Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer Review | Swan, Dry + Sensitive Skin

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Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer

Hi guys, I’m really excited about today’s post. As you’ll know from my Birthday Beauty Haul post, I’m really having a Too Faced moment right now. Today I’m reviewing one of their recent launches, the Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer. 

Initially, I didn’t think I wanted this. When this first launched in the US, it came out as a limited stock product on Cult Beauty and stock lasted about two days. I decided to pass, I thought this concealer was going to be just like Shape Tape. Now, I know that concealer gets a lot of love, but you guys know by now that I have really dry skin and a concealer that heavy and matte makes me look approximately 3000 years old.  My under-eye area is typically speaking the driest area of my face, so I need a hydrating concealer. Which is exactly why I love the original Too Faced Born This Way concealer. 

Anyway, I saw a few of the American beauty YouTubers reviewing this concealer and they were saying it was like Shape Tape, but a hydrating version?! I started to regret my decision not to try it, so I bought it the second it became available again. I’ve only had this a few days, so it’s more of a first impressions than a full review, but I’m really excited about this product and wanted to share my thoughts with you immediately.  

Product Info 

The bottle is huge. 15ml of huge. It comes in at £24 for 15ml, £24 is a little pricey but that’s a lot of product for a concealer. The original BTW concealer is £20 for 7ml. Against other high end concealers, Shape Tape is £22 for 10ml and the Urban Decay Naked Concealer is £19.50 for 5ml. 

born this way super coverage
Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant, Super Coverage and Foudnation

Too Faced are a cruelty free brand and this product is vegan friendly, as is the BTW foundation.  


This concealer comes in a very respectable 20 shades. Unlike the original Born This Way Concealer, the shade range for this product lines up with the foundation shades. Although it has less shades available for this than there are for the foundation (I’m not really sure how that works). I wear the shade Swan in Too Faced foundations, which is described as ‘fairest with neutral undertones’.  

I was curious how this would compare with the shade Swan in the Born This Way foundation and my shade in the original Too Faced Naturally Radiant Concealer (I wear ‘fairest’). When the bottle first arrived, I checked the colour card on the box, and it looked as though the Swan concealer was ever so slightly lighter than the foundation, which would make sense.  

too faced born this way super coverage concealer

Swatched against the other products in the range, the foundation is a tiny bit darker but it’s hardly noticeable. The Swan concealer however is noticeably darker than the shade ‘Fairest’ in the original Born This Way Concealer. This was disappointing for me as the original concealer matches my skin perfectly.  

Top to bottom:
Born This Way Naturally Radiant – Fairest
BTW Super Coverage – Swan
BTW Foundation – Swan

Application & Coverage 

Proceed with caution, this has serious coverage. I started out with a conservative 3 dots under my eyes and this was more than enough to blend down into a full triangle and go across my nose. I have never used a product with this much coverage before. Ever. The applicator looks a lot like the Shape Tape one, which is a little bit too big for my liking. It picks up a lot of product, so you definitely have to scrape some off before you apply.

born this way super coverage concealer

I was cursed with bad dark circles. Mine are the awful deep blue/ purple veiny kind, the permeant kind. Not the ones that are more shadowy that you get when you’re sleep deprived. As I have such pale skin, the contrast between the blue and my skin tone is, quite frankly, horrific.  

Because most pigmented concealers are drying, I’ve never been able to use one that fully covers my dark circles. This one does.  

I used a small fluffy brush to blend mine out and I’m pretty sure the coverage would go even further if you opted to use a BeautyBlender instead.  

As I started with such little product and got insanely full coverage, I can imagine this getting really cakey quite quickly if you go in with a heavy hand. A little goes a very long way with this product.  

It doesn’t blend out quite as easily as the BTW Naturally Radiant concealer, but that’s only because it has much more pigment. This isn’t difficult to blend, the other one is just really easy to blend.  

Too Faced claim you can highlight and contour with this too. I’m too light to highlight with the lightest shade. I would also be petrified to contour with something this pigmented if I had one in a darker shade.  


As my skin is so dry (feel free to take a shot every time I tell you I have dry skin), I never set my concealer. After 10 hours, there’s still no creasing. My dark circles still don’t peek through and it doesn’t start to separate. Oh, and there’s no visible dry patches either!! 

