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Innisfree Sheet Mask Haul

Hi guys, so today we’re talking about sheet masks. I have a post coming soon (translation: being planned but don’t know when it’s going up) comparing traditional Korean sheet masks to their western made counterparts. However, my first order from Korea arrived recently and I was too excited not to share it.

All of these masks are from the brand Innisfree for a couple of reasons. The first being that as much as I’d love to try loads from different brands, shipping costs aren’t exactly cheap (we’ll get to that in a minute) so it was far more economical to order a wider range from one company. Secondly, their website is very user friendly for someone who does not read Korean, as is the packaging of their products. And finally, they offer a huge range of options so there’s still plenty of choice when sticking to one brand.


Cost and Shipping

I ordered 10 masks, the masks and the shipping combined came to around £20. Working out around £2 a mask including the shipping costs seemed like a pretty good deal. As for the breakdown of items, I paid £7.01 for the shipping and the remaining £13.28 on the masks. I did not get charged any customs or handling charges. I’m very grateful about this because it wouldn’t have been such a great deal if I did have extra fees to pay. After my order was placed, with the cheapest economy shipping, they took 10 days to arrive. I thought this was perfectly reasonable especially as this was in December.

The Products

I got two different mask formulas; six masks from the ‘My real squeeze’ line, priced at £1.08 each and another four from the ‘Skin Clinic’ line priced at £1.70 each.

Innisfree Sheet Mask Haul

All the masks I bought had similar properties except for two. My skin is dry and sensitive so most of the masks I bought were either moisturising or calming properties: oatmeal, aloe, shea butter, manuka honey. That kind of thing. Although I did also pick up a BHA mask from the Skin Clinic line as well as a vitamin C one, for the sake of variety.

First Impressions

I’m trying to only use one or two a week to make them last a little longer, so I’ve only used a few so far.

The first thing I will say is that I’m quite small and the ‘one size fits all’ is a bit challenging. The masks are way too big for my head, I look ridiculous wearing them. Not like anyone doesn’t look ridiculous with damp cotton all over their face but I looked more ridiculous. If that’s even possible. With this in mind, I do think you get a very generous amount of product. After using each mask and leaving them on for around twenty minutes, there was still quite a lot left on the sheet. And even more in the packet. If you wanted to be frugal about this (and also have a small head), I think you could get away with using them twice. I haven’t actually tried this, but I do think it’s a viable option.

The first one I tried was the oatmeal one, which was incredible. My skin had been tight and looking a little red and irritated with the harsh winter weather and after using this mask my skin felt great for about three days. I would definitely use these again. I was so impressed with the results; my skin was instantly soft and smooth. Worth looking ridiculous for. This mask was from the My Real Squeeze line. The only other one I’ve tried from this line was the shea butter one. As oat and shea have similar properties the results were practically the same as the oatmeal one.

Skin Clinic Masks

The next one I tried was the BHA one. I was a little nervous about this as exfoliating anything and sensitive skin can be a dangerous combination. But, the BHA was salicylic acid which my skin usually reacts reasonably well to, so I felt comfortable using it. After excessive Pringle consumption over the festive period my skin was a little overdue a good exfoliation treatment anyway.

As with the other formula, I left it on for around twenty minutes. Although the mask felt comfortable on my skin, it did sting a little afterwards. I was okay with this as my skin is usually extra sensitive after exfoliation. These masks also contain a lot of product and could potentially be used twice as well.

The skin clinic line masks are thicker than the My Real Squeeze ones so they feel more durable. However, this is the only real difference I noticed so unless you’re desperate for a specific mask from this line, I’d recommend saving a little money and going with the My Real Squeeze ones instead.

Overall, I have been happy with my purchases so far and would definitely buy from Innisfree again despite the shipping costing as much as five or six masks. The shipping process was easy and my products were in great condition when they arrived. Next time I order, I would be tempted to bulk buy some of my favourites and pay a little more for shipping as I think that would be more cost effective in the long run.


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26 thoughts on “Korean Sheet Masks Haul | Innisfree First Impressions

  1. I love using face masks but never know which ones to buy! I like the sound of the oatmeal mask! Ha ha, I’m sure I would also look ridiculous wearing one too. I’ll have to check these out, I’m impressed at the quick postage too! Thanks for sharing Sophie <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  2. These sound really nice and soothing, especially the oatmeal and shea butter ones, they’d be my favourites I think! Also the ‘excessive pringle consumption’ part made me giggle, that is SO me. It also surprises me that they’re made big as I swear korean people tend to have smaller heads usually? Who knows, haha!
    Alice Xx

  3. I always find shipping to be a bit of a pain, I much prefer to be able to get things without the added cost! I do love a good face mask though, I in fact did two today as I feel like I’ve been neglecting my skin!

    Alys / alysgeorge.blogspot.co.uk

  4. These are sheet masks I’ve never heard of before! I hate how most sheet masks seem to be huge and I’ve got a small head as well. but these sound amazing, especially the oatmeal one but also loving the look of the manuka honey one you’ve pictured.

    Heather xox || http://www.xhighlandbeauty.co.uk

  5. Woah! I never even thought about differences between sheet masks straight from Korea versus western sheet masks. I may have to pay more attention to see if I notice a difference. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Great review! I recently tried one their sheet masks (can’t remember exactly which!) and I too have dry skin but for some I don’t think my skin goes well with sheet masks as I don’t see that they make much difference and they usually break me out! It did make my skin soft though, but I might try out a different one next time from their range!

  7. Oh my god I love sheet masks! I pick one up everytime there’s a new one. I think I might have to order some of these, my friend went to Korea and brought me some back, but a different brand, and I do think there’s a massive difference between Korean and European.

    Marty xo


  8. Lol I’m pretty sure you’re still cute even though you think you look ridiculous I’ve never hear of this brand but I see people buy a lot of Korean masks and such esp the charcoal ones. I should give his a try and Nate have a sciccors near hand lol.

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

  9. I love sheet masks but you’re right, it’s easy to end up looking ridiculous wearing one I guess it’s worth it! I’ve tried a Korean green tea one before but can’t rememer the brand! I think I found them in TK Maxx. xx

  10. I have never tried a Korean mask before, and I have just started enjoying sheet masks so I might have to give these a go. I’m looking forward to your upcoming post! A great review X

    elise // elssthinks.blogspot.co.uk

  11. Great review & a lot cheaper than I was expecting you to say with them coming from Korea! 10 days is fab for delivery for such a long haul parcel around Christmas! I’ve never tried a sheet mask and I rarely use face masks either – I’m basically rubbish at skincare if I’m honest but I’d love to try one. I think you’ve got yourself a bargain there if you can somehow get two out of one! xxx

  12. Wow! £20 for 10 masks plus shipping is a great price!! I have two of these sheet masks tucked away somewhere that I haven’t tried, will now be doing so on my next day off!! Glad to hear you got on so well with them!

  13. I love innisfree sheet masks since they never irritate my skin. Especially their new ones, like the Ginseng and Coconut variation are lovely – but the oatmeal and shea butter one are great, too!
    The BHA one is actually one of the very few peeling acids that I’ve tried that didn’t completely dry out my skin. So I prefer using one of these maybe once a month over purchasing a full bottle of BHA. I hope you can try more in the future!

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