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Hi guys, today’s post is the final one of my blog’s birthday week. Reaching the one year mark has had me thinking about a lot of things, including my content and what ‘online me’ looks like. Then I started thinking about the post I put up a few weeks ago about influencers and ‘real life’. After that, I was thinking about my brand and the curated version of myself. Yes, my mind wanders a lot. But that got me here, the side that you don’t see. This post is going to be about the parts of my life you would never know about from my blog. I hope this is something that a lot of you can relate to and enjoy even if you can’t. 

The things you do know 

So, to think about what you don’t know, you have to reflect on what you do know. The side that you do see. You know: 

I cook. It would be tragic if you didn’t know that at this point. Unless you’re new. Hi, I’m Sophie, my blog turned one this week. I don’t usually post stuff like this.  

I love skincare. Again, we really aren’t that familiar if you aren’t aware of this by now. I did a post a few months ago which explained how I began to love it so much if you’d like to know more about that.  

If you know I love skincare, you’ve probably read the words dry and sensitive skin a million times now. 

Most of you probably know I run. I have a series about health updates and goals (new one of those coming at the end of the month). You may not know that if the health posts aren’t your thing, but I’m hoping to do my first marathon next year.  

You know I have a dog. He likes to post his selfies on my Twitter every now and again. The Instagram algorithm got him down so he ditched that platform.  

Another thing you probably know is that I eat a vegan and mostly gluten free diet. Even if you weren’t aware that’s how I eat all the time, you’re probably aware that’s how I eat a lot of the time.  

And after that, I’m struggling a little. There’ll be more things I’ve mentioned in passing, I’m sure. But as for the things I’m sure that regular readers will know, I’m stumped. And when you think about it, what I’ve listed above isn’t a whole lot to sum up an entire life.  

So, the side you don’t see 

A lot of the time we assume we know things about bloggers and vloggers from what they post online. And it’s true that we know some things. Emphasis on the some, but 15 minutes 3 times a week or a couple of posts leaves a lot left untouched. I’m sure a lot of people think people blog about things they love the most, or their niche is a big reflection of their life. I thought about whether I thought about if my blog was a good reflection of my life.  

So, I cook. A lot. Even more now I post recipes and sometimes make things a few times before they’re how I want them. And thinking about food and what I can post, what my next recipes are going to be does occupy a fair chunk of my thought process. But I’m not in the kitchen or browsing recipes every second of every day.  

And I do my skincare routine. That’s maybe 5 minutes on a morning and 15 at night. I don’t spend much time researching products now. When I was younger, I spent every spare second I had researching ingredients and formulas. That all stuck so now it only takes me a quick glance at a label to know whether something is going on my wishlist or in my basket.  

But neither food nor skincare is my number 1. My first love was fashion magazines, and probably always will be. I’m not a fashion blogger. I’ve never done a fashion related post. You’ve never even seen so much as an OOTD. And you probably never will. That’s me, completely. I could very easily write a dissertation length post on the role of and influence of fashion magazines in my life and an even longer one on publishing in the modern era, but that’s not the voice I wanted to give myself.  

September 2018. My blog turns one, my favourite fashion magazine just released its 10th anniversary issue and the September 2018 issue of Vogue is on my coffee table. Okay, so magazines are a month ahead and the October issue actually arrived about a week ago, but stay with me. I don’t just read magazines, I collect them. So, while my platform is having its first birthday, my favourite magazine is celebrating its 10th and I’m celebrating another anniversary. The first magazine in my collection is from September 2008. I wanted to get it out an take a photo for you, but holy shit magazines are heavy and that one has about 30 issues stacked on top of it. It featured a flame haired Karen Elson looking phenomenal in a gold lace dress. I haven’t looked that up, but I remember that cover like I bought it yesterday. And I’m actually a little mad at myself that I can’t remember who made the dress. I just Googled it, it’s Prada, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one here who cares about that detail.  

Over the years my collection grew. I have every issue of US Vogue since September 2011. Every issue of British Elle since 2012 and every issue of Porter and Love ever published. 