In other words, it wears perfectly.  

Now, before we get too excited, I want to say that as I’ve only had this a few days, I’ve only worn it with the BTW foundation so far if it’s going to look good with any foundation, it’s that one. I’d be quite worried if it didn’t look good with the foundation it was made to go alongside. I’ll update this post if it looks awful when I start to wear it with other foundations.  

Final Thoughts 

In case you can’t tell already, I’m in love with this. I wish they had more shades, but I say that about everything so I can’t really say that’s a negative here. If this wears well with other foundations too, I think I have a new favourite concealer. Bold statement, I know. 


  • Huge amount of product 
  • Great coverage  
  • Not at all drying 
  • No issues with my sensitive skin  
  • Good shade range 
  • Wears well  


  • Could get cakey easily 
  • ‘Good’ shade range, not great. Could use a couple of paler options 
  • ……I think that’s it…. 

too faced born this way super coverage concealer

Will I buy this again?  

Absolutely, no doubt about it. This is getting repurchased the second I’m even half way through the bottle.  

Have you tried any of the products in the Too Faced Born This Way range? What do you think? Will you be picking this product up? 

Until next time, 


24 thoughts on “Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer Review | Swan, Dry + Sensitive Skin

  1. I tend to shy away from concealer as I can never find any that really work for me. This one looks like it could have potential so I’d love to try it

    Tish |

  2. This is a foundation and concealer I’ve been wanting to try for ages. One of my classmates last year always went on about the foundation being fab. The only Too Faced product I have is an eyeshadow palette but other products are certainly going to be purchased in the near future

    Becca //

  3. Oooooo currently waiting for this to arrive in my Debenhams order, so I’m excited to hear you think it’s good!

    I have oily skin so the foundation was a massive fail for me (I was quite tearful, ngl) but I have a lot better luck with concealers so I’m hoping this one won’t go the same way.

    I’m impressed with the size too, almost makes the price tag justifiable 😉

    Katt |

  4. i’ll have to try this concealer! At first i loved shape tape but i took a break from it and i have noticed that it’s pretty drying. I love all the other born this way products and it seems like i’ll love this just as well! i love that it looks like a mini foundation so cute!

    Mich //

  5. Wow this concealer sounds amazing! I love how big it is, for that price it’s actually pretty good. I’ve tried the born this way Foundation and loved it Need To try this one out! Also really love how you structure your posts xx

  6. This sounds like a great product and glad you have had such positive results! The line: “a concealer that heavy and matte makes me look approximately 3000 years old” made me laugh. I’m quite pale so this sounds like a good one for me to try. Thanks for sharing Sophie <3 xx

    Bexa |

  7. I have tried to Too Faces Born This Way foundation and I liked it but I have recently swapped it for the Fenty Foundation, and I am thinking of trying the Too Faced one again. I do love a thick full coverage concealer but I feel like because it is so good I end up using it for my whole face ahah?? I hope there are darker shades in this concealer because I would love to give it a try. I wonder what it would be like on oily skin too! Thanks for the review Sophie!!

  8. This looks pretty good! I’m a little worried about caking and the good but not great shade range, but I may have to give it a swatch in stores!

    Jas xx

  9. I used to be a huge too faced fan and still have a special place in my heart for them. I passed on this too as I don’t really buy high end concealers much but it sounds amazing. I would def think about buying this when I need a new one. x

  10. I like that I am always learning about the different types of beauty products out there. Oh man, I know that feeling about looking 3000 years old @__@. It’s great that you love the Too Faced concealer! Bigger plus that it doesn’t break the bank. OMG, I am the same with dark circles too @__@. I blame the lack of sleep and looking at a computer screen all day. Nice to hear that the product has more pros than cons! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

  11. I hadn’t looked much in to this concealer once it came out but this review has gotten very intrigued by it! I hate it when my undereye looks dry and cakey is a hydrating concealer sounds soo good! I’m definitely putting this in my list of makeup to buy!

  12. This concealer sounds absolutely amazing I love a full coverage product! Can’t wait to see how it works with other foundations

    Jess //

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