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born this way foundation

Hi guys, today I’m coming at you with a foundation review. The Too Faced Born This Way foundation to be specific. As you’ll know from my birthday beauty haul, I’ve had this foundation about a month now. I’ve used it quite a lot in that time, so this will be a full review, not just a first impressions.  

Product overview  

This claims to be a medium to full coverage foundation, long-wearing and comes in 35 shades (more on that in a minute). It’s a standard 30ml bottle and retails for £29, which I actually think is a pretty fair price for a high end foundation.  

Too Faced are a cruelty free brand and the Born This Way Foundation is vegan friendly in all shades.  


I’d wanted to try this foundation for the longest time, but I had a few concerns about shades. Since this foundation launched, Too Faced have expanded this range four times. It’s great that they have more, but it’s annoying when you’re waiting around for a lighter shade to launch.  

I have the shade Swan which is for the fairest of skin tones with neutral to yellow undertones. And I think I screwed up. They recently launched the shade Cloud. Cloud is supposed to be for the fairest of skin tones with neutral to pink under tones. While I do have warmer skin, this entire range runs very yellow. As a result, the cooler shades are a true neutral rather than pink.  

The shade Swan looks dark in the bottle. Orange in the swatch. Then gets lighter when you blend it. At this point it’s just about right for my skin. Then, annoyingly, it does oxidize slightly on me, making it a little dark. It’s not so dark that it’s too dark, but I think I would have been better with Cloud.  

I didn’t know whether to include swatches of this because it blends so much lighter, but I included them purely for the sake of comparing undertones.  

Born This Way Foundation
Top to bottom:
Revolution Fast Base -F1
Too Faced Born This Way – Swan
Fenty Foundation – 100


This foundation claims to blend seamlessly into the skin to give a natural but flawless finish. I’d agree that it blends really seamlessly. It can get streaky if you use a brush. After trying it with a few different things, I think you get the best results with either a beautyblender or a brush you can use in more of a stippling motion. On my dry skin, a beautyblender gives me a fresh natural to slightly dewy finish and a brush like the Real Techniques expert face brush gives me a true natural/ satin finish.  

Coverage and Wear  

I’d say this is a solid medium coverage foundation. You can build it but I don’t think you could get it to a FULL coverage. On me, it holds up well for around 10-12 hours before it shows serious signs of wear. Depending on how I’ve prepped my skin, I can have a hard time getting it to stay on my nose. A silicone based primer gives me the best results for making it stay.  


born this way foundation

I was a bit nervous about the coconut water in this. Eating coconut gives me cystic acne, so I tend to shy away from it wherever possible. The coconut doesn’t break me out, but I do notice it clogs my pores a little if I wear it daily for over a week.  

This foundation isn’t fragranced but it does have a scent. It contains rose water too which can irritate some skins.  

It also contains hyaluronic acid, which we all know I love.  

This product does not irritate my sensitive skin in any way. But I wanted to include the potential irritants for other people.  


I love this foundation. It has more coverage than I typically wear on a day-to-day basis, but I think this would be gorgeous for nights out/ special occasion makeup. I’m going to a wedding this weekend and this is a very strong contender for that. It’s a shame that the shade descriptions are a bit misleading, but that could have been avoided if I had a Too Faced near me.  


  • Great shade range  
  • Dry and sensitive skin friendly  
  • Blends well  
  • Good value for high end foundations  
  • Photo friendly (no spf) 
  • Vegan  


  • Clogs pores when used for extended periods  
  • Shade descriptions misleading  
  • Some potentially problematic ingredients  

born this way foundation

Would I repurchase?  

Absolutely. The only real issue I have with this product (other than the shade) is the fact it clogged my pores when I wore it for longer than a week. I wore it that long to begin with because it was new and exciting and I was still figuring out how to use it for the best results. In reality, I usually mix up my foundation choices every few days or so, so that issue isn’t really an issue for me. I think this makes my skin look amazing, it feels weightless and I look so healthy when I wear it. I’m going to continue with Swan for the next few weeks, but I actually think I’m going to pick up Cloud as we head into winter. So, not only would I repurchase, I’ll repurchase in multiple shades. I’m really impressed with this product.  

Have you ever tried this foundation? What are your thoughts? Did you find matching your shade a bit challenging?  