10 years of something I never talk about.  

Another thing you don’t know, you never really see photos of me because I hate almost every photo of myself that’s ever been taken. In retrospect, probably a good thing I didn’t want to talk about fashion then… 

I nearly dropped out of university at the end of my first year because I hated it so much. I ended up sticking it out (probably a mistake looking back). Had I not stayed, I was planning on switching to a fashion journalism course instead.  

I’m only 5ft tall. Growing up obsessed with fashion magazines and not being tall enough to make 90% of trends work is not a fun way to spend your teenage life. It involved a lot of fitting room disappointments.  

I’ve worn red lipstick almost every day since I was 16. Not an important detail, but a life detail all the same. I hate comfort matte formulas and I don’t own a single shade of nude lipstick. 

I’m a very big believer in the concept of a signature scent. Perfume posts, something else you’re unlikely to see. I only have about 5 or 6 fragrances in my collection and over the years they’ve all built up a meaning and come with memories. They say that scent is the strongest of your senses when it comes to memory. I was really young the first time I read that and I think it stuck with me.  

The 60s is my favourite decade. Twiggy’s eyeliner, Jean Shrimpton’s hair and old black and white photos are all things that bring me joy.  

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is my favourite movie. Also from the 60s, although not black and white. And that Givenchy dress is another that never fails to make me smile.  

When I was younger I wanted to be a barrister. I think Reese Witherspoon may have been partly responsible for that. But I didn’t change my mind until I was 17. Then had a meltdown because my UCAS application was due in about 3 weeks and I’d never considered anything other than law. Grown and no longer doing anything remotely law related, the news there will be a Legally Blonde 3 is still one of the most exciting things to happen in recent years. I don’t care that I have to wait until 2020 for it.  

Other things you don’t know, I will stay up to any time of night/ all night to watch Roger Federer play tennis. Tennis is the only sport I’ve ever shown any interest in, so I consider it a great privilege that I was able to grow up watching one of the greatest players. And also a real disappointment because the next era is looking bleak in comparison.  

I have the smallest family. I’m an only child and I only have one cousin, and he didn’t appear until I was 12. 

I’m incredibly sarcastic and brutally honest in real life. Communicating via the internet can be a real challenge if you’re yet to find the perfect emoji to project your tone. Never ask my opinion on anything if you want a sugar-coated response.  

The original plan was to make this something along the lines of a ‘25 things you don’t know about me’, but I talk too much for that and this post is really long already.   

I’d love to know something about you that no one would know from your blog. Tell me a random fact about yourself in the comments! Regular posts will return on Tuesday. You can enter my blog birthday giveaway here.  

Until next time,  


25 thoughts on “The Side That You Don’t See

  1. This was a really nice post to read, I always find it interesting finding out a little more about people that you wouldn’t get from their blogs. I’ve also been collecting magazines I hav3 been collecting Cosmo for years! I’m also only 5ft tall! I totally get the clothes not fitting thing! Xx

  2. True that we tend to assume that a blogger’s life is what we see on their social media while there is much more behind! I have a subscription to vogue and it is always a pleasure to read it! Love Breakfast at Tiffany’s too!

  3. I absolutely loved this post! There’s so much people don’t see from blogs or Instagram and it’s not necessarily to hide something it’s nust because it doesn’t fit in. One thing people wouldn’t know from my blog is how much I love music and concerts. I’ve probably been to over 70 now!

  4. Happy 1 Year of Blogging! You’re completely right. Most of the time, a person’s blog only shows a snippet of their likes/interests. I’m so impressed by your collection of fashion magazines! September 2008! That’s amazing!

