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Hi everyone, I recently did a post on my most expensive skincare items and decided in fair balance, it would be a good idea to do the same for my cheapest skincare products. I’ll be honest, this was a lot harder. In my last post, they were all products I use on a somewhat regular basis; the same can’t be said for this post.

I thought about doing this as a full routine of the cheapest products I use on a regular basis, but that didn’t feel right. If you read my skincare posts regularly, you’ll know there’s more than a bit of skincare snobbery there. I don’t use a lot of cheaper products.

With that in mind, I’m changing the structure of this slightly. For the expensive products post, I told you if I thought the product was worth paying extra for. This time, I’m going to tell you if I use it and if this product is something I’d repurchase and whether I’d use it if I didn’t have/ couldn’t afford my expensive products.

As with my last post, you’ve seen a few of these products before so if I’ve ever featured them in a save, spend, splurge or done a full review, I’ll leave a link. And once again, this will be full sized products only. I’m not cheating and including an £8 mini when the full size is £35.


Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser  – £4.99

I’ve used this for a long time now, probably 4-5 years. I don’t use it that often as I prefer balm cleansers rather than creams, but I do use this product if I want something really quick. As you can probably tell by how long I’ve been using it, I have repurchased and absolutely would repurchase again. Best suited for dry skin. I think this product would make an excellent first cleaner for younger skin too.

cheapest skincare


The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% – £5.80

I don’t like this. It makes my skin feel tight and it doesn’t do a lot for me. That’s odd as my skin usually responds well to lactic acid, it’s one of my preferred exfoliators but this one doesn’t work for me. The ingredients are good, and I would recommend it to those on a budget for that reason, but if we’re being honest, I literally never use this. I keep it for photos. Blogger cliché right there.


Save, spend, splurge exfoliating serum edition


The Ordinary HA + B5 -£5.90

I want to love this, I really wanted to love this. My most expensive serum is also a hydrating serum and it is TEN times more expensive than this one. Once again, I don’t really like this. There’s something about The Ordinary that my skin just doesn’t like. This is a hydrating serum that makes my skin feel tight when I use it. I don’t even know how that’s possible. Like the other product, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the ingredients list and I would always recommend this to people who want to try a serum for the first time, but it doesn’t work for me. Sorry, I know everyone loves this brand.

cheapest skincare

Save, spend, splurge hydrating serum edition


Superdrug Vitamin E – £2.99

This product costs next to nothing and with that in mind, it’s good value. No doubt about it. I spoke about this in my budget skincare post and a save, spend, splurge. While this product is good value, it will never be my first choice. The main ingredient is mineral oil which I’m not thrilled about and it gave me a few extra blackheads.

cheapest skincare

Save, spend, splurge dry skin oil edition 


Boots’ Botanics Night Cream – £6.99

I like this one! I promise this isn’t going to be a post where I bash every cheap product. We just had a bad run there. This isn’t my absolute all time favourite moisturiser, but I do love this one for the price. As it has AHAs in it, it might not be the greatest for the most sensitive skins. Likewise, it is fragranced, which I don’t like. But, the formula is good, it’s a nice moisturiser. As it contains the AHA I’m more likely to use this one when I’m feeling too lazy to do a full routine rather than every day, but I do use it. I would repurchase and would use this more if I didn’t have some of my more expensive options.

cheapest skincare

Eye Cream

Boots’ Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream – £11.99

I like this as well. The Botanics brand on the whole has some amazing budget skincare options. I used to use this all the time until I started using the Kiehl’s avocado eye cream. It’s light and absorbs very well, it’s good under makeup. But it doesn’t pack the same punch as the other one. I would absolutely repurchase this and fully recommend.

cheapest skincare


Nature’s Alchemist – £5.99

I wasn’t going to include this but as I added the Clinique one last time I thought I’d mention a cheaper product here. The Clinique one is essentially a moisturiser in a spray bottle. This is not. It depends what you’re looking for. I like this product for freshening up with, I’d consider repurchasing, but I won’t be rushing out the door to get a new one the second I finish mine. It’s a good product though.

Cheapest skincare

Save, spend, splurge hydrating mist edition 

What are your favourite budget skincare options?

Until next time,


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23 thoughts on “Full Routine of my Cheapest Skincare

  1. I’ve just started using the new Boots Botanicals line–I have their facial oil and mist, and my skin is absolutely loving it! I may just have to try the eye cream next. If you’re looking for a good, gentle exfoliant from The Ordinary, I definitely recommend the Glycolic Acid. I use it about every other day because I have sensitive skin, and it is very gentle yet very effective.

    Amber || mylifeinlimbo.com

  2. It’s always good to negative reviews other people won’t know what’s good and what’s bad! I like the boots tea tree range but I have combination and blemished skin so it’s good for that! I also love the Simple skincare range, I’ve been using that for so many years!

    Liz xx

  3. With skin care products it’s always an internal debate for me whether the expensive brand is worth the price or if I can find a cheaper mass market alternative. Of course I don’t have your level of expertise. But once in a while I do find the odd product that is cheaper but does the job well.

  4. I love budget skin care! Especially when it works too!
    I really like Manuka Honey In products too. One of the budget products I love are sheet masks as they are only about $1 here in Korea :)! Most beauty products are about $5-8 :)!

  5. Fair and balanced reviews. The mist is certainly something I’ll be looking for to keep my skin hydrated while in hospital & this one sounds like it’s what I’m after.

  6. Ooh I’ve just ran out of night cream so I nay consider the Boots product, it’s so affordable! Also I’ve heard loadsa great stuff about manuka honey but it’s always so expensive. Good to see a cheaper option here. Great post and thank you for sharing your honest opinions Sophie! xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  7. I’m also a kiehls eye cream girl, eye cream is just one of those things I don’t want to scrimp on. But I am so trying that manuka honey cleanser, my skin is really dry at the moment and I desperately need a creamy cleanser.


  8. It seems like The Ordinary either really works or completely disagrees with people’s skin! I’m one of the lucky people that has it agree. Great post though! May have to check out some of these products.
    Jas xx

  9. I have to admit that I don’t have too many ‘cheaper’ skincare items because skincare is so important and I do think that you get what you pay for! Saying that I have a decent L’Oreal toner and I quite like a lot of high-street face masks!- https://sophiehearts.net x

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