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Hi guys, today I’m going to be sharing my favourite foundations for dry skin. Obviously, these are just my personal favourites and I haven’t tried every foundation on the planet. Most of these aren’t a perfect match for my skin (pale problems) but they’re all close enough to be wearable. Actually, I don’t think any are a perfect match for me. There’s a range of prices and coverage here so hopefully, there’s an option for everyone. Surprisingly, some of them are matte. 

As I’m very pale and have extremely sensitive skin, there are a lot of foundations out there that I can’t use. My skin has some sort of reaction to about 60% of the products I try, so a lot of great formulas get excluded to the fault of my own face. If anyone knows of any others that I haven’t mentioned please let me know in the comments!  

This list is in no particular order. Number one isn’t necessarily better than number five. All of the products listed are still available. I have a couple that should be included here but they’ve now been discontinued and it seemed cruel to rave about something you can’t buy.  

  1. Too Faced Born This Way 

Shade: Swan, fairest skin with neutral to yellow undertones. This foundation is definitely yellow, not neutral and it isn’t the fairest of fair foundations.  

Claims: medium to full coverage with a natural finish 

I mentioned that I picked this one up for my birthday this year and I love it! I did do a full review on this product if you’d like more detail, I’ll leave that here. The colour is less than fantastic but the review explains that in more detail.  

This foundation is pretty much as the claims describe it. It has a medium coverage although it is buildable and feels weightless on the skin. On my dry skin, it has a natural to soft matte finish when applied with a brush and a natural to slightly dewy finish when applied with a beauty blender.  

2. Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion 

Shade: Crème, 1N. Fair skin with neutral undertones. So, I have another Laura Mercier foundation in this shade that I could have sworn was my exact colour. But this one is too dark. This one also has more coverage than the other one so maybe the other one isn’t actually my colour but blends with my skin better because it has less coverage. If this is 1N, I could do with a 0N. It isn’t orange on my skin, I can make it work, but I feel way more comfortable wearing this with something high necked. There is a C0 for those with pinker undertones.  

Claims: Medium to full weightless coverage, 15-hour wear. High-performance wear that’s sweat, humidity, water and transfer resistant.  

I don’t know what this sorcery is but those claims sound like a dry skin nightmare. Yet this foundation is probably my favourite. I wear it despite the not so perfect shade because it looks absolutely flawless on my face. It isn’t the fullest of coverage, but it’s a heavy medium and I have pretty good skin anyway so I don’t need full full coverage. I don’t know about 15 hours, but it is long wearing. It’s never broken up or gone sliding off my face, even with the really hot summer we had. I’ve never had dry patches after a day of wearing this. There’s never any visible flaking on my face.

In case you can’t already tell, I love this stuff. It applies well with a brush and beauty blender, although I prefer it with a brush. It gives a soft matte finish with both but still leaves skin looking healthy and not flat.  

(I think this is my favourite foundation but I have so many and the word favourite is too big of a commitment, but it’s my favourite. But I don’t want to say something is 100% my favourite. Do you see my problem?!) 

3. Rimmel Wake Me Up 

Shade: Light Porcelain. Light, cool. Straight up, this foundation has an awful shade range. It has 8 shades at present. For years, I think it only had 5 and they were all some sort of beige. Light Porcelain for me is a good level of paleness but it’s extremely pink. As the coverage is light, the undertone is less of an issue as it’s only really visible in very bright lighting.  

Claims: reduces signs of fatigue from your hectic life. For a brighter, poreless, flawless looking skin.  

There are no coverage claims with this foundation but I’d say it was a light/ light-medium.  

The claim that this is an anti-fatigue foundation is true, it’s light coverage but a nice glow booster. It makes my skin look really healthy. I find this one perfect for no-makeup makeup looks or those days where you want to wear something but can’t really be bothered with a full face. This one doesn’t have the greatest longevity in the heat and certainly isn’t transfer proof without setting, but it’s a good winter option. 

I’m not that keen on this one with a brush, as the formula is thin I think it looks streaky easily. I love it with a beauty blender though.  

4. Bobbi Brown Skin Stick Foundation  

Shade: Alabaster. Bobbi Brown doesn’t include colour descriptions, which is super helpful. But, I’d say this is an off-white with a tiny hint of pink but it’s neutral enough to work for most undertones. 

