The Best Vegan Chocolate?? | Vegmas Day 6

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best vegan chocolate

Hi guys, I’m pretty excited about this one. Today’s Vegmas post is all about chocolate. I’m going to start this by saying I’m pretty fussy. Going to be brutally honest, I think a lot of vegan chocolate tastes terrible. But there are some amazing options available. This post includes mini reviews of a few vegan Christmas chocolate options available this year. As well as a mention of what, in my humble opinion, is the best vegan chocolate ever. 

Also, I’d just like to add that when I say ‘vegan chocolate’ in this post, I’m talking about the vegan alternatives; the ones that are ‘milk’ or ‘white’. I’m not talking about the dark chocolate that is vegan by default.  

Okay, that was a little bit of a lie. I’m going to quickly mention that Hotel Chocolat have some amazing dark/ vegan options this year. I was there last week and picked up this little bar for £2, which I think would be great as a stocking filler or in a hamper. They also had a huge version for £20 which was decorated in nuts and looked like heaven. It took all of my willpower not to get that one…for myself… 

best vegan chocolate

My chocolate tastes 

Before I get into my favourites, I thought I should probably explain what I actually like. Before I switched to a vegan diet, that answer would have been very simple. Milky Bar Giant Buttons were my life. I loved white chocolate, it was pretty much all I ate. Finding a good vegan white chocolate was a very long and painful journey but I have found one brand that does it well. I never used to like dark chocolate at all.  

Now, I like dark to a point. I like the 50-60% cocoa kind of dark, I still find the really high percentage stuff quite bitter unless I’m cooking with it or it’s minty. Mint chocolate always tastes better dark, I’m not accepting any counterarguments on that one. Bournville, which pre vegan Sophie would have told you was bitter and disgusting, now tastes really sweet.  I find a lot of alternative milk and whites really disappointing. A lot of them taste like cheap supermarket own brand chocolate, just artificially sweet and lacking a lot of substance. They don’t necessarily taste bad, they just don’t really taste of anything… 

When I say I’m fussy, I mean it. If I say it tastes like non-vegan chocolate, I mean it.  

the chocolates  

I’m going to start with the only white chocolate I like because it’s definitely the most exciting (and the best vegan chocolate ever). 

Vivani & iChoc 

best vegan chocolate

I’m putting them together because this is actually the same company. Vivani are the smaller bars and iChoc are the larger ones. Personally, I think that Vivani tastes slightly better, but there isn’t much in it.  

They make a variety of chocolates in white, milk and dark and they all have really delicious flavours. I got most of the stuff in this post from (not an ad) and they are selling the individual bars in mixed packs.  

My favourite vegan chocolate ever is the Vivani White Nougat Crisp, vegan white chocolate with delicious little praline pieces. I usually buy mine in a pack of 3* from Ethical Superstore, but this time I decided to try some new flavours and got the pack from Vegan Store.  

best vegan chocolate

They had a pack of 6 for £4.95, which is amazing value but they also had Christmas wrapped smaller packs for roughly the same price.  

I got the pack of 6 to try as many as possible. The 6 pack had two white chocolate bars, two milk and two dark and of the 6, there was only one I wasn’t that keen on but that was one of the high cocoa dark ones.  

Brief rating: 

  • White Nougat Crisp – 10/10 always 
  • White Erdbeer Waffel Crunch – also 10/10 incredible 
  • Crispy Corn Flakes – 8/10 way better than I was expecting 
  • Mandel Orange – I’d had this one before so knew I liked it, 7/10  
  • Dark Nougat – also really good, but not quite as good as white nougat, 8/10 
  • Black Cherry – I thought I’d really like this one but I couldn’t really taste the cherry and the chocolate was really dark, 2-3/10.

Mini Moo Christmas Fun Box *

I personally find Moo Free a little hit and miss. Although I really like the smaller ‘Mini Moo’ bars like the ones in this box, I feel like the larger ones taste a little bit like the aforementioned supermarket brand chocolates. These boxes are great though, especially if anyone is shopping for a little one with allergies. Moo Free is also one of the more affordable free from options and available in most supermarkets. I’d give Mini Moo bars a 7/10 and the larger Moo Free bars a 5/10.

