve only tried these products once so this is just a Colourpop haul and first impressions, but if you’d like a full review on anything in a few weeks let me know in the comments and I’d be more than happy to do that.  


I’m sure most of you know Colourpop, but they’re a very budget friendly cosmetics brand based in California.  They’re a cruelty free company, a lot of their products are vegan, but not all. All of the products I’m talking about today are vegan friendly. 

Order, shipping and charges 

Okay, so I know a big thing with Colourpop is how long it takes to get to the UK. I was quite happy, I ordered around 11pm Friday night and it got delivered the following Friday morning. I’m going to say it took 6 days (4 business days) on the basis I ordered so late, which I think is amazing. UK brands sometimes take that long to deliver if you don’t pay for fast shipping. Colourpop add your taxes and duties when you checkout, so there’s no sneaky additional charges when it enters the country. 

Originally, I was ordering both the No Filter Foundation, a No Filter Foundation Stix, the No Filter Concealer in the two lightest shades and then a pretty gel liner that accidentally fell in my basket. All of that came to $40, shipping was going to be $9.99 and you get free shipping over $50 so it made more sense to add something else to my basket. The No Filter Foundation Stix are $10 so I decided to add another one of those in a shade I could contour with to get free shipping. After all, it didn’t actually matter if I didn’t like it because it only cost me one cent more than I was going to pay anyway.   

Taxes were $10, so my overall order cost me $60. That worked out as £47 when it actually left my account. £47 for three foundations, two concealers and a gel liner.  

coloupop no filter


I love the outer packaging, the boxes look lovely and the products are packaged well to tie in with the range. For the sticks, there isn’t a lot to say, all white glossy plastic, a lot like many other stick foundations. The bottle, however, I really hate. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump, which is great, but there’s no lid?! The pump does twist to lock, but I definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable travelling with it or even putting it in a makeup bag without the box.


Choosing Shades 

Obviously, having to buy online when we’re talking about skin products is such a gamble when it comes to guessing shades. They do have a feature online where you can match your shades to other brands, but the options they give you are very limited. There’s also a feature where you can match your shade in other products from the No Filter Complexion range if you know your shade in one product.  

As my skin isn’t much deeper than paper, I added the lightest shade in each of the three No Filter products to my basket, plus the pure white concealer. I then used their shade matcher, just to be sure, before I checked out. Using the Fenty Foundation 100 (which I hate but it’s a great colour match for me), the shade matcher told me I needed shade 05, which is what I‘d already picked. 

I decided to get the white concealer as well as the lightest pigment concealer for two reasons. The first, most things I own are too dark for me so having something white is always useful. Secondly, I had no idea if any of this stuff was actually going to match. 

I got: 

Shades First Impressions 

When I opened the box, I was very confused. At first glance, everything looked a different shade. I was blown away by how light the 02 concealer is. I’ve never been able to find a concealer that’s actually lighter than my skin tone before to highlight with. Most brands’ lightest shades are either the same as my face (Urban Decay for example) or darker than my skin tone (Bobbi Brown). To see that it was probably going to be lighter than me was really exciting.  

The liquid foundation looked like it was going to be a great colour for me, but the stick looked a lot darker. Then, the cool stick I got to contour with actually looked quite warm.  I swatched all of my skin colour shades on the back of my hand and they somehow blended looking the same colour, which was great. They were slightly lighter than my hand, but my hands are a lot darker than my face/ neck and chest, so it was looking like they would be a good match.  

colourpop no filter


Now for the interesting part, I couldn’t decide which foundation to try first. So, I did half of my face in each to compare. I applied both sides with a beauty blender and used all of the same products everywhere else. Whenever I saw someone, I asked them to play spot the difference, results will be revealed at the end.  

Applying the liquid, I was nervous. It went on feeling a lot like Fenty. Went on like Fenty, thankfully didn’t wear like Fenty. The foundation is very thin and watery, a very fluid texture and blends easily. I accidentally applied way too much for one side of my face. That made it a little harder to blend the excess. I went in with a brush first and it took two swipes for me to realise that wasn’t going to work. Then I picked up my sponge and it all blended out really well. My skin is still very very dry from my cold sore situation last week. So dry that nothing looks amazing right now, but my skin did look really good considering the state it’s in. 

The stick blended much better, it’s really creamy and took no effort to blend at all. My skin looked a bit healthier on that side, dry patches looked a little less obvious, but nothing major.  

I set both sides with my Ambient Lighting Powder and after that, you really couldn’t tell much difference at all. The glowy powder made the matte side a little less matte.  Adding powder made the creamy side a bit less glowy. So, I couldn’t tell much of a difference when I was done. Both sides now had a soft matte/ natural finish. 


