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Hi everyone, I thought today’s post would be a fun challenge. I repeat, I thought this would be fun. I’m tasking myself to choose ‘if I could only have one’. This is hard. Before we begin, it took all of my willpower to keep this list short. I tried to cheat for almost every option by adding subcategories so I didn’t have to choose. This isn’t a favourites though; I mean they obviously are some of my favourites. But, for some categories I chose strategically so I could pick another product elsewhere. This took me way longer than it should have. And we’re running through these in order of use not preference.  


This is easy, I come back to this one every time. While there are others I prefer for different things, as a day-to-day, it’s always the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. Always.  


This was a little tricky. I called the Peter Thomas Roth glycolic the best exfoliator ever last year, but realistically that’s too rough on my skin to use every day. And I can’t use it in winter when my skin is at its most sensitive. So, I opted for my second choice from REN. This one uses lactic acid and although it does tingle a little bit, it’s much less intense and my skin is nice and glowy afterwards.  


This is so hard. Why did I think this would be fun? I have to choose between Sarah Chapman and Sarah Chapman. It might seem a bit foolish to include a product I’ve only had about a month, but this was a logical decision rather than an emotional one. I love the Hydrating Booster. Love, love, love. It’s been a staple in my collection for years. BUT, I can use hydrating products elsewhere in my routine. I only have one product that does the job of the Ultra Recovery Booster, so I’m going with that one right now. If I actually had to throw away all of my stuff and only keep one I’d be pretty emotional at this point.  

January Favourites


This was the hardest category by far. My oils all do very different things. I have really intense winter nourishing ones, I have lightweight ones with retinols. Ones of every texture, designed for all different skin types. I went with the Pai Rosehip oil because it’s one of the only oils I can use all year. It’s thick and feels deeply nourishing, but it does have natural vitamin A, so it works for the acne prone as well.  


How many subcategories am I allowed please? This was hard (see the theme here), but it actually turned out to be easier than I thought based on a previous decision. As I sacrificed my hydrating serum, I need a hydrating moisturiser. Enter Moisture Surge. Everyone knows this one, I’ve never encountered anyone who doesn’t love it. Moving on.  

Repair Cream 

Yes, this is technically a moisturiser. I’m cheating a tiny bit. But I use this on my body and I never use it all over my face so I feel like it deserves a separate category. This stuff is incredible. I put this on burns, irritation rashes, sensitivity rashes and incredibly dry, broken skin and it always manages to soothe it.  I have one of these in my collection at all times.

Eyes and Lips 

I’ve spoken about both of these before so there shouldn’t be any shocks here. It’s the avocado eye cream and Nuxe lip balm. Everyone has heard of these two.  


I wasn’t going to include this category but I had a clear winner, so I thought why not. It’s the spray version of the one before. It works just as well as it’s jar counterpart. It is, contrary to popular belief, an actual moisturiser not just a mist.   

There we have it. A little selection of some of my top picks from my stash. Are any of your favourites in here? Would you know what to choose of if you set yourself this challenge? 

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14 thoughts on “If I Could Only Have One | Skincare Edition

  1. I can see why this was such a hard choice for you! It makes me glad I only have a few products or I wouldn’t know where to start if I was to do a post like this! It’s so interesting reading these posts as I haven’t heard of a few of these brands/products so it’s great to learn some new things. At least you don’t have to really stick with just these few products all the time and you can use all your others haha


  2. I would have no idea what I would pick, I can imagine it was so hard for you to chose, I enjoyed reading this though, even though I haven’t used any of these products before. I do like the sound of the Pai Rosehip oil though, never used oils before but always wanted to, after clicking the link I’ve seen it’s not the cheapest, how long does it last? x

    1. It was really hard! I can’t remember exactly when I got mine but I think it would last at least a year. I’ve had mine ages and I put a lot on because my skin is so dry and I’ve still got about a quarter left x

  3. Ah, I love the idea of this post! And you’ve included some really great skincare bits, I really want to try more Nuxe things and the eye cream sounds lush.
    Juliet | notcapulet.co.uk

  4. I’ve had a sample of that Emma Hardie cleansing balm. It was really good, just find it a bit pricey.
    I wan to try out more Clinique products, that moisturizer sounds great! xx

  5. omg I swear by the Clinque Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief moisturiser! It’s honestly amazing AND I love love loveeee Rosehip oil. It helped clear my acne up and saved my dry skin! Amazing picks lovely xx

    PS. if you like the clinique moisture surge deffs try out the Neutrogena Hydroboost moisturiser. It’s v similiar for like a fifth of the price 🙂

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