Coconut cream pie

Hey everyone, I don’t know whether it’s the fact the sun has finally started to come out every now and again, or whether it’s because temperatures actually reach higher than 5oc now, but recently my recipe inspiration has been leaning a little more towards fresher flavours. Today we’re talking about raspberires, raspberry coconut cream pie to be more precise.   This recipe…Continue Reading “Raspberry Swirl Coconut Cream Pie | Vg, GF”

Hey everyone, today we’re going to be having a little chat about the PMD at home microdermabrasion kit. This is just my first impressions and a little background on the product, a full review will be coming in a couple of weeks.   In the interest of full disclosure, I was sent this product to review, and…Continue Reading “It Sucks the Skin Off Your Face | PMD Microdermabrasion First Impressions”

Chocolate Energy Balls

Hey everyone, as you already know, I’m trying to eat nothing but whole foods this month. As I result, I’ve been trying to come up with a few more snack ideas. As I’ve previously said, I can still eat Nakd bars, but I don’t want to get bored of them either. So, today I’m creating little energy balls. Nakd bar inspired (ish) but different…Continue Reading “Chocolate Coated Energy Balls | Vg, GF”

Hey everyone, if you read my blog regularly you’ll know I have a series called save, spend, splurge where I compare products from the same category at different price points. The purpose of this series is to tell you that you can have good products on a budget but highlight the potential benefits of spending…Continue Reading “Where to Spend Money in Your Skincare Routine”

Hey everyone, after my last what I eat in a day post I got quite a few requests for the recipe for my blueberry smoothie bowl, so that’s what we’re doing today. I personally have to eat my smoothies for it to feel like breakfast. It doesn’t matter how much fruit or oats or whatever you put…Continue Reading “Balanced Blueberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe | Vegan, GF”


Hi everyone, I told you in my March goals that this month I wanted to eat nothing but whole foods in attempt to make my stomach happier and be generally healthier. I know this sounds boring to some people, so I decided to show you what that really looked like for me. Obviously, everyone eats differently and this is just one day.   Breakfast  …Continue Reading “What I Eat in a Day | Whole Foods Edition”