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Hi guys, I realised I haven’t mentioned what I’ve been loving in a while. Then I realised that although I had a few things I wanted to talk about, I didn’t have enough in each category for just a beauty or lifestyle favourites. So, I decided to go with a November favourites post instead. I think this is my first favourites that include a bit of everything, but this is everything from beauty, accessories, and TV all rounded up.  


I know I did a recovery favourites fairly recently after my skin had its flare up. But, can I get a huge cheer for the fact my skin has been back to its normal state for a few weeks now?! With a new skin state comes a new round of favourites, some old and some new.  

Innisfree Shea Butter Sheet Mask 

I’m in love with this product for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s a great sheet mask, it was instantly moisturising and the residue absorbs really quickly. But what I really loved about this is how well it works as a moisturiser alone. The packet had a lot of liquid left in it after I used the mask and I decided to use it as a moisturiser. There was enough left for about five uses, which is amazing considering the mask is less than £1. I instantly thought that this would make it great for travelling. Use it once as a mask after a flight and what is left in the packet is enough for a few days’ usage.  


I recently shared my Colourpop Haul and since then I’ve been loving the No Filter Liquid mixed with Rimmel Wake Me Up. Wake Me Up is way too pink for me and it’s more dewy, the Colourpop one is more matte and I got a warmer shade. Mixed, they make my perfect colour with a beautiful ‘natural skin’ finish. This combination is my new favourite finish. 

Surprisingly, I’ve also been really enjoying the Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation. I picked this up just after my birthday in July and although I liked it, I bought around six foundations that month and haven’t used this one a tonne until now. Now, this is matte, I have dry skin and it’s November so I have no idea why I’ve been loving this lately. Theoretically, it should be in a drawer until spring, but using the shea butter sheet mask with this on top looks amazing.  


This seems random but I don’t have another section to put this in so I’m going to put it here. Recently, I bought the Zoeva Soft Crease Brush and I’ve used it every single time I’ve done my makeup since. I love Zoeva brushes anyway, and I’m a big fan of the Zoeva Luxe Crease Brush. Then, I saw the Soft Crease and had to have it. It’s perfect for that initial crease shade and it blends out shadow so…well, softly. I will be buying a backup very soon.  

zoeva luxe soft crease


My jewellery choices are normally quite boring. I don’t wear that much of it, and I wear my favourite pieces all the time. One of those pieces is a simple gold necklace and the other is a pair of gold and pearl earrings. I was recently offered a couple of pieces from Happiness Boutique and jumped at the chance. When picking my items, I wanted to pick bits that matched my favourites. I got a gold sailor knot bracelet and gold sailor knot earrings. Most pieces are available in gold, rose gold and silver so you can pick your items in your preferred metals. They offer free shipping and have a rewards programme so you can make the most of your purchases. 

The bracelet especially adds a really nice finishing touch to most outfits and makes a simple look seem a little more put together.  For those of you wanting something new, or perhaps still looking for some Christmas gifts, you can get 10% off with the code ‘glowsteady’. Happy shopping!


This isn’t something I usually talk about, but I watch a lot of TV. And by TV, I mean I watch a lot of Netflix because I can’t remember the last time I watched something on live television.  

I’m a binge watcher. I like to have that go-to show that I have several seasons to put on without thinking about what I want to watch.  My binge watch show at the start of the year was Grey’s Anatomy. At the time, I had 13 seasons to watch so that kept me going for a long time. Since then, I’ve struggled to find something. Obviously, I have shows that I’m caught up with and watch an episode or two of here and there, but that’s not the same.  

I’ve struggled until now, that is. Can we please take a moment to talk about House of Cards? I really like legal and political dramas and I know this show is huge. So, I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to start this show. But I love it. It’s still in the early stages, I’m on season 2, but my faith in binge worthy television has been restored. Obviously, there’s the whole Kevin Spacey thing, which has tainted it slightly. But I’m enjoying it and looking forward to seeing where it goes next. Feel free to leave me other recommendations!  


For those who don’t know (where have you been?!), the last 12 days of November, I completed a series called ’12 Days of Vegmas’. The goal was to help as many vegans, vegetarians as posssible navigate a time of year that can be stressful. Food is plentiful throughout the festive period and navigating a new diet, or a ‘restrictive’ one can be so hard. The series was a success and although I entered December well and truly exhausted, I had a few people tell me they were either going to try my Christmas recipes or that this year is their first as a vegan or vegetarian and the series helped them. Hearing that always makes it worth it! For those who haven’t seen it, you can catch up with the series here and read my full vegan roast recipe here!

vegan christmas roast

That’s it for now! Are any of these things your favourites too? Let me know what you’ve been loving lately, and a few TV recommendations, in the comments! My £20 Grocery Challenge starts on Tuesday and I’m so excited to finally be sharing the second edition of this series with you! 

Until next time,  


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