Hi guys, today I’m sharing what I think is the perfect soup starter for Christmas. Starters are always tricky – you don’t want anything too filling that you won’t have room for the kilogram of roast potatoes that are about to go down. But, at the same time, you won’t see me reaching for the melon anytime soon. Today…Continue Reading “The Ultimate Christmas Soup | Sweet Carrot and Thyme Soup | Vegmas Day 9”

Hi guys, welcome back to 12 Days of Vegmas! I can’t quite believe that November is nearly over. In today’s post, we’re going to be talking about desserts. More importantly, 3 vegan chocolate desserts. I did a post the other day about traditional Christmas desserts you won’t be seeing on my table, this post is all about the things you will…Continue Reading “3 Vegan Christmas Chocolate Desserts | Vegmas Day 8”

Hi guys, and welcome back to Vegmas day 7! We’re now officially in part 2! If you’re not sure what I mean by part 2, click here. Today is the first of my Christmas recipes and I thought we’d kick things off with something fun and festive. 3 Christmas Cocktails! I wanted to keep these recipes quite…Continue Reading “3 Vegan Christmas Cocktails | Recipes | Vegmas Day 7”

best vegan chocolate

Hi guys, I’m pretty excited about this one. Today’s Vegmas post is all about chocolate. I’m going to start this by saying I’m pretty fussy. Going to be brutally honest, I think a lot of vegan chocolate tastes terrible. But there are some amazing options available. This post includes mini reviews of a few vegan Christmas chocolate options available…Continue Reading “The Best Vegan Chocolate?? | Vegmas Day 6”

vegan christmas desserts

Hi guys, today’s post is another round up of recipes created by other people to help you plan your Christmas. Today, we’re talking about vegan Christmas desserts. Only this one is going to be a little bit different. Today, I’m not doing a round up of recipes I’ve tried and would recommend. The recipes in this post…Continue Reading “Vegan Christmas Desserts Round Up | Vegmas Day 5”

vegan christmas sides

Hi guys, welcome back to Vegmas! Today’s post is something similar to the one on Tuesday. On Tuesday, I gave mini reviews and recommendations for vegan Christmas mains you could have to replace your turkey. Today, I’m sharing some vegan Christmas sides. Of course, a lot of sides are either vegetables or potatoes so this one is going to be fairly short. But, if…Continue Reading “Vegan Christmas Sides Round Up | Vegmas Day 4”

vegan beauty brands

Hi guys, welcome back to Vegmas. Day 3, we’re talking about my personal favourite cruelty free and vegan beauty brands. I believe that this is the only Vegmas post that isn’t food and drink related, but as Vegmas overlapped with Black Friday, I thought it would be worth mentioning my favourites. As I’m sure many of you will know, I…Continue Reading “The Best Cruelty Free + Vegan Beauty Brands | Vegmas Day 3 (AD)”

vegan christmas mains

Hi guys, as promised yesterday, today’s post is going to be a roundup of vegan Christmas mains that I’ve tried over the years. A run down of what I think is good and why, plus a few suggestions on what I’d change if I were to make it again. Most of these recipes are things I tried for my…Continue Reading “Vegan Christmas Mains Round Up | Vegmas Day 2”

first vegan Christmas

Hi guys and welcome to Vegmas day 1! I feel like I’ve been planning this series for so long, I can’t believe we’re finally at the point you’re actually reading it. For more information about what ’12 Days of Vegmas’ is going to entail, I gave an outline in yesterday’s post. As I mentioned yesterday, this post is about how to survive your…Continue Reading “How To Survive Your First Vegan Christmas | Vegmas Day 1”

12 days of vegmas

Hi guys, this is the first of my Christmas Vegmas posts. Although 12 Days of Vegmas doesn’t officially begin until tomorrow, I realised I hadn’t properly introduced the series. So, that’s what I’m doing today. This post is going to be short and sweet (short in my world usually ends up at 1200 words still so we’ll see). Today I’m going to…Continue Reading “Introducing 12 Days of Vegmas | Vegan Christmas”