autumnal breakfast

Hi guys, this is the main post of four going up today! Now we’re officially into autumn, it’s finally starting to get colder and smoothie season is definitely over, I wanted to dedicate a post to autumnal breakfast ideas. Two of these recipes went up in recent weeks, and three of them are new. Originally, I was going to add the three new recipes…Continue Reading “5 Autumnal Breakfast Ideas | Vegan & Gluten Free”

barley risotto

Hi guys, today’s recipe is all about hearty comfort food.  This barley risotto is a great alternative to pasta with a slight twist. It involves minimal prep and doesn’t take a lot of monitoring either, so it’s great for busy days. This one would also be great for meal prep options too.   It’s nice and healthy but doesn’t involve too many fresh ingredients, so…Continue Reading “Spicy Italian Barley Risotto | Vegan”

apple crumble slices

Hi guys, as I’m sure many of you will know, I’ve been cutting out sugar recently. And while I’m eating it again now, cutting it out has made me wonder how many things can be made with no sugar or reduced sugar and still taste just as good. Today’s recipe isn’t added sugar free completely, but it…Continue Reading “Apple Crumble Slices | Vegan, GF, Refined Sugar Free”