My Vegan Christmas Hamper | Vegmas Day 10

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vegan christmas hamper

Hi guys, I’m so excited to share today’s Vegmas with you. This post is my perfect vegan Christmas hamper. This one is strictly food and drink, but obviously, you could add things like candles if you wanted to make a mixed one. I know that there are plenty of these available on the market you can buy readymade, but that’s not for me.  

I like my hampers to look like they’ve had some thought put into them, items individually chosen for the recipient. My mum is gifting hampers to a lot of her friends and some of our family this year so we went Christmas shopping together for some of the items, both for this hamper and the gifts. It felt so much more personal when we got home and started building them for each person with carefully chosen preserves and chocolates etc.  

Anyway, enough about that. More about what I actually chose. 

This hamper contains mainly sweeter items, I guess that happens around Christmas. I tried to get as many local items as possible, or bits from independent retailers. A lot of the items in this hamper were picked up when I went to the York Christmas Markets in an attempt to get them from smaller retailers.  

vegan christmas hamper

What’s Inside  


Of course, there’s a mini bottle of prosecco or some small gins inside. Clearly, I have a problem because I felt the need to include both. But, a tipple or two of something they like is a good starting point. We picked up a few flavoured gins from the Raisthorpe Manor stall at the Christmas market. 


vegan christmas hamper

Another locally sourced item, I picked up this from Source Deli and this is from their local supplier, York Emporium, which they use for the coffee they serve in their deli and restaurant. The flavour combinations in this one sounded delicious! For other members of the family, we picked up some flavoured coffees or hot chocolates depending on what they drink.  

Hot Chocolate*  

Speaking of hot chocolate, I also have this solid hot chocolate from Hasslacher’s . They kindly send me this, it’s a great one to include in a hamper because it has a variety of uses. it can be drinking chocolate or used as a replacement for cacao in baking as it’s made from 100% cacao. Meaning it’s natural, unrefined, vegan and gluten free.  

The beans are sourced in Colombia, which is also where the bars are made. Although this product isn’t locally sourced, it does provide local employment in Colombia and supports fair trade.   

They’re available from most large M&S stores, as well as Hasslacher’s website. 

vegan christmas hamper


To go with the hot chocolate, I also have some panela. As I said, the hot chocolate is sugar free and the panela is a natural alternative to sugar to sweeten it. It’s unrefined and ecologically produced.  

(Available in most Sainsbury’s and directly from Hasslacher’s)  



A hamper essential, right? I’ve already done a post about vegan chocolate for Vegmas so I’m going to leave that here. 


vegan christmas hamper

Oh look, more alcohol. So, we decided to get lots of different alcoholic preserves for different people. There were plenty available from the different stands. The one I have here is Orange Liqueur, but the others we picked up included Gooseberry Gin and Strawberry Prosecco. 


This was a bit of a fail on my part. There was a vegetarian Christmas fayre at a nearby town a few weeks ago and I was planning on picking up some gluten free artisan crackers for my hamper there. Sadly, due to some ongoing boiler issues, I couldn’t make it.  for the sake of this post can we please pretend that the crostini in the hamper are my artisan crackers? Thanks.  

Homemade Festive Gummies  

vegan christmas hamper

Recipe coming in the next few days! These ones are a festive cranberry flavour. I made them with these festive gummy moulds**, how cute do they look? 


Have you ever gifted hampers? Did you buy them pre-done or make them yourself? Which item would you most like to try from this one? 

Until next time,



*This post contains products kindly gifted by Hasslacher’s 

**This is an Amazon Associates affiliate link

11 thoughts on “My Vegan Christmas Hamper | Vegmas Day 10

  1. Such a cool idea to give hampers, we call them gift baskets in the US so it’s cool to learn different words and meanings from other people and places. I would totally make one because I feel that it’s a tad more personal versus going out and buying it for your loved one. You can customize and tailor it to their exact likes! I wanna try the chocolate

    Natonya |

  2. I totally agree with you when it comes to making your own hamper! It’s so much better to be able to put in things you know the recipient will love and you can add your own special touch to it! My Mom always makes us a movie night hamper with our favourite snacks/drinks in that I’m featuring in my gift guide! Great post lovely!

    Jess //

  3. This is such a lovely gift idea, I like that you can customise it depending on who your giving for, like adding candles. All the food and drink looks amazing especially those gummies, can’t wait for that recipe! Xx

  4. Yay for shopping locally – it’s always better to shop local! The coffee sounds like it’d taste amazing, seems like something my sister would love since she 100% loves anything that has dark chocolate haha (I’m ore of a tea drinker). The Hasslacher Hot chocolate sounds great since you can either have it as hot chocolate or use it in baking.

    Sugar cane juice! The Sugar cane drink is really popular in Egypt, it’s a great natural drink but I haven’t heard of it being in a dried sugarcane juice form!

GUMMMIEEESS!!! YESSS!! I am so ready for that recipe, they look so cute!!


  5. I love this idea of giving a christmas hamper! I would love to go to a Christmas market, as I’ve never gone to one before but it looks like so much fun. I think all of the things you mentioned going in the hamper are such lovely ideas and make for a cozy Christmas night in! I am really curious to try the hot chocolate! those gummies also look so cute!

    Geraldine |

  6. I LOVE your vegan hamper! This is a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates food in general, not just vegans. I like that these are products that you don’t exactly see everyday either. I’ve made hampers before and it’s the best. I know I’d love the prosecco, hehe.

    Nancy ♥

  7. I love this idea, it’s so thoughtful and personal. I have never actually put together my own little hamper before but this has actually inspired me to do so, I know that my mum would really appreciate something like this. And it’s always good to go to those independent shops <3

    Chloe xx

  8. I cant wait for your festive gummie recipe! But hampers are something i’ve never actually thought to make put together myself but i know my mom would look a little hamper full of her fave food and drink!

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