Vegan Christmas Sides Round Up | Vegmas Day 4

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vegan christmas sides

Hi guys, welcome back to Vegmas! Today’s post is something similar to the one on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I gave mini reviews and recommendations for vegan Christmas mains you could have to replace your turkey. Today, I’m sharing some vegan Christmas sides. Of course, a lot of sides are either vegetables or potatoes so this one is going to be fairly short. But, if all you’ve ever known is honey roast parsnips and goose fat roast potatoes, this one could be for you.  

Like last time, the photos in this post are taken directly from the recipes rather than my own camera. Once again, I’ll have a recipe post with my own recipes for some sides coming next week.

Sweet Potato Casserole 

Oh She Glows

vegan Christmas sides

This one is a tricky one, with the crust I feel like this is almost a main as it’s very filling alone. I also get more Thanksgiving vibes from this rather than Christmas. Either way, it was nice and something different. Ultimately I decided not to make this for the actual day though as it was too filling to serve with my lentil loaf.

Herb Roast Potatoes 

BBC Good Food 

vegan Christmas sides

Yes, I’m really sharing roast potatoes even though it’s the most basic thing. See, the thing is, Christmas comes around and people who were previously happy cooking potatoes in oil, suddenly decide they want to use goose fat. This is a very basic recipe with very simple ingredients. But, don’t they look amazing? And roast potatoes don’t need to be jazzed up to make them special for the day. They’re glorious as they are. Last year I may or may not have made an entire serving dish of some similar to these for my own consumption…

Vegan Yorkshire Puddings

BBC Good Food

vegan Christmas sides

This one is more of a token gesture. I know that some people are all for Yorkshires on their plate at Christmas and other families don’t bother. Mine is one of the ones who never have them. Ultimately, at some point around 20 years ago, someone decided that they were too much and we shouldn’t have them. I’m a huge fan of the Yorkshire pudding and I’m a big advocate of having them at Christmas. I haven’t tried this recipe so I can’t exactly vouch for it, but this is my way of throwing it out there that you should all be eating them. I’m still working on my own family, take one for the team.


I was going to post a recipe but decided it wasn’t worth it. A lot of vegetable sides are vegan anyway. If someone suggests honey roasted parsnips, simply switch the honey for maple syrup and your recipe is now vegan friendly.


The burning question in this post is obviously whether or not you usually have Yorkshire puddings at Christmas? I need to know how many of you are on my side. What are your favourite Christmas sides? I’m still putting the finishing touches on my vegan Christmas sides recipe post. It would be great to know your favourites so I can veganise and add something if I’ve missed anything out.  

Tomorrow’s Vegamas will be the last one where I’m sharing recipes from other people. After that, we’re getting into the best vegan chocolates and my hamper, then my own festive recipe posts. Tomorrow will be a post very similar to this with vegan dessert options.  

Until tomorrow,  



7 thoughts on “Vegan Christmas Sides Round Up | Vegmas Day 4

  1. We used to have Yorkshire puddings at Christmas and at Sunday dinner and then randomly (I can’t remembed when) we just stopped! My sister and I are both vegan though so we’ll have to give that vegan recipe a go and see if it’s any good!
    I love roast potatoes! I always add a bit of rosemary to mine to give them a little extra flavour!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  2. Yum! These all look great but think the sweet potato casserole is my fave!

    I’ve never eaten a Yorkshire pudding… But then I grew up in Australia so our Christmas meals were very different! Since moving to the UK, they’ve just never featured on my plate but I’m interested to try one.

    Some of my fave sides are agave-roasted parsnips, Brussels sprouts (recently tried them char-grilled – life-changing!) and potato salad (very “Australian Christmas” but I love it).

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