5 Small Ways to Support Bloggers

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Hey everyone, 99% of the people reading this are likely to be a fellow blogger and we all know that sometimes the tiniest thing can make the biggest difference in terms of stats. This isn’t a post about how to boost your page views or draw traffic to your blog, this is about how we can support each other. And each of these suggestions takes no longer than 5 seconds.

If you like something, like it

This is obvious, but if you like something, you should like it. We all know the Instagram algorithm sucks, so posts don’t get the exposure they should, so every like helps. And on Twitter, if a tweet is getting a large number of likes, it gets suggested to other people who may not have seen it. Again, helping to gain exposure.

Speaking of Twitter, retweet it

Again, takes approximately one second to retweet something. If you enjoyed a post, share it with your following. It doesn’t matter if you have less followers than the person whose post it was originally, your followers aren’t going to be exactly the same. It doesn’t matter the size of your audience, you’re still offering to expand that person’s reach. Even if that only translates to one new user or two more page views; every view counts.

Speaking of page views

You’re on a blog, reading a post. Maybe it’s a comment thread and you’re trying to read a lot of blogs in a short period of time, or you’re bulk reading on your commute. You’re only planning on reading one post and that’s totally fine. But, before you go, click on another page, even if it’s the home page. This helps in two ways. The obvious being they get an extra page view, the other is the bounce rate. Depending on how you view your stats, you may not know your bounce rate or even what that is.

Don’t Bounce

I don’t know about Blogger but if you use WordPress for stats, you won’t have that information. Like many others, I use Google Analytics, and nothing is more bitter sweet than seeing a day where you’ve done well for views but your bounce rate is through the roof. For those of you who don’t know your bounce rate is the percentage of people who clicked off your site after only viewing one page. An individual use will either have a bounce rate of 0% or 100%, regardless of how many pages they view. For example, if you have two people on your site and one clicks off instantly and the other hangs around, it doesn’t matter if between them they saw 3 pages or 30, your bounce rate is still going to be 50%.  You only need to stay on the second page for 1 second to go from 100 to 0% and put a smile on someone’s face.

Speaking of smiles

Leave a nice comment if you enjoyed a post. The internet can be cruel, and even if you’re lucky enough to only get nice comments, we can still be unsure about our content sometimes. Let someone know if you’re enjoying what they’re doing. Not only does positive engagement look good when brands are potentially thinking about working with someone, it can make their day too to know their work has gone appreciated.

These are just a few suggestions, I’m sure there are many more. If you have other ways you like to support bloggers leave them in the comments. I’d love to know!

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18 thoughts on “5 Small Ways to Support Bloggers

  1. I totally agree! It’s free to retweet or like something and only take a few seconds to leave a comment, so do it! My pet peeve is when people cannot even be bothered to reply to comments on their latest post – like someone took time out of their day to tell you how much they loved your post so thank them or at least acknowledge them. xx

    1. Thank you! I’ve been guilty of this this month, I usually try my best to respond to all comments but as I’ve been daily blogging this month, finding the time has been challenging. I’m quite sad about it though, I’m looking forward to catching up again when February is over x

  2. Great ideas! I wish I could use google analytics for my food blog but I’m using it for my other and can’t seem to figure out how to register both. I looked into it but for some reason didn’t end up doing it x

  3. I always try and leave a comment after I read a post because it’s something that I love with my own blog. After you work so hard creating a post, nothing is nicer than reading your comments and getting some feedback on it- that’s one of my fav parts of blogging!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  4. Thank you for writing these, they’re simple tips that everyone can follow without batting an eye. As a new blogger it’s a bit of a struggle getting recognition and it’s nice to get any support from both new bloggers and more established bloggers. Everyone needs to remember that they all started at the bottom once and it definitely does not cost anything to support one another! x

  5. When I’m on Insta I always go through my feed and like all the pictures! I think everyone deserves loads of likes for their amazing pictures xx


  6. I love this! I really do believe they’re a ton of easy and FREE ways that you can help your blog mates…& quite frankly you’ve summed up some of the best ways possible. I strongly believe in RT a tweet about a post I like, it helps spread the reach. I also really like the idea of visiting other pages on a blog, I try to do that a lot or like if I forget to like a post after I comment, I simply revisit the blog to help with stats & like the post

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

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