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The Christmas Tag | Glow Steady

I know this is a little late for a tag post, but as this is my last post before Christmas it felt like the right time to talk about all things festive. I’ve seen a few versions of this tag but today I’ll be doing the one that Emily did as she was the last person to tag me. So thank you to Judanna, Emily and Ray for the tag and let’s get started.  


Q1: Favourite Christmas movie and why? 

Love Actually and as for why, why would it be anything else?! I love that there’s so many other stories going on at the same time. And who doesn’t love Hugh Grant? 

Q2: Top 3 songs on your Christmas playlist 

I’m not crazy about Christmas music but The Pogues are number one. The other two are probably Mariah Carey and It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (any version).  


Q3: Favourite Christmas Tradition 

Eating as many roast potatoes as physically possible. This year I have 7.5kg in my house. Challenge accepted.  

Q4: What Is On Your Christmas Bucket List?

  1. Find a way to stop my dog from eating the tree 
  2. Eat as many potatoes as possible 
  3. Make my grandparents at least try a vegan brownie 

Q5: Buddy The Elf or Ebenezer Scrooge? 

I’m a Scrooge. It takes me a really long time to feel festive and even then I’m not the most into it. It’s lovely that everyone gets some time off together though.


Q6: Favourite Thing About Christmas For You?  

So I know I’ve mentioned these potatoes a few times now….but I really appreciate that Christmas is one of the only occasions where no one judges you for eating as much as physically possible in one sitting.

 The Christmas Tag

Q7: What Is One Present You Asked For As A Child, But Never Received?  

I don’t really recall ever being really desperate for something I never got but I’m pretty sure I went through a phase of asking for a dog constantly and never managed to convince my mum that was a good idea. 

Q8: Do You Have Any Christmas Eve Traditions?  

No we don’t, we used to go to family friend’s house every year when I was younger but these days it’s all about last minute wrapping and prosecco.


Q9: Which Festive Beverage Tickles Your Tinsel?  

So obviously there’s a good seasonal hot chocolate. I’ve been loving the clementime one from Caffe Nero recently but as far as the more serious beverages go, Bucks Fizz is essential for Christmas morning. I’m not really a fan of mulled wine but the rest of my family always have some on the go. 


Q10: Best Present You Ever Received?  

This is quite difficult, I usually opt for lots of little presents rather than bigger ones so a lot of my most memorable gifts were actually birthday presents. I think the most shocking one I ever got was my Suqqu eyeshadow brush, I put it on my list but I never expected my mum to actually spend that much money on one makeup brush so I was quite surprised to see it.

Q11: Sprouts on Christmas Dinner?  

Yay Or Nay?

Absolutely not. They’re one of the only vegetables I don’t like and there’s too many other amazing ones to include sprouts. 


Q12: What Would be your ideal Christmas?  

  • Wake up to snow. I love snow and I think I can only remember one Christmas day with snow so that’s always exciting.  
  • Everyone else be really happy with what presents they’ve received. My mum always tells me what she wants for Christmas which is a little boring but I always get her something else from my dog (yes I write the label from him) and she never knows what that one is.  
  • No one else wants potatoes so they’re all mine. Obviously everyone loves roast potatoes so this never happens but if we’re talking about an ideal Christmas I’d also have much more oven space to cook these potatoes.  

The Christmas Tag

I’m pretty sure everyone has already done this tag at this point but if you haven’t I’d love to hear your answers to these questions! 

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.

23 thoughts on “The (Long-Awaited) Christmas Tag

    1. Haha can you tell I had food on my mind when I was writing this?! I am devoted to my roast potatoes though. Very true, I usually enjoy it when it finally gets here, just can’t take the build up x


  1. I completely understand your love for roast potatoes. They are just ao bloody amazing. Especially with gravy. I can’t wait to have loads tomorrow. I also have a major soft spot for Hugh Grant. Love Actually is just such a feel good Christmas film. X

  2. Waking up to snow would be pure magic for me on Christmas Day as well, that would be amazing! I really hope you manage to convince your grandparents to give a vegan brownie a go – I made a vegan chocolate cake a little while back and even my Dad and brother (who usually turn their noses up at vegan food) loved it, proving that vegan food is absolutely delish! Happy Holidays, I hope you have a lovely time!


  3. i loved your christmas bucket list! I am also trying to find a way to stop the dog (and the rabbit) from eating the tree, it’s not going well so far haha x

    1. Haha I’m having family over boxing day so technically it’s not all for Christmas day but I’ll still no doubt attempt to consume as many as possible tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you too x


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