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Hey everyone, you may remember a while back (last month…) I did a Korean sheet mask haul and first impressions. In that post I said I’d been collecting sheet masks to do a comparison between traditional Korean masks and the ones now becoming available on the Western market. Well this is it, kind of.

I realised as I was collecting my masks that if I did the post as I’d originally planned the review wouldn’t have been that thorough. And we all know that’s not how we do things here. Instead, I’m going to be going to be comparing two that are for the same purpose. I have the mask for dehydrated skin from Innisfree and one from Garnier also for dehydrated skin.

Western Market

Now we can get a lot more from actual Korean brands more easily now, surprisingly, asos has a lot available. But for the ones you can find just about anywhere, it’s one from Garnier, Simple or maybe Yes To, Boots’ own brand also have a few great options. I opted for Garnier as they seemed to be the easiest to find. Ironically, the Garnier ones are made in China.


Both are single use items, so sizing isn’t really a factor here. The Garnier ones are frequently found on offer but at full price, retail for £2.99. The Innisfree masks start at £1.07, the hyaluronic mask is from one of their more ‘premium’ lines and costs £1.70. I paid roughly £7 shipping and bought about 10 masks, so even if you were to factor in the shipping costs, the Korean one is still cheaper.


This was unsurprising for me. The Garnier one contains alcohol, which is disappointing (not all Garnier masks contain alcohol, the one for dry skin doesn’t). More importantly, the active ingredient we all care about for hydration, hyaluronic acid, is much further down the list for the Garnier one. The Garnier one also contains added fragrance.

The Mask

If you read my sheet mask haul you might remember I was complaining that my pea head was too small for the mask to fit properly and it kept sliding down my chin; so cute. Well, the Garnier ones are a bit bigger. I feel like this is my fault for being so small rather than the fault of the mask, but it’s something to consider if you’re a fellow pea head.

My skin definitely feels more moisturised for a few days every time I use one of the Korean ones, even after showering and cleansing etc. Out of all the ones I’ve used so far (about 5), I think only one of them didn’t have this result and even then, my skin felt good the day I used it. The Garnier one is a little strange. It smells potent which is off putting when it’s on your face for 15-20 minutes. It left my skin feeling tight at first, likely due to the alcohol then it does feel slightly more hydrated after this has worn off. The packaging claims to have the benefit of 7 days of hydrating serum, that’s rubbish. This ‘serum’ benefit lasts maybe 36 hours tops and definitely doesn’t last for days with showers and cleansing considered.


The Korean ones are better. I doubt that is a surprise to anyone. What is a surprise is how different they are considering they are supposed to be very similar products. I’ve been really enjoying my Innisfree masks so far and can definitely see myself making another order in the future. I also want to clarify that I’m not hating on the Garnier masks, the one for dry skin is far better than the one for dehydrated skin, both in terms of ingredients and results. But as someone who loves anything with hyaluronic acid in, the Garnier one is a bit of a let-down. An expensive let-down comparatively.

If you are looking for one easy to find that’s hydrating, the one by Boots is actually really good. It’s made in Korea and it’s slightly cheaper than the Garnier one. But, I’m an idiot and threw that one away before I took photos.

Do you use sheet masks? I’d love to know which your favourites are.

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  1. I have only used Garnier till now. I bought the black charcoal one for myself and the hydra bomb one for my mother. We were quite happy with them but they are definitely more expensive. I have ordered a new set of Korean masks and will be trying them on next weekend.

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