what i eat in a day

Hi guys, today’s post is a somewhat rushed ‘what I eat in a day’. Right now, I’m eating for my second £20 Grocery Challenge, which will be going up next month, and I’m also prepping my Christmas series which starts in about 10 days! My blogging schedule is quite full right now, and with planning the posts…Continue Reading “What I Eat in a Day Budget Edition | Vegan, GF”

Hi guys, happy world vegan day! Today I wanted to post something to mark the occasion, but as you’ll know from my last post, I was really struggling for inspiration.  I love my plant-based diet and all of the recipes I share, so I wanted this post to be 100% positive. Obviously, food is my thing so I…Continue Reading “Vegan Protein Myths + Lentil Ragu Recipe | Vegan, GF”

Hi guys, it’s the end of August. Which means it’s almost time for me to stuff my face with sugar. And it’s time for my I quit sugar for a month update. So, what’s it been like living without it for a month? I’m going to be completely honest and say I was concerned this post was going to be really boring. It was easier…Continue Reading “I Quit Sugar for a Month Update – Unexpected Results”