Get Healthy with Me | March Goals

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Get Healthy With Me March Goals

Hey everyone, as we did one of these last month and you guys seemed to like the idea and I liked the idea of being accountable for my goals, I thought we’d try this as a series. Now, I don’t know how that will work as I’m sure my goals won’t change massively every month. But when I have something new on my agenda, you’ll be the first to know.

This post is a few days late. The snow last week made me lose focus slightly. I posted a veggie meatball recipe instead. The thought of snuggling up with a blanket and hot chocolate was much more appealing than the idea of talking abut diets and workouts.

The theme of the goals for this month is to reduce the bloat. My digestion has never been the greatest and a lot of things cause my stomach to swell like I’m about 7 months pregnant. This month I’m trying a few things to address this situation. They are all things that are tried and tested, but some things are easier said than done.

As you all know I try to eat as well as I can. My diet overall is very healthy with the odd treat here and there. This month in an attempt to minimise the bloating situation, I’m stripping my diet back to basics.

Goal #1


For those who don’t know what that means, that’s a diet consisting of only unprocessed, natural foods. Nothing with any added salts, sugars or preservatives. Lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds etc. I 100% believe this is the best way of eating and it’s something in the longer term I’d like to transition towards doing all the time. But that’s a big lifestyle change and that will take longer to phase out.

Last month one of my goals was no processed gluten and I failed at that. I told you that I respond better when I give myself drastic exclusions rather than saying I’ll only have a small amount of something. This is my way of addressing that. If I’m eating nothing processed at all then I won’t be eating processed gluten. And I still get to eat my favourite snacks. It even says wholefoods on the packet. I’m writing this on the 4th and I’m not missing anything yet.

March Goals
I promise this box isn’t empty.

I will be allowing myself almond milk as a processed food because, frankly, I’m far too lazy to make my own and almond milk isn’t exactly the root of all my issues anyway. Protein powder is another thing I’ll be keeping. It’s not something I consume in vast quantities and I could use the boost in a smoothie after my workouts.

The snow also stunted my fitness goals slightly. I mentioned last month that my body doesn’t react well to the colder temperatures, so I’m trying to be gentle with it.

Goal #2


If you read my goal review for last month, you’ll know I did fairly well with my return to running. I’m currently following a training plan using a running app so I’m not setting myself goals in terms of distance. My goals in that sense are just to keep improving my pace trying to get back to where I was pre-ankle injury and to keep running in general. As I admitted defeat and stuck to indoors during the colder temperatures, I’m not stressing about that, but march should be getting warmer. Providing it does get warmer, I’d like to run outside at some point this month. Doesn’t have to be every run, doesn’t have to be a long run. I’d just like to run outside once or twice. Maybe more. We’ll see.

Goal #3


This is an odd goal for me. I’m usually really good at keeping myself hydrated. But the last week or so I haven’t been drinking as much water as usual and I need to adjust that. I also tend to drink a lot in one go. Normally I consume most of my water on an evening. I don’t know why, but I tend not to drink much throughout the day. So, I’m hoping that by setting myself a goal of drinking more, I can manage to drink some more in the morning too.

I think that’s everything for this month. There isn’t a lot there, the whole foods diet is going to be the biggest one for me but hopefully it will be the one with the most benefit too. Have you ever tried a whole foods only diet? What are your goals for this month? Keep me motivated!

Until next time,


20 thoughts on “Get Healthy with Me | March Goals

  1. Hi, nice goals for this month.I Wwould love to run outside but am rubbish at it, not sure I could drink all of that water in a day. Good luck.

  2. My eating habits are something I’ve been focused on lately. I’ve been feeling really fatigued lately and my skin is breaking out, so I have decided to focus far more on my health than ever before, and that tip of eating whole foods is something I want to try. Working out is something I get really into than stop doing so these goals are great reminders.

  3. I go to school in New York but I’m on spring break this week and flew back home just in time to miss the snow storm! It’s definitely been a challenge for me to leave my nice warm bed to brace the cold but I’m trying to work on it as well. I absolutely love the nike run club app I just started using it because I switched my workout watch. Also there’s a nike training club app; haven’t tried it but excited to in the future!

  4. Oh the veggie meatball recipe sounds amazing, I’m definitely going to check that out once I finish commenting!

    And yes! Eating whole foods definitely is a lot better and when I started only eating whole foods – greens, fruits – I started feeling a whole lot better with more energy!

    YES RUNNING OUTSIDE I also use the Nike Run app with a training plan!! It would seem we have the same goals too! My main goal is getting my pacing back to where it was before I overtrained and ended up with an injury- good luck with your running goals!

    I can definitely relate to probably not drinking enough water, I’ve started drinking a bottle of water a day and then started increasing as months went by.

  5. Since getting a water filter and a reusable water bottle I find I drink more as I can keep track of it. If I use glasses I don’t drink as much! Good luck with your goals I can’t wait to read the end of month review.

  6. I don’t think I could ever transition to a diet that consists of only whole foods. Even with the small exclusions you have made it is a monumental task, so kudos to you for trying this.

  7. Oh gosh! I remember when i used to suffer from bloating!! These are great tips! Eating Whole Foods are better for the digestive system anyways. I do find that bread and pasta (even if whole wheat) bloats me pretty pasta!


  8. This was super inspiring to read! I have rcently started getting really bloated after meals, I never had that issue and I’m genuinely concerned why it is happening to me all of a sudden! Is your bloating caused by something in specific or have you always had it?
    Also, so amazing how you want to drink 3L of water. I’m current drinking 2L of water daily and even that is a struggle on some days haha so I really need to work on that. Really enjoyed this post! xx

    1. I’ve always had it to some extent but lately it’s been so much worse for some reason! I’m not sure what’s causing it yet. I’m trying to eliminate a few things from my diet one by one to see if it could be an allergy or sensitivity to something but no luck so far! Haha part of the reason I’m aiming for 3L is because I’ll have still managed a good amount even if I don’t quite make it. 2L is still great! x

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