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Hey everyone, I’ve done a couple of these seasonal switch ups before. In this mini series I talk about a few general changes I’m making to my routine to fit the new season’s weather. Yes, that assumes the weather does change with the new season. So far in the UK, that is yet to happen; I thought I might actually skip this one. I have heard a few rumours that the south is supposed to be warm next week, my local forecast is still bleak but I thought this one is better late than never.  

Spring is a weird one, skin might still be suffering from the harshness of winter, but the sun might be shining. It’s not necessarily cold enough for thick creams but gels might not be doing job by themselves yet. For me, spring is probably the season that I use almost all of my skincare products because the transitional weather is a little hit and miss. BUT, these are the slight changes I’m starting to make or can see myself making soon.  


I’ve spoken before about the importance of wearing SPF all the time, but in spring I ditch my heavier, slightly greasier SPF and go for this one instead. The Clinique one contains hydrating ingredients but still sets down quite matte (but not as matte as my summer SPF) so it’s good for transitioning.  


I say this with a very heavy heart. As some of you will know I’ve only had the Sarah Chapman Recovery Booster for a couple of months and it very quickly became one of my favourite products. While I’m happy that my skin doesn’t necessarily need to ‘recover’, I am sad to shelve this one for a few months. I’ll be reverting to my longtime favourite Hydrating Booster instead over spring and into summer to give my skin a little boost pre-moisturiser.  


Enter the season of matte foundation. Now, I love matte skin, I hate the dewy life. My skin is however bone dry and that only gets worse in winter. See where I’m going here? In winter I have to wear something more moisturisng. Moving into spring, I can get away with using my slightly matte (but not fully dry matte) foundations with a couple of drops of oil. As my skin is so dry naturally, using this method means that my skin is still looking matte without peeling and flaking, yay.  


I use Nuxe Reve di Miel every single morning and every night. I have done for years and honestly can’t see a day that I’d opt for something else. However, carrying the pot around is inconvenient and the stick version is rubbish in comparison so I tend to use something basic during the day. Polite reminder, your lips need SPF too. As far as lip balms go, I like this one from Nivea or this one from Palmer’s if I need something slightly more moisturising.  

What changes do you make to your routine in spring? 

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21 thoughts on “Seasonal Switch Up | Winter to Spring

  1. I’ve never really thought about changing my products up before, I have quite a basic skincare routine anyway! I loved reading this post though, ones like these always give be inspiration to try a little change in my routine!

  2. My skin is a horrible combination of every problem you can imagine, so I suaully stick to the same routine every season! But I do tend to find that I get oilier as the warmer weather comes in, so I try to incorporate some products to help deal with that into my routine! It sounds like you really know exactly what your skin needs as the seasons change and what products will help x

    Rachel //

  3. Mhm, this was great to read. I’ve never been one to change up my routine during season changes but this definitely makes sense. Ugh, I have a love/hate relationship with sunscreens. I know they’re important but I hate how they feel against my skin.

    cabin twenty-four

  4. Great read and very useful. The winter range of moisturizes tend to be a little more oily. And given that I already have a slightly oily skin, what would you suggest for that?


  5. This is good stuff. I don’t really pay that much attention to skin care according to seasons except changing to a lighter moisturiser and maybe using some sun screen. But I think I should probably re-evaluate what I am doing.

  6. With living in rainy Wales I never think to wear SPF unless there is a heat wave, but I’m getting older now and I think it’s about time I changed that! I live for lip balms though!

    Alys /

  7. I’ve got to say, I’m not usually a person that focuses on seasonal changes skincare-wise I just sort of adjust it when my skin is lacking or over-producing in something! When it comes to summer I can’t deal with oils at all though as my skin seems to produce it like mad! I really need to start wearing an SPF based product more as it’s so important but I always find they smell kind of odd…
    Alice Xx

  8. I’ve never thought to change my skincare routine with the seasons… mainly because my skin is so temperamental I never dare change anything in case it kicks up a fuzz! But now I think about it, it makes perfect sense to mix it up! Great post, I will definitely think about making some changes with the weather! Xx

  9. I always wear a foundation with a high SPF – Seventeen Stay Time Foundation is SPF 35 I believe, which I love all year round! I don’t really make any changes to my routine, other than using a slightly more mattifying primer to stop my face from getting ridiculously oily.. ‍♀️

  10. I definitely tend to go more dewy in spring compared to the winter months! And I use a heavier cleanser too! I definitely need to try out Clinique’s range! Love this post

    Phoebe x

  11. I love that you switch it up when the season changes!! I sure need to do it too! I find I wear more face masks in winter and also I like using less oily products in summer!


  12. I definitely need to invest in a good foundation with SPF for the summer, the Clinique one sounds perfect. Also, I have an SPF lip balm for holidays but this has reminded me I should use it at home too. Great post Sophie and thanks for all the recommendations xx

    Bexa |

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