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nutree life review

Hey guys, you may have noticed I took a little break after Recipe A Day May concluded. This totally was not my plan, but when Sunday (recipe day) rolled around I couldn’t bring myself to make anything worth posting. My little break has not just been a blog break, it’s been a life break. My desire to cook or eat anything remotely healthy went out of the window for a few days and so did my productivity levels. You may be wondering why I’m rambling trying to justify missing one post. Well, that fits in nicely with today’s post. Friday 1st June, the least productive day of my life, I decided it would be a good time to try the Piri Piri Burger Mix kindly sent to me by Nutree Life.  

One of the most frequent comments I get goes something a little like this, ‘I love *insert ingredient here* but I never feel like cooking when I get in’ or something like this, ‘This looks so healthy! I wish I had time to make something healthier when I get home from work.’ I hear you, and I’ve got you covered.  

nutree life burger mix


You’ve probably seen falafel mix in your local supermarket before. Simply measure some out, add water, shape it and cook it? This is a similar thing. Now I know some of you will be turned off by the idea of a prepacked powder you add water too, and at first, I would be too. But they actually contain good ingredients! They’re a high protein product so the main ingredient is pea protein, but the only other ingredients are gram flour (chickpea flour), chia seeds, herbs and spices and a little salt. Which doesn’t sound any worse for you than something you would make at home. All flavours are vegan, gluten free and soy free.  


I know the title says 10 minutes, but that includes extra time to dither and have a mini meltdown in your kitchen because you can’t decide which sauce to use (only me?). The mix only needs 2 minutes in water and then 3 minutes on each side in a frying pan and you’re good to go. I’m always a little sceptical when things claim to be so quick, but they did really go from packet to plate in less than 10 minutes.  


They cook brilliantly. They crisp up really well on the outsides and never get dry in the middle. With one of mine I let it cook a little longer to see how crispy I could get it before it would burn and even with an extra few minutes in the pan, the texture in the centre was still great. You would never know they came from a powder at all.  

nutree life burgers


The most important part, right? We’ve already established they have a great texture and they taste good too. The piri piri taste is only slight so it might not be the greatest choice for those who like really spicy food but the flavour is definitely there. And it definitely tastes like piri piri, not indistinguishable spices. 


I would definitely have these again. I’ve got my cooking mojo back now so I can’t see me reaching for them all the time but it’s definitely something worth having in the house for days when you can’t be bothered or don’t have time. You get 14 servings in a pack and they retail for £14.99 (currently on sale for £11.99) so they’re good value too. They also come in a couple of other flavours if piri piri isn’t your thing. I’d love to try the Italian herb next! 


Each 36g serving contains 126 calories, 1.8g fat, 17.1g protein, 7.5g carbs (1.3g sugar, 2.7g fibre) and 0.9g salt.  

I was also sent their Chocolate Vanilla Protein Snack Bites. They’re 5g protein a serving and are bite sized; great for on the go or after the gym for a little boost. I thought they tasted really good, and again, they taste exactly how they’re supposed to. But on the first bite, I thought they had that ‘protein bar’ texture. Then when I had the second one (to be sure, you know…) it didn’t have the same texture and tasted like a really nice, sweet brownie bite. So, I thought they were a little hit and miss, but I find this to be the case with a of protein bars/ snacks.  

nutree life protein snacks

My mum stole some of them. I gave some to my mum, and she loves them. She loves them so much that she was nagging me to take my photos so she could have some more. So, maybe the texture thing is just me! My mother is also not vegan, for any non-vegans reading this wondering if they’re worth trying.  

Nutree Life Protein Snacks

Does a 10-minute burger sound like something you’d like to have on hand? 

Until next time,  


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The products in this post were gifted to me in return for an honest review.

35 thoughts on “Healthy Food in 10 Minutes? | Nutree Life Review 

  1. Great photos! This sounds great, some long days you really can’t be bothered cooking or you’re so hungry you can’t wait. 10 minutes sounds like a dream!

