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So it’s that time again, winter is officially here next week  but we’ve already had frost and snow so I think it’s fair to say winter skincare season is already here.

The winter seasonal switch up is a little bit of a weird one. Flake face season technically begins in autumn for most of us.  Going from summer to autumn feels like a huge change, gels become creams, matte becomes dewy and oily. Whereas winter skincare is more of an extension of autumnal skincare; oils are still oils, creams are still creamy but everything becomes a little heavier. And if you have dry skin like me, I imagine there’s a lot more of it.

If you don’t want to read the full thing, note the words: heavy, greasy and oily and you’re pretty much covered for the entire post.



  1. Concentrated creams and balms

If you’re anything like me your hands and any other bits of exposed skin become chronically dry in winter and daily moisturiser before leaving the house isn’t enough. During winter I like to carry something heavier, in a travel size to pop in my handbag to help those small dry patches before they get worse. I like the superskin balm from Liz Earle or classic Eight Hour Cream for on the go touch-ups.


  1. Oils become oilier

I use an oil in my skincare routine almost every night, all year but I save this one for winter. The Clinique Smart oil is pretty heavy duty. It’s thick and takes a while to absorb if you don’t have extremely dry skin. It claims to be for all skin types but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with any oiliness whatsoever as it will be responsible for some serious pore clogging.

  1. Treatment cream

I’ve spoken about this stuff a bunch. If the preventative measures don’t work or you didn’t start making changes soon enough, this stuff is phenomenal; and so affordable. It comes in two sizes so you could keep one in your bag or on your desk and another at home. Wind burn, dry skin, cracked skin, chapped lips – this does it all.

  1. Eye cream

Our under-eyes are so sensitive that they sometimes need a little more than the rest of our face. I use a heavy eye cream all year but I’m extra careful about remembering to use it when it gets colder and my skin starts to suffer. The Kiehl’s avocado eye cream has been my long-time favourite.

  1. Heavier everything

I’m only going to discuss this briefly as I went into detail in my last post but this cleansing balm leaves a slightly oily residue behind making it perfect for winter.



Have you been making changes to your routine lately? I’d love to know what your winter essentials are!

28 thoughts on “Seasonal Switch Up | Autumn to Winter

  1. I love this and you are totally right. My skincre totally changes in Winter and for good reason!!!
    The Kiehl’s avocado eye cream is one of my faves!!! xx

  2. I ❤️ Eight Hour Cream! Was gutted recently had the lip balm & left it in my work trousers & it went in the washer Clinique has always been a fave love their products & just recently I put Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Hydrate so can’t wait to try!

  3. Yes thicker creams are my life saver in winter! My favourite is No 7 night time moisturiser. It’s thick but not oily which is perfect for me. I also love eye creams in winter as I get dry skin under my eyes of all places?! Thanks for suggesting some more products for me to try.

    1. Safe to say I’ve can’t remember the last time I was that cold, they’re a tiny bit out of focus because I was too cold to keep my hands still for long enough but I thought it was worth a try! It’s only about £4 on feel unique right now so it’s definitely worth trying and it’s not the end of the world if you’re not a fan x


  4. I always add in an oil and lots of lipbalm! When I leave the house for a dog walk I put on thick moisturiser to protect my skin from the elements! I kind of love the skincare switch up, I guess because I love skincare! I love your pics! Takes a lot of commitment to go outside in the snow and photograph these 🙂 xx

  5. You’re definitely ready to take on this winter. My winter routine involved lots of Carmex and coconut oil. I’m so terrible at routines and I find that I stick to them better when they’re simple!


  6. I haven’t made any big changes to my skincare routine as of yet as my skin hasn’t been affected that much by the weather. I have dry skin so I use coconut oil as a moisturizer at night all year long!
    I really love using face oils as well and eye creams are so important, I feel like they made a big difference when applying makeup!

  7. I desperately need to pay more attention to my skin & give it what it actually needs and definitely take note of the seasons and what the weather is doing to it. My skin is the worst it’s ever been (thanks to the pill I’m on) so I’ve kinda given up with it at the moment to be honest because no matter what I do nothing helps. But I’m going to hopefully be switching pills soon to one that doesn’t play havoc with my skin so once that’s all in place I’ll definitely make skin care more of a priority 🙂 This is such a well thought out, informative post so thank you!

  8. I’m all about the oil-based moisture at the moment but I totally get what you mean, people need to be careful about pore clogging if their skin is already oily. I’ve definitely switched my usual skincare products for those thicker and more protective products. However, after reading this post I also need to try and get myself some damn eye cream.
    P.s I love that you snapped these photos out in the snow!

    Ffi | The Essence Of Red

  9. I’ve swapped my alcohol based toner for an E45, moisturising one and I’ve switched to a heavier moisturiser. My normally oily skin is still oily at the t zone, and flaky as heck on my cheeks. Nightmare!

  10. I spend a lot more time and effort on my night skin care during the autumn/winter months, as I find a couple of hours overnight really helps to revitalise the skin before the cold and wet weather gets to it during the day.

    Having naturally oily skin, its difficult to find products that help combat that but also keep the skin moisturised and defended against the cold, but I’ve been told Kiehl’s have some fantastic products for just that – so I might have to have a small splurge after Christmas, as I know they are a little pricey!

  11. ‘Chronically dry’ are perhaps the most gross and relatable words. 😉 I never consciously switch up my routine, but when the cold starts coming everything indeed becomes much heavier to keep me from flaking away (and even then some extra creams and potions are needed). My all-round but especially winter essential is Lush Ultrabalm. It’s multifunctional, made out of three ingredients and perfect to put on all those trouble areas that just need a little bit more loving…


  12. Great post. I personally have oily skin, but if I don’t use some sort of oil on my face in the colder months, it actually ends up making my face MORE oily! Gah! Does anyone else have this problem with oily skin?

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