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Keeping on top of everything you need to do for your blog can be challenging sometimes. Whether you’re working on a few at the same time or you”re waiting for products to arrive, there can be a lot to plan and remember. I thought I’d do a post on how I keep track of everything, and what better time than when I’m daily blogging? 

This month has been the ultimate test of my organisation skills, it isn’t easy. It’s the 7th and I’ve already woken up in a panic twice this month thinking I didn’t have a post for that day, forgetting I’d taken photos the week before.  

I use two planners to organise by blog, which might seem like a bit much, but they serve very different purposes. For some posts I use the Dot Creates blog planner and I also have a bullet journal style blog planner.  

Why not just the blog planner? 

I love the one from Dot Creates, but it doesn’t quite have everything I need. This planner is fantastic at planning longer posts, making notes and lists for what you need. It’s also great for keeping track of where you are with your posts as it has little tick boxes for images, words and published. I find this helpful for posts I’m planning a while in advance so I can make notes and briefly plan my post’s structure. It’s also doubles up as a shopping list for recipe posts. 

However, there are a couple of things I don’t like; there are no monthly notes pages or calendars. This is fine, in theory as the planners are undated so you can start using them at any point. My main issue is that sometimes it feels like a waste of a page to just jot a title on the top if there isn’t much to plan. And it isn’t chronological. 

Where the other planner comes in 

I have my bullet blog planner divided into months. The first page of each month I list my goals for the month, whatever they may be. Page number 2 is a list. This is where I list all of the ideas for posts for that month. Having them in a list allows me to look back and think about which ones I prefer and when/ if I actually want to do them without wasting a page in my other planner. I usually have more ideas than posts I need for a month so this is good way of reviewing my favourites. Sometimes a few roll over to the list for the following month if I still like the idea.  

The next two pages are my monthly calendar. Drawn up with boxes large enough to write full post titles in the boxes. The thing I dislike the most about the Dot Creates planner is that ideas don’t necessarily come to mind in the order you want to write them. So, the planner isn’t in chronological order. There is a line where you can write a publication date, but as that isn’t in order sometimes it takes longer than I’d like to find a post or work out how many more ideas I need/ when I need posts planning for.  

Having the calendar format really helps. If I plan a post in my other planner I can then write it on the calendar page and instantly be able to see when I need other posts for that week/ month. And if I see I have all of my posts planned for one week, but still have a gap the week before, it’s easy to turn to the previous page and refer back to my ideas list.  

Colour Coding 

This might be a bit much but it really helps, especially this month. I talk about food, beauty and posts like this. I don’t want to be in a situation where I have 20 recipe ideas and 4 beauty posts. Neither do I want to have 4 beauty posts in a row followed by 4 food posts. When I write my ideas page, I write the post title in different colours for food, beauty and other stuff, so it’s easy to see what I have more of.  I also colour a little square in my calendar when I’m certain a post is going up on a certain date, I colour the corner so I have an easy reference.  

This probably sounds full on, but it helps a lot. And I have insomnia so I have a lot of time on my hands… 

This system is intense but it’s helping me a lot this month. The ‘ideas’ page has about 30 things on it currently, my calendar page is still half empty because I don’t want to schedule posts in the wrong place then move them around.  

How do you plan your posts? Someone please tell me their system is more complicated than mine. Please.  


Until tomorrow,  



33 thoughts on “How I Plan My Blog Posts

  1. Omg Sophie look how organised you are! I’m someone who seems to like testing myself to see how many dates/to dos I can just remember and it constantly gets me into trouble. I don’t know what it is but I am so averse to planning it’s ridiculous. I feel like a bullet journal is the best of both worlds though, productive and still creative, may have to invest because something really has to give! Beautiful pictures too by the way!

    1. Trust me, I’m like this with every other aspect of life. My blog is about the only thing I manage to plan with any kind of structure! I really enjoy being able to set the pages exactly how I want them x

  2. I really want to get into planning more as I started to work ahead on blog posts. Currently I just write down everything in a notebook and it can be very messy! You have great tips in this post! ☺

  3. This is some serious organising skills and I thought I was organised. I’ve tried many things, as much as I enjoy using paper to note everything down, I just never have enough time to keep it up to date. Now we just use drafts and our calendar on our phones. I guess it’s easier for use being in a food niche and we’d have to cook/eat first before doing a post, so it’s hard to forget haha

    Jessica & James | /

  4. Wow, I’m amazed at how organized you are! It’s always inspiring to me how other people plan. Love the color coding! I’ve been daily blogging since the end of October and I’m STILL not great at planning ahead so this is really helpful!

  5. You have such good organisation skills! I love how you colour coordinate everything. I just tend to wing it when it comes to blog posts, as soon as an idea pops into my head I’m straight onto the laptop typing it out until its finished. I really should get a proper blog planner aha!

    Heather |

  6. I really like your system! I’m so very unorganized, this has definitely inspired me to get my act together a bit more. Great post X

    elise //

  7. Hi, You are certainly very organised. I have tried to plan on line but it didn’t really work for me. I have gone back to an old fashioned diary and set the dates in advance with companies so that I know I have a clear deadline to meet.

  8. Wow – you are so organised! This makes me want to become more organised! This looks so good at planning posts and stuff, I really need to get better at it so it’s not all rushed at times. Love the look of your bullet journal – it looks so nice from them few pages! Makes me want to look into one myself from what you’ve said here but I’m not sure if I would know where to start!


  9. I’m always so intrigued to see how people organise their blogging schedule! I’ve heard about so many tips in my time, everything from spreadsheets to bullet journals! Colour coding is a brilliant idea and it’s something I definitely need to start doing! Currently all of my blog post ideas are just on a note on my phone which definitely isn’t the best way to organise them! The Dot Creates planner looks like a winner, I need to invest in one!

    Abbey x

  10. Colour coding is something I’m going to need to start doing, thank you for the fab tips! I do have blog goals for each month and post ideas but nothing this organised.

  11. I’ve just started a bullet journal this month after being very kindly given one in January. OMG it is nowhere near as detailed as yours, I’m seriously lacking in the colour department too, ha ha. It’s early days yet but I think it’s going to be useful – assuming I keep it going and remember to refer to it! I’m also in awe of how organised you are. I aspire to be but I know my limitations 🙂 lovely post! x

    Lisa |

  12. Oooooh these posts are the best! I have a little notebook where I list out all blog prompt ideas and organise my content for the month and then I have a little desk calendar so I can have a visual representation of my month and what is being uploaded/what needs to be done for each day etc.

    You are going to smash this daily blogging because a) you’re already doing an amazing job and b) you’re so damn organised! Amazing work babe! xx

  13. Unfortunately I would say mine isn’t more complicated than your haha! But honestly you are doing such a great job posting so many blogposts so I can imagine that you would need all the help you can get!
    I only upload twice a week but I might start downloading some blog organization apps like the one you have mentioned to be more organized!

  14. This is such a good system to use, I must admit I tend to just think right I bought something new.. I will photograph it then test it for a few weeks and then write something up!

    Maybe that should of been my new years resolution, planning ahead for a change (:

    Ays /

  15. Wow I admire how organised you are! I don’t have a blog planner but I do try and plab my posts. Whenever I have an idea for a blog post I’ll open up the WordPress app and save it as a draft. Some I come back to straight away and start writing, others take a little longer and a few are trashed.

    Like you I try not to have too many of one post type in a row, e.g. lifestyle, travel, food.

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