The shade 05 in both products did look the same once blended in, which is a good job considering I had one on each side. 05 is almost my skin colour, but ever so slightly too light. I’d say it’s about half a shade light so it’s still the right colour for me and very wearable, especially after I’d finished my full face. Shade 02 in the concealer was a great choice, it’s lighter than my skin but not majorly so it gave a soft highlight to my undereye.  

My contour shade is definitely a warm shade, even though I bought a cool one. My skin has neutral to warm undertones so I could still use it warmer, but if you were fair with more pink undertones this wouldn’t work.  

colourpop no filtercolourpop no filter


After 8 hours, both sides still look good! My stick side hadn’t changed at all, my makeup could have been applied an hour ago. The liquid side got slightly less matte throughout the day. That was great for me, but maybe not if you have oily skin. It did break up slightly in the areas where my rash was the worst last week, but I would expect that from any foundation at this point.


I almost forgot this part! I’m very happy to say there has been no itchy, tingling or even mild sensation of any kind. This is honestly so rare for me. This section is usually one of the first I write when I do posts like these. So, the fact I almost forgot shows how comfortable these products are! For me, as always, everyone reacts to different things. My good fortune may not be yours.   

Spot the difference? 

I saw my grandparents at around the three-hour application mark. My nan couldn’t see any difference, I told her what I’d done. She then had a closer look and still couldn’t see a difference in either colour or texture. Then I saw my mum at the eight-hour mark, it was already dark, but she couldn’t see any difference either.   

This is my ‘I’m concentrating really hard to make sure you can see both sides of my face’ look.
Can you see a difference? As you see it, the stick is on the left and the liquid on the right.


I was pleasantly surprised by how well both sides sat and wore on my face considering the state my skin is in. I’m really excited to continue using all of these as my skin gets healthier. All of the products are really great value for money and based on first impressions, I’d happily recommend them to anyone.  

Are you surprised by these results? Have you tried any of these products? And would you like a full review of anything I’ve tried today? Let me know your thoughts!  

Until next time, 


23 thoughts on “Colourpop No Filter Complexion Haul & First Impressions

  1. When i did my colourpop haul i was so tempted to get a foundation but i knew i’d pick the wrong shade and so i dont think i’ll ever buy foundation from online stores without testing the shade range before, which i cant do with colourpop! But i literally cannot tell a difference at all and so glad that the foundations both worked for you!x

    1. It’s honestly the best thing about being really pale, just buy the lightest and it will probably work . I know what you mean though, it’s so hard to choose from the more in the middle shades. It’s crazy how similar they look?! Thanks for reading! x

  2. I’d never ordered from Colourpop until the Disney collection but I was super happy about the delivery time and the taxes being added to your basket too! This was a great detailed post for a first impressions but I’d love a more in depth review when you’ve had time to test them a few times! Being really pale it’s good to know that the shades were pale enough for you so I know what to get if I ever order from them, thanks for sharing this lovely!

    Jess //

  3. Ooh these products sound great and they look amazing on you! I’ve heard so many great things about Colourpop but have been put off by ordering from the US as I’ve been caught out on taxes before. It’s great to hear that these are added on checkout with Colourpop, that’s so handy!

    Soph – x

  4. I’ve only tried a small amount of products from colour pop and have always been impressed. The stick foundations sounds like something I would love it’s just the shades I’d be worried about, it’s so hard ordering online! Loved this review xx

  5. Really great review and detail! I’ll have to look into their foundation sticks. I have their no filter concealer but I found it oxidizes so bad on me. I have a yellow undertone and at first apply it’s perfect but an hour later I’m gold (and not the good kind). I absolutely love their brow pencil and setting spray though – you’ll have to try it if you ever order there again.

    Cheers xx

    Rachel |

  6. I’ve never tried Colourpop – I don’t think I’ve even seen it in Australia. I love Vegan products so I’m going to try and get my hands on some Colourpop and try it out! Love how it looks and the packaging is super cute too!

  7. I love hearing companies being cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, while being budget-friendly! Even though it took a bit for the products to come through, at least you got them at the end. I am notorious for adding another thing in my cart for free shipping, hehe. Love these no filter products. I have the same issue with finding the right shade. My hand is darker than my face! Love your look!

    Nancy ♥

  8. I’ve never ordered anything from colourpop but I’ve heard so much about them! The outer and the inner packaging looks really pretty too. I always get a bit scared about ordering foundation online, just purely because you can’t try it before you buy colour matching wise. But these sound great and it seems like you’ve had a really positive experience with them. I can’t tell the difference at all in that picture!

    Chloe xx

  9. I don’t like buying foundations online cause I never know my shade. I really cannot see the difference in your face no matter how hard I try. They blend so well.

  10. Ooohhhh I’m glad I read this! I’ve wanted to try the colourpop completxion products for a while but didn’t want to spend the money because hate paying the taxes lmao! I also always worry about how cheaper makeup products will react to my skin (a little snobbish I know but I can’t help it) so I’m glad that you were so pleasantly surprised! Perhaps its time for me to put in an order too!

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