Hey guys, after the amount of cake consumed this week, I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I’m wanting to keep things a little healthier today.  These are super simple no bake granola bars, reasonably healthy but still a nice sweet snack. They can be ready in less than 25 minutes too, with very little prep time.   I’m also making…Continue Reading “No Bake Granola Bars (oil free) | Vg, GF”

Hey everyone, after my last what I eat in a day post I got quite a few requests for the recipe for my blueberry smoothie bowl, so that’s what we’re doing today. I personally have to eat my smoothies for it to feel like breakfast. It doesn’t matter how much fruit or oats or whatever you put…Continue Reading “Balanced Blueberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe | Vegan, GF”

Oats for people who don't like oats

Hey everyone. First of all, I’m sorry if you love your oats on a morning, you’ll probably like these too. Truthfully, I’m writing this one for me; or at least me a year ago. I hate oats, unpopular opinion, I know but there’s something about them I don’t like. Overnight oats on the other hand, I’m a…Continue Reading “Oats for People Who Don’t Like Oats | Vg, GF”

So my life is very repetitive, another week, another batch of overripe bananas that need creating into something a little more interesting. As I entered my kitchen, I prepared to make my simple cookies then I thought I should make them a little more decadent this time. Yes this is basically the same recipe as…Continue Reading “Updated Festive Twist Cookies | Vg, GF”

My usual ‘let’s take a normal recipe and make it a little healthier’ philosophy appears to have taken a back seat this week. As we approach Christmas I appear to be to trying as much sugar down my throat as possible. Apparently the ‘it’s Christmas’ excuse is 100% legitimate as long as the recipe includes…Continue Reading “Apple Pie Crepes Recipe | Vg, GF optional”