Claims: Looks and feels like skin, for all skin tones and types.  Formulated with a blend of emollients like olive extract and shea butter, the formula intensely moisturises wherever skin is dry. Light diffusing powders and oil-controlling minerals perfect the appearance of skin while offering target oil and shine control. 

I can’t imagine this looking good on very oily skin types so I’m not sure about the claim that it works for all skin types. I’d say this foundation has an average wear time, it doesn’t last forever but it holds up well throughout the day. As this is a cream, I think it blends best with a beauty blender. Again, I think this more of a medium than a full coverage. It’s very moisturising. As it’s a stick, it can drag on the skin a little if it hasn’t been prepped. This works best with a more silicone based primer.  

5….. has now been discontinued.  

I took my photos for this post a while ago now, it’s been on my to-do list for about two months. But I wanted to wait until the seasons changed so it could help the most people. In that time, it would appear the fifth one has been discontinued. It’s still listed on some department stores websites’ but is no longer available from the brand. I’m not going to mention it as it’s no longer available in every shade. Sorry!  

Notable mentions 

I want to include a sentence or two on a couple that nearly made the cut but didn’t and a quick mention why.: 

  1. Revolution Pro Foundation Drops 

These ones are great. Definitely one of my favourite cheaper foundations. It ends up very dewy, but on my skin, it can look slightly dry on application. It needs a while to settle into my skin if it’s drier when I start. Not sure how much use I’ll get out of this in the colder months which is why it didn’t make the top 4/5. The lightest shade is also too dark. You can read my full review here 

revolution pro foundation drops

UPDATE: It now comes in a lighter shade (0.5) which may work for me. Although, it says that’s pink, so maybe not.


2. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk  

When I first tried that foundation, I thought it was one of the best ever. My skin looked incredible. Then I got a sensitivity reaction and a huge rash appeared that took about a week to go away. 100% my skin’s fault for being so sensitive, but this one is definitely worth a try. Although, if you’re pale, this was also too dark in the lightest shade.  

Have you tried any of these foundations? Let me know your favourite foundations for dry skin in the comments. As I said in my intro, I can’t use a lot of products because of my skin so this is only my pick of the ones I don’t react to, but your skin could be totally different!  

Until next time,  


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38 thoughts on “Favourite Foundations for Dry Skin

  1. I love Born This Way, I am currently in the middle of finishing off a bottle of Fenty Foundation but I think I am going to go back to Born This Way. Like you said the colour match is really good on me too, and i agree it feels weightless. My skin is SO oily though so that is strange how we both like this product!! Reading your review I need to try the Laura Mercier foundation too! I do a flaky nose so I hope it doesn’t emphasise that. I am still yet to try a product from Bobbi Brown but I don’t think I will go for the foundation now as you don’t think it will be very good for oily skin! Fab post! x

  2. I have heard so much about Laura Mercia Foundation! everybody is raving about it! I really love makeup revolution and so affordable! I don’t really wear foundation. When i put something on, it is bb cream! but a friend of mine is looking for a new foundation so i’ll direct her to this post!

  3. I was thinking about trying the Two Faced foundation now that my Kat Von D foundation was on its way out but wasn’t sure if it worked on drier skin. Hearing what you’ve said I’ll definitely be giving it a go!

    Sarah x

  4. I’m shocked that I’ve only tried one of the foundations in this post! They all sound fab and it shows that sometimes splashing the extra cash on a product is worth it considering most of these are high end!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

  5. Ah this is the post I needed, I’m in need of a new foundation.. I lovee matte foundations! I really loved the Rimmel Stay Matte, but it’s been discontinued so I think I’m gonna try the Wake Me Up one now, as it’s been mentioned here!

