Bean Soup

Hey guys and welcome back to #RecipeADayMay. As far as the trying something new every day in May, I think this might be cheating. I’m certain I’ll have made something like this before, but I haven’t followed a recipe making it, so it could be new in terms of specific amounts of ingredients. I’m clutching at…Continue Reading “Italian Bean Soup | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

quinoa pancakes

Hey guys and welcome back to #RecipeADayMay. Today’s recipe is another pancake recipe. Now, I know this is the third one this month, but as far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many pancake options. We’re making quinoa pancakes today and to be honest, my taste buds were a little confused. I felt like a…Continue Reading “Healthy Quinoa Pancakes | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

Hey everyone and welcome back to #RecipeADayMay. Today’s post was inspired by something I saw on Instagram. One of the vegan accounts posted a photo of the new vegan range available from ASDA. I noticed one of the items available was a butternut squash and pepper sausages and I thought that sounded like a good combination, so I decided to try…Continue Reading “Butternut Squash and Pepper Burgers | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

Hey everyone and welcome back to #RecipeADayMay. Today’s format will be slightly different. I’m chatting about macro bowls, why I love them, giving you a few options of things you can include to build one. And of course, it’s #RecipeADayMay, so I’ll be adding the recipe for my latest flavour combination.   Why I love them  What’s not to love? Primarily, they’re so…Continue Reading “My Favourite Macro Bowls | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

Hey guys and welcome back to #RecipeADayMay! Today we’re making a simple sweet treat, perfect for summer. This is one of those awkward in-between recipes. It’s not quite healthy enough for me to start bragging about it being so good for you but it’s certainly healthier than a lot of alternatives. We’re making frozen granola clusters.   The centre is crunchy and…Continue Reading “Frozen Granola Clusters | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

Hey everyone and welcome back to #RecipeADayMay. Today’s post is inspired by the summer weather we’re having and the standard disappointment you get used to experiencing as a vegan. You get a few dips at your average summer party and barbecue, hummus, salsa and maybe a guacamole if you’re lucky. Today’s post is my ultimate dipping platter, one is a longtime favourite and two are brand new.  #1 Spicy Red…Continue Reading “The Ultimate Dipping Platter | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

peanut quinoa

Hey everyone and welcome back to #RecipeADayMay. You may remember last month I did a post on having quinoa for breakfast. After trying what felt like a million different varieties preparing for that post, I didn’t have any for breakfast for quite a while. However, I really enjoyed it and thought it was about time I prepared…Continue Reading “Overnight Peanut Quinoa | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

banana pancakes

Hey everyone and welcome back to #RecipeADayMay. I know I was complaining a little in yesterday’s post but today everything is back on track and I’m feeling really happy about this one. Today I was going to make quinoa pancakes, but I took a look at my fruit bowl and saw a very sad looking banana…Continue Reading “Choc Chip Banana Pancakes | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

Hey everyone, I’m going to be completely honest with you, I didn’t want to cook today. Alas, it’s #RecipeADayMay and cooking isn’t exactly optional right now. With that in mind, I looked at my recipe list and picked the easiest option I had. Today we’re having a little taste of India in the form of chickpea burgers. And I’m…Continue Reading “Turmeric Chickpea Burgers | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”

veggie croquettes

Hey everyone and welcome back to #RecipeADayMay! Today’s recipe is another one that’s been on the ‘try this’ list for quite some time. Side note: doing this series this month has seriously helped push me into trying to make those things that I’ve been saying I’ll make ‘someday’. Much to my mother’s delight, I’ve perfected my veggie croquettes. I thought this…Continue Reading “Veggie Croquettes | Vegan, GF | #RecipeADayMay”