Hey everyone, if you read my blog regularly you’ll know I have a series called save, spend, splurge where I compare products from the same category at different price points. The purpose of this series is to tell you that you can have good products on a budget but highlight the potential benefits of spending…Continue Reading “Where to Spend Money in Your Skincare Routine”

Hey everyone, after my last what I eat in a day post I got quite a few requests for the recipe for my blueberry smoothie bowl, so that’s what we’re doing today. I personally have to eat my smoothies for it to feel like breakfast. It doesn’t matter how much fruit or oats or whatever you put…Continue Reading “Balanced Blueberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe | Vegan, GF”


Hi everyone, I told you in my March goals that this month I wanted to eat nothing but whole foods in attempt to make my stomach happier and be generally healthier. I know this sounds boring to some people, so I decided to show you what that really looked like for me. Obviously, everyone eats differently and this is just one day.   Breakfast  …Continue Reading “What I Eat in a Day | Whole Foods Edition”

Hey everyone, it’s time for another monthly collaboration with isobellejane. This month we’re each recreating a recipe the other has posted. After she posted this amazing picture on Instagram I knew exactly what I was making. These chocolate orange biscuits have the healthiest ingredients of any biscuit you’ve ever seen…and they’re chocolate. Full disclosure: I…Continue Reading “Orange Chocolate Biscuits w/ Isobelle Jane”

Veggie meatballs

Hey everyone, this isn’t the post you were supposed to see today. Today I was going to be talking to you about some health and fitness related things. But while I’m all snuggled up with my blankets watching the snow cascading down my window, I can’t say that’s a post I’m feeling particularly motivated to…Continue Reading “Veggie Lentil ‘Meatball’ Recipe | Vegan, GF (optional)”