When Good Products Don’t Mix

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When Good Products don't mix

Hey everyone, many of you will have seen that I featured The Ordinary’s primer in my January Favourites. I said in that post that I was shocked that I enjoyed using it this time around as I thought I hated in on my first impressions. Well, I did hate it. But, I do like it. Kind of.  

I rarely change my mind about a product. The only thing that changes usually is I like a product on first impressions then my overly sensitive skin has a reaction so I can’t use it any more.  When I got that primer out and discovered I actually liked it, I knew something was up. I used it for a few consecutive days, tried it with different foundations and used different brushes. I still liked it.  

Then I remembered something else and it all made sense. It was January; I was using my winter SPF. The next day I got out my favourite SPF, which is generally used from March – October and tried the primer again. It was a mess. The products were peeling off in little balls, my foundation was flaking off as I tried to blend it all together. This was why I hated it, it doesn’t work with one of my favourite products.

When Good Products Don't Mix 

So what now? 

I have a primer I really like, which happens to work well with another SPF so that isn’t the end of the world, I still have options. The sad part is, as it gets warmer and my skin gets slightly less dry, I’d have to choose between the two. In this case, the choice is easy. Sun protection will always be a higher priority than a primer, no question. Unless I start using a different SPF, which is possible as I’m always trying new stuff, the primer gets shelved until next A/W. No big deal. 

But what if it wasn’t SPF? What if I had this amazing primer that worked really well with most of my foundations, but didn’t sit well with my favourite foundation? How do you choose? This is mere speculation, I don’t have answers. But it’s something that happens a lot. Whether it’s a cream highlighter that doesn’t sit will on certain kinds of foundations or a concealer and foundation that don’t quite work well together.  It’s awful when your favourites don’t get along.  

A lot of the time this happens when you try to mix oil-based products and water-based products. In my case, both products are water based so this isn’t the issue. It’s likely to be the heavy silicone in the primer that the SPF doesn’t like too much. Which doesn’t make the situation any better, but at least there’s a reason.  

You’ve probably realised by now, there isn’t an underlying message or point to this post. Other than me moaning about something I can’t change, there isn’t much more. But I’m saying this because this is probably something we have all experienced at some point with a product. It’s sad that there’s no ‘universal fit’ formula that stops this from happening (L’Oréal or Estee Lauder really need to get on with that). Until then, I probably have another month with my primer and winter SPF until my Anthelios comes back out. If anyone has a beauty hack to stop this happening, I’d love to know.  


Do you have favourite products that don’t work well together? 

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14 thoughts on “When Good Products Don’t Mix

  1. Hey Sophie, I use several products from the ordinary and I had a few combos that seemed to “pill up” when they were used together, most notably the buffet serum & salicylic acid 2%. I loved both of these products so I didn’t want to choose or separate them into one for my am & one for my pm routine (because buffet is perfect to use twice a day!) so I did some reading. I’m not sure exactly what interaction was causing it but because of a few recommendations I found online, instead of applying one after the other, I let it sit for 5+ minuets to ensure it was fully absorbed & then applied the other. It’s a little inconvenient because I like to finish one task before starting on another, but I’ve found that when I step out of the bathroom to pick out my outfit or the day or gather my things & set them by the door I was giving each layer of my routine more time to absorb. When you’re just standing in front of the sink waiting, 60 seconds can feel like an eternity! But when I would actually go do a task in between each step I found that the products had more time to absorbs & I virtually eliminated the pilling I previously experienced. I’m not sure if this will necessarily be the case for you but maybe it’s worth a shot!

  2. This is so interesting! I’ve never had products that don’t work well together but truthfully I don’t use any SPF, just products that contain some SPF. It’s something I know I need to change, so I’ll need to find out what products work together!

    Suffering Wanderlust

  3. I try to choose a moisturizer that has spf in it so I don’t have to apply it separately. I’ve never had an issue with products not working together. But it’s nice to remember that sometimes it’s not the product that is bad, just it doesn’t work well with others!

    1. I wish I could do this! Sadly every time I use a moisturiser or foundation with SPF I get a rash. It’s so annoying! It’s amazing that you’ve never had this issue though x

  4. Such a shame that two of your faves don’t work together all that well! I must admit that I use so few makeup products that I’ve yet to find two that don’t work togther – my daily makeup routine mainly just consists of concealer and eyeliner haha! I hope somebody manages to suggest a beauty hack that might help you out!

    Abbey x

  5. Oh it’s so annohing when products don’t go well together! I like the L’Oreal infallible primer, but it doesn’t go well with the Dior forever foundation at all!

    It is interesting that it’s your SPF it doesn’t go with. I don’t think I would have even thought about that! Xx

  6. Hey lovely! I wish I had good advice to give that would make these products go well together. I don’t though as I’m in a constant struggle finding the perfect foundation and primer combo. Good luck

  7. It’s so gutting when favourite products don’t mix well. I can’t use my foundation over SPF as mine don’t mix well and I’m allergic to every brand of spf minus the one I use. I’m glad you have alternatives.

  8. Oh no, that’s the worst! That used to happen to me all the time until I realized I was mixing a silicone primer with a water foundation haha my bad. It’s a shame that isn’t the issue for you though. I wonder why they aren’t playing well together? SPF is always the best choice though 🙂

    PS. I’m loving the daily posts xx

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