  2. Sophie as you know I’m not vegan but everytime I read your food posts, I feel so motivated to try more vegan cuisines. I don’t think I could full switch over but definitely want to add more vegan dishes to my dinner menu.

    I really like how quick the patties cooked, I would totally use that to make a quick burger/slider for lunch! I’m curious about the chocolate, looks so thick and soft, which means it’s indulgent for me 🙂

    Natonya |

  3. Hah I totally feel you. An energy crash is totally normal after daily posting (which you obviously know about ). I’ve been the same after some big project I would probably like these burgers but like you, wouldn’t have them all the time. Definitely something to have ready in the cupboard though! x

  4. I can totally relate to days when I don’t feel like cooking. I rarely cook at all because I live with my parents but my mum is out of town and I’m not relishing the task of going home and cooking for myself every night. This 10 minute burger is something I would definitely pick up because it seems so healthy even for a ready to cook pack.

  5. These look delicious. I can’t believe they only take 10 minutes to make. Perfect for when I’m having a lazy day… which is most days.

  6. Ah there are days when I definitely want something easy and fast to cook! This sounds absolutely wonderful, had no idea stuff like this exists. Thank you 🙂

  7. This sounds perfect for when I get home late and need something quick for tea! I used to be so good at meal prepping but I haven’t done it for ages so I usually end up with a microwave weight watcher meal or something I can just throw in the oven, this definitely seems like a better option! This was a really good, detailed review and you deserved a break after posting every day so don’t feel bad about it!

    Jess //

  8. This deffo sounds like something I’d love to try. It looks GOOD
    We have a bbq coming up and I really enjoy making vegan burgers. I might give this a go.
    Not sure we have the same packs here, but I could maybe find a similar recipe? 🙂

  9. This is definitely something I’d try. I love cooking and don’t mind the time it takes but there’s always a day when I want something quick! I love spicier food so it’s a shame that the piri flavour isn’t a little more intense.

  10. The burgers sound really nice to me! Putting them in a Pitta is a fab idea too because rolls are sometimes too much bread. I’ve been trying to eat healthy so thanks for the ideas xx

  11. A 10 minute burger sounds just like my kinda thing! I’m always looking for quick and easy ways to cook but trying and stay healthy too. I wouldn’t mind trying one of those bites too to see if it tastes like chocolate brownie! Thanks for sharing Sophie xx

    Bexa |

  12. I have been soooo lazy lately. No cooking at home or anything. Just buying ready made meal which is not very healthy. 10 minutes is doable and will force me to get back into a more balanced diet! It also looks so good!

  13. I’m one of those people who find food that comes as powder really off-putting, but the end result looks significantly better than I’d expect, so maybe one worth trying. 🙂

  14. Them burgers look so tasty! I like a bit of spice to my food sometimes so these would be great to try out. I’ve never really been a fan either of the little protein bars, the ones I’ve tried haven’t been all that nice but these ones sound like they were pretty good! Good to know there are some good ones out there! Haha.


  15. I am a veggie trying to eat more vegan and that burger mix sounds SO nice, I have gone onto the website and they have a fajita flavour !!!! I seriously need to try them out! The protein snack bites look good too, I used to eat protein bars a lot and found them to be quite sickly so these smaller bite sized treats would benefit me loads! x

  16. Burgers are great. 10 minute burgers??? A literal dream. These look so, so good – surprisingly so for something that came out of a packet; I’m impressed! Need to try.

  17. I don’t think I’ve ever tried falafel before, but your pictures look incredibly tasty.. I’m trying to eat healthy at the moment and burgers are one thing that I’m really missing, so these may be the fix I need!

  18. I’ve been really making an effort to make more vegetarian meals. Last week was the first week of me making more of an effort with my cooking – and I enjoyed it so much! I used to cook all the time when I was overseas, but since I got back I’ve been too lazy. I’m definitely trying this recipe this week 🙂 I’ve actually been feeling so much better since eating food that is healthy!

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