Cocoa Libre Rice Milk Orange Chocolate Santa and Reindeer 

best vegan chocolate

best vegan chocolate

I found these in the Christmas section. I’d never tried this brand before but I thought they were too cute to pass on. They also had them in mint, but as I said, mint should be dark so I opted for the orange. The pack of 6 was £2.95, again, good value.  

As far as taste goes, this is somewhere in the middle. The orange is nice but they do have that slightly artificial sweetness thing. It’s nowhere near as strong as it is in some other brands. Nice, but not life changing.  

6.5/10. A nice novelty item, a cute gift but I wouldn’t rush out and buy them at any other time of year.  

The Free From Kitchen  

I wasn’t going to mention this brand, but my grandmother gets really excited when she sees stuff like this that I can eat and came home from Tesco one day with a selection box (£5) and advent calendar (£3). I know, the cuteness is killing you.  

best vegan chocolate

Obviously, I’m being really good for Santa and haven’t opened my advent yet to tell you if that’s good. But, I have tried a few things from my selection box. The box contains two milk chocolate lollipops, some chocolate coins, a mini white chocolate bar and a mini milk bar.  

I started with the white (obviously) and that’s no Vivani, I’ve had worse, but it’s not that spectacular. It has the supermarket chocolate sweet thing. 4/10. I mean, I ate it, it wasn’t bad. But wouldn’t repurchase.  

best vegan chocolate

Supermarket sweet applies to most things in this box, it’s okay, but not great. The milk bar is probably a 4/10 as well. The lollipops are a little thicker and taste ever so slightly creamier, probably a 5.5 or 6/10. 

Next up was the coins, which are amazing. The chocolate is a little thicker and creamier and they could honestly be the real thing. I would happily buy these again for myself. Which you can actually do. Although this is a selection box, you can buy the coins individually for £1 a pack. I would definitely recommend these over the full selection box, grab a couple of packets of coins instead. 8/10. 

Have any of you guys tried any of these? If so, what did you think? If anyone has any recommendations for vegan/ dairy free chocolates before, I’d love to know your favourites too. And because I know someone will suggest them, I love Vego bars, hate Ombar and Booja Booja are nice depending on the flavour.  

Tomorrow will be the first of my Christmas recipe posts and I’m so excited to finally be sharing them with you!  

Until tomorrow,  



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12 thoughts on “The Best Vegan Chocolate?? | Vegmas Day 6

  1. YUM! You can’t forget about chocolate, hehe. I love that there are vegan chocolates. Oh man, you’re a trooper with darker chocolate! I still haven’t acquired the taste for it. Ooh, my mom would LOVE those chocolates with berries/fruit in it, though it’s a shame that the black cherry got a 2/10. I haven’t tried any of those chocolates but I know my boyfriend would love them! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  2. This is so interesting I’ve never thought much about vegan chocolates! im the same as you, I’m so fussy so if you liked these chocolates I’m sure I would, especially the white chocolate Great post lovely it’s given me a lot to think about! X

  3. I love chocolate and if I turned vegan that would be one of the things I missed most so it’s good that there are so many good alternatives for vegans now! This was a really helpful post to find out the best chocolates to buy for the vegans in our lives!

    Jess //

  4. I love the fact that this post is solely about chocolate! What a great topic for a blog post! White chocolate is my favourite! That white nougat crisp sounds like something I’d really enjoy. Thanks for sharing all these different products.

  5. I’ve never tried any of these chocolates before but they all look really tasty! I’m quite picky with chocolate it has to be really creamy so I’m going to have to give these ones a try, great post x

  6. The Vivani ones look great, love the look of them! I’m a bit iffy with dark chocolate, I like it but I can only eat like 2 squares and then that’s enough for me, I know that dark chocolate is healthier for you so maybe it’s a good thing I can only eat two squares of it! I haven’t tried any of these though, but I am a massive fan of white chocolate!

    Chloe xx

  7. I loved chocolate before being allergic to dairy and have been hunting alternatives to milk chocolate. I’ve tried a few supermarket brands but they taste like cheap advent calendar chocolate! Thanks for sharing your picks.

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