Until next time, 



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34 thoughts on “Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review | Swan, Dry & Sensitive Skin

  1. I also have really sensitive dry skin so this would be a great choice! Do you know of any eyeshadow that are vegan? The one I use makes my eyelids really red and dry

    1. Oh no! I know a lot of the Revolution ones are if you’d like a budget option, some of the Urban Decay ones are, I know they label each shade on their website with whether it’s vegan or not. Some Tarte ones are vegan too, they also label their products online if they’re vegan. There’s loads more but they were the first ones that came to mind. I hope that helps! x

    1. I have the peach one too! I find the scent a little too much though. I really like that one but this one works much better for my skin type. Glad you like it too! Thanks for reading x

  2. This foundation sounds great but that’s super annoying about the shades as it does seem quite orange in the swatch compared to some other foundations for pale skin! I love me a full coverage foundation so not sure this would be the one for me but it’s great that you think it would be perfect for special occasions! It’s always nice finding new beauty products that you love and that work for you, great review!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales,

    1. It does blend lighter than the swatch but I could certainly go a shade lighter and not be too white, which is a shame. I like it enough to make it work though! I hope the other shade performs a bit better when I decide to pick it up. Thanks for reading! x

  3. i LOVE this foundation! I do agree that the shades are a bit yellow, i picked up this product before they had started extending their shade range so I have to add a little bit of a straight white foundation for it to match perfectly since i have pinker tones. such a good product and such a good review! I love reading your posts!

    Mich //

    1. Thank you so much! It’s so annoying when brands do that, you never know when they’ll stop and you don’t want to settle for a bad batch in case they bring more out. I’m loving this though, which is good because I doubt I’d be putting the effort into making the colour work if I didn’t. Thanks for reading x

  4. I’ve only had a tester of this foundation and I really want to get the full size I really liked it for my skin! After this review I’m defo getting one! Great post x

  5. I love your beauty reviews, Sophie, they’re always so detailed and I learn so much. This sounds like a really good brand and product – the fact you plan to repurchase in multiple shades speaks volumes. I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you – hope you enjoy the wedding! X

    Lisa |

  6. Great review with lots of detail. I struggle so much with finding foundations to match up with my pale skin, especially after my favourite one ever was discontinued some time ago
    I saw you had the Fenty 100 in one of your photos, would you recommend that one? I think this particular Too Faced one would probably still be a bit too “orange” for me. Hope you get more out of the newer shade when you get it!

    1. Being pale and warmer toned is so so hard for getting a match! The Fenty one is a perfect match for me colour wise but I find it far too matte and drying on my skin on its own so I have to use it more as a shade mixer which is a shame. If you have more oily skin I’d recommend it. I did a full review (it was my first ever post so I don’t know how great it is) if you’d like to know more (you can laugh at the photos too) x

  7. I really like the sound of this because I like quite high coverage BUT my skin is pretty bad as it is so the thought of it clogging my pores and potentially making me break out even more than I already do a bit terrifying. I suppose it would be good for special occasions when you do need / want that bit of extra coverage 🙂 xxx

  8. I’m so glad you done this review as I’ve been looking at this foundation for weeks but I have dry skin as well. Definitely going to pick this up, but I’ll go into Debenhams instead to try and colour match.

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

  9. What a great review! I haven’t tried any Too Faced products before but they always sound so good. I’m quite pale myself so I know the struggles of trying to find a foundation that matches properly! Haha. Sounds like this one ended up working really well for you! Hope you have a fantastic time at the wedding you are going to 🙂


  10. I have brought this, tried it and loved it! It’s such a great foundation and even though I have dry skin like you it seemed to glide onto my skin well! I agree with you on the shades as I brought mine and it’s a little darker than I thought so I would repurchase just in a lighter shade!

    Samantha |

  11. This foundation sounds amazing! I love foundations on the fuller coverage side and I feel like the shade issue wouldn’t be too much of an issue for me because I always get matched before buying a new one! Great review!

    Soph – x

  12. Sounds like a great product, especially for my very dry skin and I like that it’s cruelty free. A shame that it blocks pores over time but I guess one solution could be to have a make up free day once a week! Thanks for the informative post.

  13. I’m so glad that this is cruelty free, I’ve been thinking about trying it but as I struggle with redness on my nose, even with full coverage foundation, I couldn’t see it working too well! xx

  14. I don’t have access to a Too Faced counter either. I really want to try this foundation as I’ve heard amazing things about it, but not sure if I want to risk it. The online swatches aren’t very helpful. The coverage sounds lovely though.

    Roxie |

  15. This is a great review Sophie and gives loads of helpful information. My skin is actually irrated by rose water so this probably isn’t for me. But it’s great that it lasts 10-12 hours and comes in a wide range of shades. Hope you enjoy the wedding at the weekend too! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  16. I’ve always wanted to try this foundation! The price of high end makeup has always put me off and I’ve only ever tried Urban Decay’s Naked Skin and never repurchased due to the price but if I was to go high end again it would definitely be this one, especially after reading that you would re-buy again. I’m currently using Elf’s foundation and have noticed my skin keeps breaking out now which didn’t happen like this before using it 🙁 x x
    Ellis //

  17. I love Too Faced, but I find it so difficult to find foundations in the right shade for me because I’m SO pale! Will definitely give Cloud a look. Great review!

  18. I’ve never tried this foundation but it sounds good to use for special occasions. I too have sensitive skin. Is there any drugstore foundation you recommend that’s great coverage and suitable for sensitive and combi skin? 🙂

  19. I’ve honestly never purchased a foundation you can’t find at Target or Walmart but your review really made me think about trying the Born This Way foundation!

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