Ren Ready Steady Glow Review

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Ren Ready Steady Glow

Hi guys and welcome to the second day of skincare week. Yesterday’s post was a review of all of my previous reviews, so today it seems fitting to do yet another review. For the past few weeks I’ve been trying out a new exfoliator, the product in question is the Ren Ready Steady Glow. And, spoiler, I love it. Even if calling it ‘Steady Glow’ did knock yours truly down a point in Google rankings.  

Product Info  

You get a very large bottle for a fairly reasonable price. It’s a 250ml bottle which retails for £25. This is an exfoliator very similar to the Pixi Glow Tonic in terms of how you use it and performance. The ingredients, however are very different (we’ll get to that later). It’s a standard use twice a day by wiping a saturated cotton pad over your face kind of product, making it very easy to use.  


I have mixed feelings about the packaging but that’s all forgiven because of the pump. The bottle itself is a little bulky, it isn’t the most travel friendly item I’ve ever owned. I’m not that happy with the clear plastic packaging in terms of ingredient stability and sun damage either.  

ren ready steady glow

It saves itself though by having the best pump ever. To dispense the product, you have to press your cotton pad onto the pump. This is amazing as it means it’s almost impossible to get too much, you can’t spill it and it makes potential leaks far less likely too.  


Arguably, the most important part. I’ve already likened this to the Pixi Glow Tonic; the Pixi product uses glycolic acid to exfoliate, which can be too rough for some people to use, myself included. This product contains lactic acid as it’s exfoliant. It’s the third ingredient on the label, after water and sodium lactate (the salt form of lactic acid), meaning it’s fairly strong. Other main ingredients include willow bark extract, which can have a similar result as salicylic acid, and azelaic acid which is used to brighten the skin.  

The negatives of this formula: 

  • It contains fragrance  
  • There are a couple of citrus ingredients on the list which can irritate sensitive skin, although my own sensitive skin hasn’t had any issues with this product. 

ren ready steady glow

Sensitive Skin  

I don’t usually give sensitivity its own section in reviews, but I thought as an exfoliating product, it was worthy of one. For sensitive skin, the need to exfoliate can be an incredibly tough battle, especially if you have dry skin with a lot of texture issues or pores that get clogged easily. It can be a constant battle between using weaker exfoliators that don’t seem to have any impact or stronger ones which cause irritation, redness, burning sensations etc.  

This product is both strong enough to work and gentle enough not to cause me any irritation. And this is the first product I’ve found that does that.  I think that could possibly be down to the lactic acid rather than glycolic as I’ve used other products from Ren that also contain lactic and don’t irritate my skin.  


Last year I did a post called ‘The Best Exfoliator Ever’ about the 10% Glycolic from Peter Thomas Roth (which has now been discontinued).  As much as I loved that product, it was a battle to find the right balance between using it enough to have smooth skin and using it so much my face started to burn (the correct ratio was once every 2/3 days).  

This product performs brilliantly without any of that stress. I saw a noticeable difference in my skin’s texture and appearance after just two days of use, morning and night with no irritation. After around three weeks of use, at least once a day, my skin still showed no signs of being irritated by this product and was continuing to stay bright, clear and smooth. I stopped using it when my period arrived as my heightened sensitivity meant even warm water was irritating my face. As soon as that was done, the product was back to causing no problems.  


I’m thoroughly enjoying using this product, and extremely happy to have finally found a daily use product that works and doesn’t cause irritation. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is currently on the hunt for a new exfoliator. It’s worth noting that those photos were taken after three weeks of daily use and so little product has gone. I think this is going to last a really long time. The final test? I’ll be repurchasing this when it’s done, without a doubt.  

ren ready steady glow

Have you tried this product? I’d love to know what your favourite exfoliators are.  

Until next time,  


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17 thoughts on “Ren Ready Steady Glow Review

  1. I love the sound of this product, sounds like the perfect additional to any skincare routine. I am really into liquid exfoliators at the moment, i feel you see more results from them. I also love the way the product is dispensed, saves you having to turn the bottle over and squeeze the liquid out.

    Lovely blog post and photos x


  2. I’ve only ever used an exfoliator once and I’ve been looking for a new one to try out – it definitely made my face feel a bit fresher whenever I used an exfoliator. I just checked and thankfully Sephora has it in stock, now just have to head over there to first try a sample to see how it reacts with my skin 🙂

  3. Ooh this definitely looks interesting, how great is it when you find a new product that works well! I love how you’ve covered all aspects of the product too so thanks for sharing!x

  4. I’ve never heard of this product before but I really struggle to find skincare products which work for me, my skin is so temperamental with what types of things work but this sounds fab! Definitely going to check this out, thanks for sharing!

    Jess //

  5. I’m on the hunt for a new exfoliator and I still haven’t found one that’s perfect for my skin so definitely going to look into this one! I have quite sensitive skin so it sounds perfect. Loved this review x

  6. I thought you reviewing Ren Ready Steady Glow was perfect because it has your blog name in it XD… But backward. For the price and size, it seems fair and it’s great that it doesn’t cost an arm or something. Glad your skin didn’t have any issues – I am a sucker for citrus! It’s great that you had a great experience with this tonic!

    Nancy ♥

  7. This is an exfoliator I’ve never heard of but I’d love to check out. I feel like everyone is obsessed with the Pixi Glow Tonic at the moment and I haven’t actually heard about any other exfoliators on the market. It’s really refreshing to see a review of something different so thank you!!

    Lots of love,
    Molly xo

  8. I have tried a few REN products because like their moisturisers but have never tried this! It sounds like it’s a really great product that I would love to try! Great review x

  9. This looks interesting, Sophie. I’ve been using a Wishtrend Acid Water exfoliator with mandelic acid from almonds, which causes very little irritation to the skin, unlike glycolic acid. Like you, I feel Pixi has been built up as a cult product and I’m sure it’s great for many but it’s not a one size fits all. The pump dispenser on the Ren one looks such a useful feature though, I’d love to see something like that as standard on all dispensers! Great post and I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you 🙂 x

    Lisa |

  10. Sophie I’ve been on the hunt for an exfoliator for my super sensitive skin! I’m glad this worked out for you. I’ll admit I was thrown when you said it had fragrance but you also said the tonic performed will on your skin without irritation, so I’ll check it out! Thanks for sharing <3

    Natonya |

  11. This sounds like a brilliant product, especially if you can notice a difference within two days of use! It sounds like you get a good amount of product for the price and it’s great it works well on sensitive skin. Just a shame it’s knocked your blog down a point in Google 😛 xx

    Bexa |

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