Vegan Christmas Mains Round Up | Vegmas Day 2

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vegan christmas mains

Hi guys, as promised yesterday, today’s post is going to be a roundup of vegan Christmas mains that I’ve tried over the years. A run down of what I think is good and why, plus a few suggestions on what I’d change if I were to make it again. Most of these recipes are things I tried for my first vegan Christmas, many years before I’d even thought of creating a blog. As a result, the images of the recipes in this post are taken directly from the recipes themselves, not from my own creation. Other than the last one, because that’s from a book…

My first Christmas, I tried a lot of different things, from lentil and sweet potato pies to classic nut roasts. As I said in my previous post, I think it’s a good idea to try a good variety of options first. But for the sake of this post, I stuck to some of the more traditional options I’ve tried to compare as closely as possible.

Nut Croquettes 

Vegan Recipe Club

vegan christmas mains 

This recipe is a good one for a few reasons. The main one being that it’s both quick and small. This recipe isn’t going to take forever to make if you have limited oven space and it’s a great one to make in smaller batches. If you know you’re going to be the only one eating it, or only one or two others will take you up on the offer of trying it, this is great. While the loaves look more aesthetically pleasing, this one wins on practicality.  

I did not end up making this for my first Christmas, opting for a loaf instead. If I were to recreate this one, I’d extra seasoning. Although the texture of this one is fine and the recipe is convenient, it’s lacking a little something in the flavour department. Not totally bland, but could definitely use a pinch more.

Cranberry and Lentil Bakes 

BBC Good Food

vegan christmas mains

This is another one more aimed at single servings. It’s a lentil base rather than nuts, if you don’t like the sound of the last one. Again, easy to make small portions of or adapt the recipe to make more if you’re sharing. It’s a very simple recipe and it has cranberries in for Christmas, so it’s a winner.


Lentil Walnut Loaf

Oh She Glows

vegan christmas mains

This one is the one I ended up making my first yearOh She Glows was the first vegan recipe site I fell in love with. I must have tried at least 30 of Angela’s recipes now and there’s maybe been one or two that I haven’t loved. This loaf recipe is fairly simple and tastes delicious. The only issue I had with this one is texture.

The first time I made this, it was a tiny bit dry. When I made it again, it was a little too wet and needed to be cooked for slightly longer. Obviously, this is to do with factors like how much water is in the vegetables and lentils, not a fault of the loaf itself. But it is something to keep in mind if you’re not the most confident in the kitchen. I’d still highly recommend this one though! Just keep an eye on it and use your judgement. 

Niomi Smart’s Nut Wellington 

I’m almost cheating including this one because I’ve never 100% followed this recipe. But, the last two years this is the recipe I’ve adapted. The first year I made the loaf exactly following the recipe but didn’t use the aubergine to make the ‘wellington’ part. The second year I baked it with the aubergine slices but made some changes to the loaf recipe. But whatever I do to this one, it turns out well.  

As far as loaves go, this one has the nicest texture I’ve tried. Not too wet or dry, a good level of flavour.  

vegan christmas mains

I’m sorry this isn’t a page I can link too, rather than a recipe in a book. But it’s a great book for plant-based eaters anyway, for all seasons. Definitely, one I go back to.  

I hope anyone looking for recipe inspiration found this helpful! And I can’t sign off on this without reminding you that my own Christmas roast recipe will be coming next week. And, obviously, that one is better than all of these and that isn’t a biased opinion at all.  Which one of these would you be most inclined to try? 

Tomorrow’s post was going to be a similar round up of sides, followed by desserts on Thursday. However, my favourite vegan and cruelty free beauty brands were supposed to be Vegmas Day 5. Which also happens to be Black Friday. I know a lot of the sales are already underway, but that post will now be going up as Vegmas Day 3. That way you can still get some stuff in the sales if you decide to try something. The posts of a similar nature to this one will now be days 4 and 5. 

Until tomorrow, 



10 thoughts on “Vegan Christmas Mains Round Up | Vegmas Day 2

  1. great post! I like that these don’t take up a lot of time cooking, my family has only one oven so our space is always very limited and it can be really hard to make sure everything is done at around the same time. really loving this series xx

    mich /

  2. Hi Sophie!

    All of these look so delicious, especially the Nut Wellington. I love adapting and changing recipies too. Those cranberry and lentil bakes look genius – such a Christmassy take on a classic lentil bake. BBC Good Food is a great source of fab little recipies!

    Hanna x | missbeautysaver

  3. These sound yummy, especially the nut croquettes and the cranberry lentil bake! I’d love to have these as an alternative as to what I currently eat (usually turkey or ham with stuffing … yes we carry that on to Christmas too!)

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