Hey everyone, this is a little different. And I’m going to need you to stick with me here because there’s a fairly good chance this is going to be a rambling mess.  I want to have a little chat about food allergies, dietary requirements and food availability. And if you follow a certain diet or have allergies, I’d love to…Continue Reading “Am I Expecting Too Much? | Diets, Allergies & More”


Hi everyone, I told you in my March goals that this month I wanted to eat nothing but whole foods in attempt to make my stomach happier and be generally healthier. I know this sounds boring to some people, so I decided to show you what that really looked like for me. Obviously, everyone eats differently and this is just one day.   Breakfast  …Continue Reading “What I Eat in a Day | Whole Foods Edition”

Hey everyone, it’s time for another monthly collaboration with isobellejane. This month we’re each recreating a recipe the other has posted. After she posted this amazing picture on Instagram I knew exactly what I was making. These chocolate orange biscuits have the healthiest ingredients of any biscuit you’ve ever seen…and they’re chocolate. Full disclosure: I…Continue Reading “Orange Chocolate Biscuits w/ Isobelle Jane”

Hey everyone, earlier this week the lovely Jess sent me this. It’s about a competition regarding the origin of our food and it got me thinking.The challenge is to be aware of where your food comes from for a week, starting February 26th. This sounds easy. Especially eating a plant-based diet, all fruits and vegetables…Continue Reading “Another Food Challenge? | #wheresmyfoodfrom”

Popcorn bars

Hey everyone, I realised I’ve done a lot of recipes for meals lately and thought I’d go back to basics with simple sweet treats. I’ve wanted to make some popcorn bars for ages now, but I convinced myself it would be difficult or take forever. I couldn’t have been more wrong. These ones take next…Continue Reading “Simple Chocolate Popcorn Bars | Vegan, GF”