  6. I’ve worn L’Oreal True Match foundation for years now and have never really experimented with anything new. I’m also quite pale so would probably need the lightest shade ever in whatever I tried. I love the sound of the healthy glow you get from Rimmels Wake Me Up, I’d be tempted to give that one a try sometime. Thanks for the recommendations Sophie! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  7. I also struggle with finding my own proper foundation shade, I’m more of an in between shade so for the most part I never really find my shade anywhere except for Fenty (but since it oxidizes it doesn’t work well with me) and more recently Makeup Revolution – they have a large shade range (still waiting for their latest foundation range to be in stores by me) perhaps maybe trying that new collection out? Becca Jayne (@beccaxjayne on twitter!) is also the lightest shade in their collection, so maybe you can see from her youtube video review of it if it’d be a good match? Just wanted to help!

    I’ve been thinking of giving Laura Mercier a try, I’ll have to check out their shade range to see if I match with one! I’ve been needing a foundation that’s medium-full coverage 🙂


  8. This is so needed at this time of year! My skin has already felt a little drier in this cold and wind. I literally haven’t tried one of these foundations and absolutely have to change that! I love the Wake Me Up concealer so have no idea why I haven’t tried the foundation yet.

    Soph – https://sophhearts.com x

  9. I’ve been thinking about getting the bobby brown foundation. Thank you for sharing. I was looking for a review! It’s a pain finding the right foundation especially with sensitive skin!

  10. I have heard a ton about Born This Way, but never have tried any of these foundations mentioned above! I’m fortunate to not have had any issues with dry skin luckily, but always love a good coverage in my foundation!

  11. I haven’t tried any of these foundations! I have the same skin type but I only use the Estee Lauder double wear light. I am now on a hunt to find a cheaper foundation that I can wear to work as I am not wearing a £35 foundation to a minimum wage job! I can’t believe that you don’t have a perfect match!

  12. Absolutely loved this post! I also have dry skin so it was an interesting read. For high-end I like to use the Too Faced born this way foundation and for drugstore I tend to reach for L’oreal True match xx

  13. great post! i love the born this way foundation but i do have to add a straight white foundation to it for it to match my skin. it’s so frustrating being extremely pale! I’ll have to try the others that you mentioned, im always in the market for a new foundation honestly lol xx

    mich // simplymich.com

  14. I haven’t tried any of these foundations. Heard looots of people raving about the Born this Way foundation! I have swatched the rimmel one in superdrug once, I found the shimmer quite strange. Maybe it looks better when it’s on the face 🙂 You should try the healthy mix foundation from Bourjois 🙂

    Thanks for your useful list!

    Laura / https://laustworld.blogspot.com

  15. Great and thorough post! So many people rave about Giorgio Armani’s Foundation. While the two I’ve tried were very good, I’m still always hunting for the ‘one true foundation love’, if it exists..:)

  16. I started getting into foundations lately and this is perfect timing! I have dry skin too @___@. I’m a fan of weightless foundation – my only worry is trying to avoid scratching my face when I have an itch. Love that Laura Mercier has a long-lasting foundation. The stick foundation looks so convenient where you can have better control of the application. Thanks for sharing your faves! I’ve used Clinique’s and love how it feels.

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  17. I do find that rimmel foundations are actually quite good for dry skin, my match perfection foundation is so good to me but i’ve nearly finished it now and sadly wont be repurchasing it because rimmel arent cruelty free but i have found that the bareminerals barepro liquid foundation is super good for dry skin!

  18. Great post! I like the Rimmel Wake Me Up, it has such a nice finish on the skin. I haven’t tried any of the others before! Great reciew! Thank you for sharing xx

  19. The Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation is in the price range I can afford. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve been using the Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable one since December and I love it. It’s great for super-dry and rosacea-prone skin.
    After reading your post, I think I’ll try the Wake Me Up, too. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I can definitely see my skin getting drier now that the weather is changing! I recently bought the Luminous silk foundation and I’m so excited to try it out! I’m also loving the born this way foundation! These are some great recommendationsn
    I actually find Maybelline Fit Me a good one For Dry Skin as well!

  21. Lovely post!

    I also have fair skin that can be sensitive and react to ingredients, so this is a brilliantly informative post for me to refer to.

    Too Faced Born This Way is on my wishlist already and I’m glad it is after reading your thoughts on it.

    I’d recommend trying Revlon Colorstay for dry skin if you can tolerate the formula on your skin without reacting. Also Urban Decay Naked Skin may be a good one for you to try.

    Hanna x

    missbeautysaver.com | Bloglovin <3 

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