  5. i loved this post, it was really nice getting to know this about you that we wouldn’t get from reading your blog posts. i was actually going to go into fashion merchandising when i was in college but my family thought it was too limiting so i went for marketing instead…honestly probably a mistake besides the fact that i can use what i learned and apply it to my blog. these types of posts are always fun, getting to know the people behind the blog is always interesting xx

    mich //

  6. Sophie I really hope one day that you write a book as I actually find you fascinating. I can’t believe your love of fashion and collection of magazines! You’re so bloody cool and I genuinely would not have thought all of these things about you had you not listed them. I really like that you have though as I feel like I know you that little bit more now. I’m pretty open about my life online although I know there are probably a hell of a lot of things that people don’t remember me saying in passing so I’m not entirely sure on a fact about me that people wouldn’t know. I trained to be a professional singer from the age of 14-20 and it was my absolute dream for so long. I still love doing it but I’ve lost my confidence a bit and I’m really hoping to get back into it after I’ve had my surgery!
    Alice Xx

  7. I loved reading this and finding out more about you! I’m. Ashamed to say that I haven’t seen Breakfast at Tiffanys although I do have the DVD. I’d love to see some fashion posts from you though if that’s what you love!

    Jess //

  8. Love this post. Especially as people always think they know everything about every blogger! I think one thing my readers probably don’t know about me is that although I love fashion I spend most of my time in my pyjamas. X

  9. I admit that I am new to your blog, and came across it via a Blogging Group on Twitter. I love how authentic and honest you are, and that you don’t sugar coat things! I also strive to be that way in how I project myself.

  10. When it comes to blogging, it’s okay to choose what you want to share. I always like reading about health in general. It’s a bit comforting to know that health isn’t exactly a cookie cutter (e.g. periods can cycle over 25 days for some women, 36 for others). I think what you’re doing is great. Oh man, you don’t mess around with fashion magazines! I AM THE SAME WITH OOTD’S! I don’t exactly post one unless it’s just a picture of me somewhere. Pretty cool that you have a stack of Vogue magazines. We’re the same height! Loved learning all of these facts about yourself.

    Nancy ♥

  11. I love this post Sophie! That’s so cool you collect fashion magazines, that’s an impressive collection too! It’s true that we only see snippets of a persons interests on social media/blogs so this was such an interesting post to find out more. Thank you for sharing! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  12. Congratulations on reaching 1 year of blogging!
    I have to agree with a few of your ‘unknowns’ – I absolutely love Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn is deffo one of my favs!
    I love that you collect magazines, I used to keep all my magazines that featured Blue or Busted! Way less classy than a collection of Vogue haha!

    One thing my readers may not know about me is my ‘career’ is totally different from what I blog about.

    Aimsy xoxo

  13. This post ties in so nicely with my “Behind the Blogging Mask” post! I’ve loved learning some more about you, that I didn’t know before which you don’t show. Your collection of magazines is seriously impressive. I’m also an only child and although I have a fairly big extended family, I never see any of them nor have I ever been particularly close with any of them so I can relate to you somewhat there. I’ve met Roger Federer when I went to Wimbledon! And my favourite decade is definitely the 80’s. It’s my favourite music and i genuinely feel like I was born in the wrong decade! xxx

  14. Such a great post Sophie! It’s refreshing now and again to get areal glimpse in to the bloggers life! Definitely inspired me to do the same! xx

  15. Loved getting to know you a little bit better! I’m also super sarcastic in real life, and the blogging community is so sweet & lovely which is amazing, but it reminds me that I have to be a little softer haha :’)

  16. Sophie I enjoyed learning more about you. I too have a huge care for Porter and Vogue magazines! I don’t necessarily collect but I thoroughly read them after look at your pictures, I believe it’s something I want to do. So cool you have an interest in fashion. So we have three things in common: short, fashion magazine interest and super sensitive skin!

    Natonya |

  17. Red lipstick, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, dry skin and Karen Elson? We speak the same language:) Congrats on your first year of blogging and cheers to many, many more.

  18. Oh I love this post so much! I might just have to do one like it in a few weeks! I love the idea of letting down the curtain a little bit! (Of course, I will give you full credit for the idea and a link back in the post.)

    Your love of magazines is fascinating and I wonder how you feel about digital magazines. Is it the same or is there just something about the glossy pages and the faint scent of perfume samples?

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