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Hi guys! Welcome to Vegmas 13…kind of. In my original set of Vegmas posts I’d planned a post including sweet snacks. You know when you go to someone’s house around Christmas and there are bowls of sweets and nuts, that kind of thing? That post was going to a recipe post for vegan versions of things like that. Well, I accidentally planed 13 ’12 Days of Vegmas’ posts. Instead of doing that one, I’ve decided to add those recipes sporadically throughout December so my Christmas content didn’t end in November. Today’s is the first, and this one is for salted caramel candied almonds.  

Although they don’t take long to do one by one, it can get tedious making a larger batch of these. My recipe makes around 50 but you may want to make them in a few sessions if you’re wanting more.  

The recipe is simple and easy to follow. It’s simply almonds dipped in a salted caramel then coated in melted chocolate and rolled in ground hazelnuts. I love the different flavour in all of the layers and think it makes a great combination.  

Maca gives it the caramel flavour, and the syrup keeps it nice and sweet as well as being sticky enough to make sure it holds to the almonds.

This recipe is vegan, dairy free, gluten free and soy free. 

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Salted Caramel Candied Almonds

This recipe is vegan, dairy free, gluten free and soy free.
Course Snack
Servings 50 almonds


  • 50 almonds
  • 70 g maple syrup
  • 1 tsp maca powder
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 40 g dark chocolate melted
  • Approx. 50g ground roasted hazelnuts


  1. In a small bowl/ dish, stir the salt and maca powder into the maple syrup. Spread hazelnuts evenly across a small plate
  2. Dip the almonds into the syrup mix and stir to evenly coat
  3. Then dip again in the chocolate and roll in the ground hazelnuts
  4. Repeat until all almonds have been coated
  5. Place on a plate/ tray once coated and leave somewhere cool until chocolate has set

Serve and enjoy!

Could you guys see this in your treat bowl this Christmas? Let me know your favourite festive sweet snacks down below.  

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31 thoughts on “Salted Caramel Candied Almonds Recipe | Vegan, GF

  1. These look and sound absolutely sublime! I love salted caramel and I’ve really gotten a taste for almonds recently so this sounds like a recipe I have to try out. I. Hoping to do veganuary in January and this is a great recipes for me to include. Whether veganauary succeeds and I continue afterwards, I don’t know but I certainly plan to take meat from my food lifestyle altogether and include more natural foods. This will be great sweet treat for someone like me who has a sweet tooth! Thank you for writing all these recipes and giving me inspiration for my future food lifestyle.

  2. Ooh these sound like the perfect snack for the festive season! I love salted caramel and almonds are so healthy too. These look easy to make and ideal if you want a sweet treat without feeling guilty. Thanks for sharing the recipe Sophie! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  3. Anything salted caramel is a win from me, these little treats look amazing! I usually have a gathering on Christmas Eve and this would be a great treat for a party! X

  4. Although I’m not the biggest fan of nuts, I think the salted caramel part has won me over! I would love to try this recipe and make it for a family get together one day or even just a general snack! Thanks for sharing x

  5. Oh man this sounds amazing, I love almonds, I love salted caramel and the hazelnuts just put the icing on the cake! There’s nothing better than a sweet snack that has a bit of a healthiness in it so you don’t feel AS guilty as you would’ve…
    Alice Xx

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